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Beyond Breastfeeding With Mommy Matters (Giveaway Alert!)

I posted a couple of months ago about the #RealMom campaign of Mommy Matters. Such a fun campaign. I’m honored to be a part of it.

Mommy Matters is already known for its awesome nursing wear, but really, to me it’s gone beyond that.¬†Truth of the matter is, I hardly wear nursing wear anymore. Well, not deliberately anyway. At 2 ¬†years and almost 3 months, Basti has been nursing less and less in public. There are times when his first feeding of the day would be when he wakes up, and the next feeding would be his bedtime session! We’ve begun to wean. It’s bittersweet, but I am comforted by the fact that weaning takes a while, and in our case I have a feeling it’s going to take a year or so.

If you look at my closet though, you will see that I still have a lot of Mommy Matters nursing wear in my “rotation” a.k.a. stuff I wear that still fits. ¬†I even wear my Mommy Matters stuff even when I’m without Basti!

Take this dress for example:

photo courtesy of Mommy Matters

It was perfect for our blogger spa getaway, and I also wore it to host a blogging event for Teleserv (complete with my no-Basti-days-sky-high wedges and toddler-unfriendly accessories). It’s so nice and comfy, but still very smart and tummy-friendly. You know what I mean. #mommytummy I have it in two colors!

This dress was so fun to wear in Boracay, and for days when I want to feel losyang without looking losyang.

photo courtesy of Shop Mommy Matters

This top is my grab-from-the-closet item when I don’t want to think about what to wear.

photo courtesy of Shop Mommy Matters

It’s one of my favorite tops. I wore it for our Mommy Matters ad, which I LOVE.

I think the Mommy Matters clothing line helps me in my everyday #RealMom life and goes beyond nursing wear, at least for me. I prefer to call them “mom wear”, hehe.

Here’s the perfect way you can try out the Mommy Matters clothing and other products lineup! Shop Mommy Matters is giving away P2,000.00 worth of shopping credits to my readers! Yey! You can use the shopping credits for any of the cool stuff on the Shop Mommy Matters site that makes being a #RealMom easier and fun!

Ways to gain entries (via Rafflecopter below)

  1. “Like” Mommy Matters on Facebook and upload your #RealMom statement using the Real Mom app. Additionally, you will get a P100 voucher when you share your #RealMom statement!
  2. Pick out your favorite piece from the Mommy Matters clothing line and leave a comment on this blogpost completing this statement: ¬†“I would wear the Mommy Matters (insert name of piece here) to __________.” Ex. I would wear the Mommy Matters Date Night Dress to a movie with my husband. You can add what shoes you would wear or accessories you would add – let’s play fashionista, haha!
  3. Share this contest on Facebook. Don’t forget to tag Mommy Matters and The Painter’s Wife so we can track your entry.
  4. Tweet about the giveaway.
This contest is open to all readers of PaintersWife.Com nationwide. Giveaway duration is from July 31, 2012 to August 7, 2012. The winner will be announced on August 8, upon verification of the entry. UPDATE: Extended till August 15, 2012!
Good luck! I’m excited to read your comments and your Real Mom statements!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What Really Happened at the #RealMom Shoot for Mommy Matters

I posted the final shots for the Mommy Matters #RealMom campaign the other day. We were all laughing at how calm and effortless all the shots looked when the reality was far that. In the spirit of being a #RealMom, let me tell you guys a few snippets of what really went on behind the scenes.

  • I was really late and I went there looking like I got run over by a bus on the way. Sweaty, dirty and smelling like stale yogurt (which Basti had spilled on me on the way there of course)
  • The toddlers were running around and the whole studio was filled with shrieks, some crying, sound effects of iPad apps (our vain attempt to get the kids to stay put) and few “Bastiiiii!!!”s, “Vitoooo!!!!”s and “Sjofnnnnnnn!!!”s here and there. Little Nala was probably rolling her eyes at us in her mind.
  • For the group shot, the kids were pulling on our shirts and skirts and crying, trying to get our attention. There were even a few shots with little hands at the bottom¬†reaching out to the mommies.
  • The food arrived while were taking the last few shots and Sjofn (Paola’s little girl) was able to grab a chicken leg from the table without anyone noticing. That’s how she was found – munching on chicken, sitting in a corner of a studio somewhere.

Not saying we didn’t have fun. It was absolute chaos but it was also absolute pleasure! That’s what being a #RealMom is about I think. We may complain and gripe about needing to juggling everything for every member of the family while needing time for ourselves, or being so exhausted and harrased all day, everyday, every night.. but admit it: at the end of the day you take a deep breath and think how much you love it all. Being a #RealMom is all that and owning the emotions that go with the day-in-day-out challenges and tiny triumphs we encounter each day. It’s laughter and guilt and insomnia and exhaustion all wrapped in a home, a household and a hug.

The shoot was a tiny peek into the everyday lives of real moms. Inspite of the chaos, the outtakes were precious. Here are shots taken by our photographer while the kids were playing on the set:



Thank you to our wonderful photographer, Sheila Catilo (a #RealMom herself) for the wonderful pictures!
So what does being a #RealMom mean to you?

May is for Moms!: Expo Mom 2012 and the Mommy Matters RealMom Campaign

I love Expo Mom! The fair is always a chance to check out new products and meet the moms behind the businesses that make life so much easier for us. This year Expo Mom celebrates The Best of Modern Motherhood as its theme. I’m sure we can all relate to at least one or even all of the following statements.


No matter what kind of mother you are, we all have the same goal – to be the best mom for our kids!

Along with the media kit, Mommy Mundo also sent a goodie bag with a sampler of some products that Modern Moms love.

Thank you Hatch & Latch, Momtrepreneur Shop, Tiny Tots and Mommy Matters for the goodies! I’m so excited to see what else is new at the bazaar. Aside from these mompreneurs, you will also see Manila Baby Shop, googoo&gaga, Mama Baby Love, Indigo Baby, Chubby Cheeks, Spinkie and loads more!

Mommy Matters is also launching their brand new #RealMom campaign! I’m so excited to be part of this project and I’m honored to be with these lovely ladies.

Image 8
L-R: Kris of OC Mom In Manila, me, Paola of Mommy Treats and Martine of Dainty Mom.

We had so much fun at the shoot! The #RealMom materials feature our #RealMom statements.

Image 6


We will be onstage at Expo Mom on May 5, 4pm to talk about real motherhood. There will be a contest on our blogs soon too!

Share your own #RealMom statements! Tweet and tag @PaintersWifePH and @MommyMattersph. You can also share it on Facebook! Tag The Painter’s Wife and Mommy Matters. We’d love to hear what you have to say about being a #RealMom.

See you at Expo Mom 2012!