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Mommy Treats: More Than Just Milk And Cookies

Mommy’s milk and lactation cookies, that is.

I already gave you guys a preview of the lactation cookies that Paola Loot sent me last December:

Some of you even went ahead and ordered some!

In bullet points, here’s what I thought of them:

  • Not too crumbly, not too chewy.
  • There’s a slightly bitter aftertaste that comes from brewer’s yeast. Be aware of it. It’s not bad, just present. Very tolerable.
  • The white chocolate versions and the ones with the raisins are better at masking the bitter aftertaste. The milk chocolate, not so.
  • They were effective. Oatmeal, fenugreek, brewer’s yeast – what else in galactogogues do you want?

I gave Paola my feedback and told her it would be nice if she could incorporate nuts. I love nuts (especially walnuts) in baked goodies.

And then today I got another treat from Paola:

No. Way. M..M..M..MUFFINS????

Banana oatmeal, banana walnut, and carrot walnut muffin bites! I quickly opened one pack. Ha! You thought the cookies were good? Paolo told me the muffin bites contain even more brewer’s yeast and fenugreek, but guess what? No aftertaste whatsoever!!!


Thanks Paola. You definitely made my day.

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Packages Are L-O-V-E

A few days before Christmas, I got a package from Paula Loot.

Basti's Bear and Paola's Package

In it were the most wonderful lactation cookies. They’re filled with “love, flaxseed, fenugreek, oats, and brewer’s yeast”!

Yum yum!

I’ll blog more about Paola’s yummy (and effective!!) lactation cookies on another post.

Today, I got this from Mr. 2Go.

Good morning Mr. 2Go! (yawn)

And I peek inside… Oooooh…

Gasp! Could it be???

After 10 million years, it’s here.

It’s about time mommy had a new toy to play with.