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The Painter Wins “Best In Show” at the Art Renewal Center Salon 2013!

I am so happy to share that The Painter won a painting competition again! I’ve already shared this on Facebook and Twitter, but I am still so very much on a high that I really just have blog about it. Bear with me. I’m so so proud of my husband I would rent out a billboard on EDSA to shout it out if I could.

The competition is the same one I blogged about last year, which is the annual Art Renewal Center Salon International. Last year, he won first place in the Figurative Category for this painting:

“Resurrection”. Oil on canvas. Private collection.

This year, he entered this painting:

“Interregnum”, oil on canvas. Private collection.

Out of 850 artists and thousands of work submitted, “Interregnum” was awarded Best In Show. BEST IN SHOW. When I read the email I couldn’t stop squealing!!

This same painting was entered into the Borobodur Auction in Singapore earlier this year, and did very well considering it was Orley’s first time to participate. I think this win is so well-deserved as I saw first-hand what it took to create it. If I didn’t know any better, I would say it is my husband’s blood on that painting instead of paint.

I am so proud of you Orley!

To know more about the Art Renewal Center and this year’s winners, check it out on their website here: http://www.artrenewal.org/pages/salon_winners.php?contest=2012-2013%20Salon&page=Main

The Man Behind The Painter

My husband lives behind a mask of mystery. Out of my gazillion friends, only a handful have ever met him and from that handful, very few have ever sat down and actually talked to him. I affectionately call him Snuffle-a-pagus. If you’re a child of Sesame Street, you’ll know what I mean.

Orley is a complicated man. On the surface he seems very solid, very level-headed. He doesn’t fit the mold of the stereotypical artist. In short he doesn’t have “the look.” No dreadlocks or weird expressive hair (well, kasi no hair na); no surly, brooding, unsmiling, silent and weird personality – only this quiet, and actually quite jovial Cebuano, who’s lived more half of his life in Metro Manila and never lost his “punto.” And he never will. Underneath his “normal” facade is the swirl that powers his art. It’s like a permanent whirpool at sea, always churning, always moving, and its this constant movement under the surface that gives him the illusion of calm and cool.

One thing I had to understand about being married to Orley is this: I will always be the other woman. Art is and will always be his first love. To him it is not a hobby, or something he happened to be interested in and decided to get into – Art is his life, his heart, his soul and his air. In our relationship, Art is a living, breathing entity, and I’ve learned to live with her. Sometimes I’m jealous, because she’s all my husband ever thinks about and is the first thing that comes to mind even in the most important of life events.

For example, when I went into labor, Orley had it in his head to make me sit for an excruciating ten minutes, butt-naked, so he could get nude reference pictures of me and my swollen belly, before he would even take me to the hospital.

We never go on a family vacation to a place where it is not “scenic and paintable.” Never.

When Basti was born, his expression of his joy was to paint. No spouting of flowery words or tears running down flustered cheeks for my husband – a blank canvas and tubes of oil paint will get his blood going more than anything in the world.

I joke about it, but it’s this same drive, this passion for Art that made me fall in love with him. His discipline is amazing. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, being married to an artist is far from romantic. There is no languidly lying around in drapery inspiring him, being a muse, bathed in perfect natural light while soft music plays in the background. It’s hard, hard work; physically draining, mentally challenging but life-fulfilling in so many ways.

We make a good team. We have a good YinYang thing going on. My extrovert complements his introvert, my animation makes up for his perpetual happy-sad-angry-fascinated scowl. He’s not very good with small talk, while for me, it’s an artform in itself. I’ve done his public speaking engagements and I talk to most of his clients and answer most his email.

My husband may not be articulate in words, but he talks to people in other ways. This is the way he communicates struggle:

Ahon by Orley Ypon. 36 x 24 inches, 2008. GSIS Museum.

This is the way he communicates peace:

Sunset by Orley Ypon. 16 x 24 inches, 2011. Private collection.

And this is one of the ways he interprets joy:

Joyride by Orley Ypon. 36 x 24 inches, 2011. Private Collection.

People look at his lack of academic art training and say “It’s a miracle! It’s truly a gift!” Yes, it is, but I believe he was given this gift because the Father knew he was not going to waste it. My husband took this talent and hones, works and bleeds for it, and he will never ever take it for granted. Orley is always studying, studying, studying. Even now, when he himself is a teacher, he will never stop being a student of Art.

For a painter’s family, life is not always the easy road. There is hardly any stability for me and Basti, and I’m talking about a lot of aspects – where we live, the money we earn, the emotions we have to deal with and so on. One thing is strong and stable though: my unwavering support for my husband. I believe in his art and I believe in him. It’s really absolutely disgusting how proud I am of Orley.

Yes, Art. As jealous as I am of you, I know you and I have our own space in my husband’s mind and heart. And I know you like me, too. How do I know?


Magmamais by Orley Ypon. 30 x 30 inches, 2010. Private collection.

That’s how.

The Painter Wins An International Competition! Yey!

This was the best news this week. My husband, Orley Ypon, won 1st place in the Figurative Category of the Art Renewal Center International 2012 Salon! I’m so PROUD!!

The Art Renewal Center is a group of artists focused on the promotion of traditional techniques and the discipline of realism. Orley has been wanting to join this competition for years but the roster of artists who join and win every year is so intimidating. Talk about the best of the best in the international arena. When the finalists announcement came out, my eyes popped out of my skull when I saw some of the artists he was up against.

But guess what? Out of his 5 submissions, FOUR Orley Ypon paintings made it to the finalists round, and TWO won! And he was up against some artists whose work he always admired and deeply respect. It’s such an affirming, profound and humbling experience for The Painter. I am moved to tears even now, as I write about it.

Here are the two paintings that made it to the Finals.

orley ypon
“Get Up” 2011
orley ypon
Kakapa-kapa, 2011

This one won runner-up for being the Most Ambitious Work.

orley ypon
Incubus, 2011

Well-deserved I think, considering what Orley had to set up to get the reference shots for this painting. Check out the outtakes. This was all done in his backyard back in Cebu.


This one won First Place in the Figurative Category, which is my husband’s forte.

We shot the reference pictures for this in the dead of night in a rice paddy a few miles away from his house. I had to hold the single halogen lamp while he took pictures with his Canon Powershot. The whole baranggay came out to watch us and cheer the boys along.

Orley’s models are always his neighbors in his provincial hometown. They are farmers, fishermen, and construction workers, which makes their physique perfect for what Orley needs. No amount of time in the gym can produce those bodies, I tell you.

Congratulations my love! Basti and I are so so proud of you!

Check out Art Renewal Center and the competition results here: Art Renewal Center 2011-2012 Salon Results

The Best Reason To End A Blogging Break Is…

.. to post how ridiculously proud I am of my husband.

The Painter won the NCR leg of the Amorsolo Foundation Mentor and Apprentice Painting Competition. Yey!

He got a medal, a certificate and a big cardboard check. Is there any legal reason why they have to give a big check to the winner?

There are two divisions for the competition: Mentor for the more experienced artists, and Apprentice for students and those just starting out. What’s so cool is that my husband won the Mentor category for NCR, while his two apprentices, Emar and Randy, won 1st and 2nd place for the Apprentice category. A true victory!


Here’s my husband’s painting.


There’s still the National level award coming up, where The Painter’s work goes up against the winners of the Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao legs. I hope he wins! *crossing fingers*

This sure was a great way to get me out of my blogging rut. I haven’t been feeling very sociable lately and I spent a couple of weeks just chillin’, bonding with Basti, tinkering with my Mac, reading, etc. etc. I feel kind of recharged now and I have stuff lined up for you guys: a report on Mommy Mundo’s ExpoMom, a spa review, a nursing wear review and a giveaway!! Watch this space – we’re going for a big push to the end of the year!

Manila Art 2011

The ManilArt fair was brought back to NBC tent this year. I couldn’t attend the gala with my husband so he was left to shmooz on his own. Sayang, I bought new shoes for the event! (Yes, that is the excuse I’ve decided to use to justify the purchase)

Basti and I were able to catch the last day. I’m not an art critic, so I’m just going to show you guys bits and pieces of what I saw in the booths. (Click to enlarge the images)

Of course, there’s my husband’s work in the Artes Orientes booth.

He shared the space with artists Tiny Nuyda, Ferdie Cacnio, Ricky Ambagan, and Hermes Alegre, to name a few.

Even if Orley is a realist, I like the quirky stuff too.

My dream house will not be complete without a sculpture or three.

Seeing artwork by Masters always takes my breath away.

ManilArt wouldn’t be complete if you don’t run into a few friends and colleagues.

Basti was thrilled to be there.

It was so nice to see red dots stuck on the artwork labels everywhere. I hope people will never stop buying art, and paying fairly for it.

Till next year!

Photo with Lyn-Yusi Olazo by Lyn Yusi-Olazo
Photos of Basti by Ayni Nuyda



For The Love of My Hubby and His Talent

In other words, Shameless Plugging. My husband, who hardly has any exhibits, is joining a group show at the SM Megamall Center this month.

He’s joining artists Nune Alvarado, Ricky Ambagan, Malyn Bonayog, Joseph de Juras, Grandier, Jose Ibay, Josue Mangrobang Jr., Lex Marcos and Dicky Joe Santos for an exhibit titled “Untitled Expression.”

The exhibit will have an opening reception on August 25 at 6pm. The exhibit will run till September 10.

If you have time, please drop by the exhibit. If our cup/bottle feeding efforts are successful, Basti will be enjoying QT with his grandma and grandpa. If not, I’ll be the one carrying the baby in a sling. You know where to find me – BUFFET TABLE!!! Haha!

I hope to meet some people who’ve dropped by my blog and never met before! It’s always so nice to meet online friends. :)

See you there!

Manila Art 2010

This blog is not called The Painter’s Wife for nothing. It was that time of the year again for the annual Manila Art exhibition. Last year, it was held at the NBC Tent, raining cats and dogs on my 4-inch heels. This year I we trooped over the SMX, Basti in tow, for the gala opening of ManilArt 2010. My husband had a painting up at the Galerie Anna booth.

My sister Yapi and my parents tagged along. The event was a photo-FAIL for me, as my camera’s memory card acted up. These are my husband’s camera’s pictures. He was shmoozing more than taking pictures so we had very few photos of the other booths. Okay make that NO PHOTOS. Blogger FAIL!

As you can see, the SaYa carrier saved me yet again.

And for a nursing station, I used Ninang Carina’s booth for art19b! Hehe.

Congratulations to all participants for a successful ManilArt 2010! See you next year!