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Manila Art 2011

The ManilArt fair was brought back to NBC tent this year. I couldn’t attend the gala with my husband so he was left to shmooz on his own. Sayang, I bought new shoes for the event! (Yes, that is the excuse I’ve decided to use to justify the purchase)

Basti and I were able to catch the last day. I’m not an art critic, so I’m just going to show you guys bits and pieces of what I saw in the booths. (Click to enlarge the images)

Of course, there’s my husband’s work in the Artes Orientes booth.

He shared the space with artists Tiny Nuyda, Ferdie Cacnio, Ricky Ambagan, and Hermes Alegre, to name a few.

Even if Orley is a realist, I like the quirky stuff too.

My dream house will not be complete without a sculpture or three.

Seeing artwork by Masters always takes my breath away.

ManilArt wouldn’t be complete if you don’t run into a few friends and colleagues.

Basti was thrilled to be there.

It was so nice to see red dots stuck on the artwork labels everywhere. I hope people will never stop buying art, and paying fairly for it.

Till next year!

Photo with Lyn-Yusi Olazo by Lyn Yusi-Olazo
Photos of Basti by Ayni Nuyda