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Makeup Artist, Me

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might remember that I took a professional makeup course a while back. Since then, I’ve been steadily trying to find my place in the world of makeup artistry, and I’d like to share my journey with you guys so far.

I spent some time backstage doing makeup for my home theater’s first Meralco production in a while, Trumpets’ The Bluebird of Happiness. It’s been some time since I’ve connected with my fellow Trumpeteers since I took a step back from the theater world several years ago. It was nice to reconnect with some of them on a different platform.

After that, it was straight on to the hair design team of 9 Works Theatrical’s Grease. I didn’t do makeup for this production. Instead I spent a lot of time with combs, hairpins, foam, gel and lots and lots and LOTS of hairspray. It was such a fun production, a fun cast and I really learned a lot about handling hair. Hairstyling is the bane of my makeup artist existence. It’s so much different from makeup. If makeup were painting, then hairstyling is sculpture. It’s fascinating, really, but oh so challenging!

I’ve had a few makeup gigs here and there. Some were true blue clients, some were friends, some, family. Weddings, debuts, graduation parties – your usual special days. There was also the occasional photo shoot, which are always fun!

I also do personal makeup classes. A teacher will never stop being a teacher so it seems. Even though I’ve stopped teaching little kids, it’s the women and their deer-in-the-headlights expressions when it comes to handling makeup that has my heart these days. I LOVE teaching personal makeup classes. It’s my favorite part of my journey as an MUA. Apart from the technique or being able to do your own makeup, for me, it’s about empowerment and being able to groom yourself with #confidenceandconviction (TM). #signaturephrase

While I love teaching all ages and all kinds of people from all walks of life, it’s my fellow moms that I connect with the most. As a mom who’s been there and been that (ika nga ni Ate Vi), I know how it feels to want to rise from the dirty dishes and diapers, and remember, feel like, and actually be the woman that is struggling to fight and rise from the fatigue that comes with motherhood. No more losyang! Let’s do this, ladies!

One of the classes I enjoyed a lot was a session with the #SoMoms. Casa Marcos was ever so kind to be a venue and food sponsor and all the SoMoms walked away with treats from K-Palette and Cure. Thank you so much for the support! The class ended with Jenny wanting to know more about doing her brows. #dropmicmoment

Priscilla Manila wrapped up a few months ago. Just recently, #TeamMyrene was the hair and makeup team for Noli Me Tangere at Resorts World. It made me want to read the book all over again. It’s just my second opera to work on (the first being Rigoletto at the CCP for a couple of shows), and it’s always nice to divert from working with musical theater. Opera is something I’ve always wanted to understand better and working with these amazing artists have really opened my heart to it a bit more.

This weekend is the last run of Atlantis Production’s run of Shrek the Musical, and I’m glad I was able to catch a couple of weeks as part of the MAC makeup team. I wish I could show you guys the pictures! It’s such a fun production to work on.

I feel so grateful for all the opportunities that have been given me. I am so thirsty to learn more about makeup artistry, work with more people, more production, more products… I just want MORE MORE MORE!!!!


So (ehem ehem) I would like to announce that I have an FB page up –, and if you would like to receive updates, view my work or even book me (!!!) for a class or have your makeup done, please do send me a message and let’s talk! I would love to do makeup with you.

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