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One Day of Magic with K-Palette

Receiving an invitation from K-Palette Philippines is always something that gets me all excited. Aside from the wonderful events that Beautybox Corp. always holds, we always get first dibs on the new stuff that K-Palette has to offer.

I’m a huge fan of K-Palette, something I’ve written about before. So on a rainy holiday afternoon, I went to the K-Palette 1-Day Magic event with Basti in tow. (No babysitter, sorry na)

Top: The K-Palette 1 Day Magic product display; Catching up with Kris of OCMomInManila.com and our lovely host, Karrots Nazareno; special guests from K-Palette Japan. Bottom: Cheryl of K-Palette Philippines (Beautybox Corp.); a demo with the cutest Japanese MUA; my seatmates – Jackie of Go Jackie Go! and Michelle of My Mom Friday.

As much as the event was so much fun (and lovely, if I may add), I am going to zero in on the new stuff from K-Palette, because that’s what y’all are excited to see.

This series is called the 1 Day Magic Collection (as opposed to the 1-Day Tattoo collection, something we all know and love) and is comprised of four new products for our everyday beautification.

First off – The 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner.

K-Palette also has a product called the 1-Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner.

1-Day Magic boasts of the same 24-hour lasting power and smudge free formula. The main difference is the brush.

While the 1-Day Tattoo eyeliner pen is a thin brush, the 1-Day Magic eyeliner pen has a flatter brush, allowing you to cover more ground if you want a thicker line, yet topped with a fine tip for the tip of your winged eye looks. Awesome! (Plus it’s pink. Cute!)

Second – the 1-Day Magic Eyeglue Liquid.

It’s what we all know as eyelid glue and is used to cheat an eyefold for those with monolids. I have a secret – I actually use this because I have a slight hood on the corners of my eyes. On my previous post about K-Palette, I used eyelid glue to lift up my eyelid and open my eyes a little more. Now if you believe Michelle Phan and her testimonial about how eyelid glue can permanently even out your eyelids, you should give the 1-Day Magic Eyeglue Liquid a try. PLUS: You can actually use Eyeglue Liquid as an adhesive for false lashes! It’s waterproof, and fast-drying.

Third – The 1-Day Magic 3D Palette.

Finally, K-Palette came out with an contour, highlighter and blush palette. It’s so cute.

The blush is pink and orange, the highlighter has little bits of shimmer in it, and the contour is a nice even versatile color. It comes with this tiny brush that I have yet to see if I can actually use because I carry a powder brush with me all the time.

While I don’t see this palette as part of my pro kit, I can definitely see it in my everyday makeup kit. It’s small enough for touchups, yet has everything I need for a quick on-the-go-spontaneous-lunch-with-important-people polishing up.

The last product on the 1-Day Magic series is the 1-Day Magic Fiber Mascara. I saved the most interesting for last.

It’s a double ended, with one side consisting of a waterproof, smudge-proof, lasting-curl mascara, and the other side, a formula made up of fibers.

So you put on a coat of the mascara as a “primer”, coat it with the fibers, then put another coat of the mascara.

Voila. Falsie-like lashes. Laveeet. It’s a little difficult to take off though, so make sure you have an oil-based makeup remover handy to take it all off.

Overall, the 1-Day Magic line of products is a good collection for the everyday makeup enthusiast. The products are easy to use and the long-wearing formula makes it perfect for those who are busy and on-the-go. Awesome, especially for busy busy moms like you and me!

Thank you for the wonderful time, the wonderful food and the awesome products, K-Palette! It’s always a pleasure.


The K-Palette 1-Day Magic series is available in all Beauty Bar outlets.

1-Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner, PhP695
1-Day Magic Magic Fiber Mascara, PhP895
1-Day Magic 3D Palette, PhP895
1-Day Magic Eyelid Glue, PhP650

A Beauty Kit Edit: Neva of ManilaMommy.Com

With all this talk of makeup, my mommy friends (or my mudrakelles, if we must put it in the words we usually call each other) have been asking me for tips on what to buy to put some color in their life. And so here were are, doing a Beauty Kit Edit. Neva, of course, is the blogger behind ManilaMommy.Com. Aside from being a mother to two wonderful boys, wife to husband Dan, and holding a full-time job, she also manages Manila Baby Shop. Busy busy!

Note: this is not an “expert” opinion, but rather, just one woman giving a fellow woman some advice in the name of anti-losyang/anti-nene/prowfesyonal development/balik-alindog.

The Beauty Kit:

Face powder, BB cream, Cheek tint, eyeliner, mascara, blush, eyebrow powder and some lipsticks.

Neva’s Makeup Routine: Eyebrows and lipgloss.

Neva’s Goal: “Well I want to look my age, haha! Since im 35 na, I need to look polished maski papano. :p Minsan mukha akong temp sa office with my business casual attire and bagong gising fez haha! I actually like make-up! I just don’t know how to use it so I don’t invest in it but favorite ko ang lipstick. I feel it brightens up my face. Choz!”

The Edit:

Well, Neva and I agree on one thing – lipstick! It does so much to a person’s face. I also asked Neva about her skincare regimen and she has an A+ when it comes to this: cleansing, toning, mositurizing, and treatment. Remember gals, when you are coming at an age when you’re closer to the thermometer rather than the calendar, it’s time to up the ante and take care of your skin. It’s the best foundation you can ever have.

First level edit: makeup age and sanitation. Neva’s BB cream, powder, mascara, cheek tint, and lipsticks are all less than a year old. But her eyeshadow powder and blush are more than 2 years old! #FacundoAngTrashReceptacle

Makeup does have an expiration date. So please do the smell/feel test. If it smells off and feels weird, chuck it out! I am not particularly OC about powders, but I am really particular with mascara and liquid liner. The most I would go with those is 6 months. Most of the time, I change after 3-4 months.

Second level edit: usage. Neva wants to achieve a polished look with as few products as possible. #goodlucktome This was a challenge to me because I am a fan of the prep. I would rather spend 30 minutes doing my makeup before I leave and touch up maybe just once or twice throughout the day. Doing the shortcut usually means more fiddling with your face during the day, or if you don’t have the patience for that, look much like you did when you woke up at around 2pm.

To those wanting a “10-minute makeup routine” and still look very polished, here’s the real secret: PRACTICE. It seriously only takes 10 minutes because of the many hours that were spent for that one eyebrow-defining moment. < NAKS.

So with that here’s my reco for Neva:

Mascara vs. Eyeliner: Mascara wins!

If you want to delete some steps in your everyday look, I would choose mascara over eyeliner any day. Mascara opens up your eyes and lasts all day. Eyeliner can be tedious to apply and if you have oily lids like mine and not willing to take an extra step for eyelid primer, you’ll be smudging all day. But I would really take the extra 5 minutes to put on gel liner. A good one is smooth and easy to apply, and will last all day.

My current mascara stash: Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes; Eye of Horus; BYS Mascara Flex Effects



If you make do with just powder, it will be wiped off in no time without anything to “cling” on to. Apply a base, whether it be tinted moisturizer, BB cream or foundation, and set it with a powder for a longer-lasting face. The key to it is finding the right shade. You really don’t need much to even out your skin tone.

My everyday foundations: BYS Complete Coverage Foundation; L’Oreal True Match; Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream
I love loose powder. Don’t judge. BYS Loose Powder; Skin Food Buckwheat Powder; Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire; Make Up Forever HD Finishing Powder; Nichido Loose Powder


Not a Cheektint Fan

I find cheektint to be too arbitrary to achieve a “polished” look. Powder blushes get my vote.

Blush for any occasion. Coastal Scents 1o-Blush Palette; Tarte Adventurous; BYS Blush Duo; Tarte Glisten


  • Brushes. At the very least a powder brush and dual-ended brow brush (with a spoolie on one end).
  • An eyelash curler. Invest in a good one. shu uemura is my favorite.
Charm Pro powder brush; Charm powder/blush brush; Charm angled brow brush; MAC 208 angled brow brush; Sigma E65 small angle brush; Charm spoolie brush; Sigma F30 large powder brush; shu uemura eyelash curler


So my proposed office beauty kit for Neva is:

  1. Foundation/BB Cream
  2. Loose/finishing powder
  3. Eyebrow pencil/powder
  4. Blush powder
  5. Mascara
  6. Lipstick
  7. Eyelash curler
  8. Powder/blush brush
  9. Dual ended eyebrow brush

With this kit, it took me just a little over 5 minutes to go from Before to After. Promise. I timed it.

And this is why I do not leave home without makeup.

How’s your beauty kit?

Makeup 101 by BYS Cosmetics

BYS Cosmetics is an Australian brand that I only heard of when I saw Michelle post a picture of some of their products on Instagram. After that I started to notice their counters in SM department stores and in Watson’s, but never had time to stop and check out the products. So when I was sent this:

I was soooo excited. It just wasn’t a day of makeup, it was a day of makeup with the SoMoms! Guaranteed fun.

I got there late, because this is my motto in life:

I’m kidding. I’m just really not a morning person.

I did not follow instructions and came with my makeup already in place, so I chose to just sit in, enjoy the BYS products and be usisera to the SoMoms and their Makeup 101 session.

They had these makeup stations with a bunch of BYS goodies to try.

So early in the morning, and already so eager to learn. #notamorningperson

Fleur and Jen were my seatmates. I loved the subtle bronze eye that Jen did on her monolids.

Daytime, everyday looks all around.

BYS stands for “Be Yourself”. It’s a brand that originates from Australia, where it gained popularity within a few years from its introduction and is making its way into the ranks in other countries as well. Japan is one of its biggest markets, which is highly encouraging, since it has one of the most stringent cosmetic quality control systems in the world. They are super affordable and cater to a wide market of beauty enthusiasts.

The one product that I am most curious about is their primer.

It’s got Vitamin E and Chamomile Extract, is supposed to moisturize and prime at the same time. Must get that.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of their brow pencil in Blonde, and their retractable lip liners in the nude colors that I liked. I was too excited. I must make my way to a BYS counter soon and get a couple of those.

Onsite, they also had a couple of their eyeshadow palettes, cream eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara, lipgloss, lipsticks and some blushes for us to try. BYS has over a thousand products in their lineup, including a mineral makeup line, so what we had in our vanity was not even a fourth of what they had to offer.

Even Berry had so much fun.

It was also at the BYS event that I met these two ladies for the first time.

I’ve regularly checked Shen‘s blog for product updates. It was about time Patty and I met, considering the hours we spent chatting online about anything and everything!

We walked away with this awesome lootbag full of BYS beauty products.

Thank you BYS for a super fun morning of beauty!

Check out BYS Cosmetics at Watson’s and at SM Department Stores.

What’s Beauty? Snoe Knows!

Snoe Beauty first entered my realm of consciousness (wow deep) when Karotitay (the enabler of all things lovely and beautiful) tagged me on a post, raving about their liquid eyeliner. At that time, I lived but a kanto away from their SM Supercenter then-kiosk-now-store and checked them out immediately. I found their things interesting and the branding super cute, and filed Snoe in my “to try in the future” space in my brain.

I first had my first taste of Snoe when I got a sample of their Oil for All Argan Oil in the February Glamourbox. That, and some urging from a couple of friends to try out their makeup, pushed me to visit their Supercenter outlet to buy the much-raved-about Poudre Extraordinaire.

This finishing powder did not disappoint. It gives great coverage, has a really nice texture and quite affordable too. Since recommending it to a few people, it has earned the nickname “diwata powder” because of the flawless coverage it gives.

I had a hankering for more Snoe products after trying out these two products and as the universe would have it, a basket of Snoe goodies landed on my doorstep! (Thank you Jardine!)


For skincare, I got the Shoo-Zit Don’t Bother Me Deep Cleansing Acne Wash, the Emu.Cleanse Foaming Cream Wash and the Vitamin-C Rich Calamansi Whitening Detoz Clay Mask.

I’ve been using Emu.Cleanse for a few weeks now. It reminds me of cucumber-scented products maybe because of the singkamas in it. I also love masks so I am enjoying this Calamansi face mask very much. They have other products in their Emu oil line. Emu.Tox caught my attention in particular, because of it’s description – Botox Serum. Ooh, definitely something to try in the future.

For makeup, they sent me Poudre Synthesis, which is a BB liquid powder base with a matte finish, Poudre Extraordinaire, Parallel CC Cream and Rouge Deluxe lipstick.

The Poudre Synthesis went well under my Missha BB Cream and I didn’t get so oily as I did when I would wear BB cream alone. The Rouge Deluxe was very moisturizing, had great staying power, and is highly pigmented. Even after I ate a full meal, the color was still on my lips.

The Snoe body stuff sounds simply delicious. Here’s Hair Heroes Super Fresh Sage Tea Tree and Peppermint 5-in-1 Conditioner, Body Ritual Hair and Body Glaze, Honey Bath Syrup and Scrumptious Body Spritz – all in Vanilla Bean and Butterscotch, Face Custard Body and Face Powder and a Body Softener.

The Vanilla Bean and Butterscotch line is nice for those who like sweet and rich scents. I’m more of a light, fruity person, so I would like to try the Honey Dew and Melon version of the spritz.

My favorite is the Hair Heroes Conditioner. It is perfect for the coming scorching summer we are predicted to expect. It’s a cleansing conditioner, but you can also use it as a deep treatment mask, a leave in conditioner, head massage treatment and even a foot treatment!

What I also love about the Snoe is the passion behind the business. The two women behind the brand, Jen and Gen, are both passionate about cosmetics and it’s this passion that has helped build Snoe into a brand that’s making a mark in the local beauty industry. Nevermind that they are not dermatologists, chemists or pharmacists. They are real women who know what other real women want and need! I’m so happy to see a Filipino beauty brand deliver such good products. Hope you guys can try some of their stuff for yourselves! They come out with new stuff all the time, so check back them often to see their latest products.

You may buy Snoe from any of their stores and outlets all over Metro Manila, Cebu, General Santos and Bohol. Visit and like their Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/SnoeBeauty) for updates and more information on branches and products. Follow them on Twitter (@SnoeBeautyInc) and on Instagram (@SnoeBeautyInc) for the latest news and updates! You may also buy Snoe online from their website (www.snoebeauty.inc) through the link that leads to their Shop Pinas portal.

Beauty Junkie Post: Makeup Collection Update!

I’ve made it quite known by now that when it comes to makeup, I’m really quite obsessed. I’ve been building up my makeup collection ever since I realized how much I’ve neglected my love for makeup. Since then I’ve been buying more stuff, and I blogged about my new acquisitions a few posts back. Since then, I’ve added a few more things to my makeup collection. Here are a few notable additions to the ever growing makeup stash.

I needed to grow my brush collection quick, and I found a convenient and affordable solution with the Charm 21-piece PRO brush set. I bought a few brushes from Sophie before this and was quite happy with them. Great value for money and I like the brush selection a lot.

I’m still looking for more brushes, and I started off the next phase of brush collection with my first Sigma brush. The F86 tapered kabuki is a dream to use with undereye concealer (as I learned from my favorite YouTube makeup guru, TiffanyD). Thank you Jen for this wonderful birthday gift!

And so my brushes look a little dirty because I have not washed them yet! In between the tedious shampoo sessions, I use this:

I won this J&C Super Clean Solutions Makeup Brush Cleaner from a Live, Love, LOLZ contest by my friend Karrots. It’s great for spot cleaning and leaves your brushes smelling minty-fresh. Several Multiply beauty shops sell it, including Beauty and Minerals, where I bought my Charm brushes.

For lip products, I decided to go NYX sampling, and got a few items from Digital Traincase. I love NYX – good quality for such an affordable price. Hoarding their stuff is so guilt-free.

I bought two nude lip pencils, one in Peekaboo Neutral and one in Nude Pink.

And a few lipsticks, plus a matte lip cream. In order they are: matte lip cream in San Paolo, lipgloss in Whipped, round lipsticks in Echo and Doll, Black Label lipstick (I think) in India, and another round lipstick in Haute Couture.

Swatched them too, in case you’re curious:

The colors are in the order I mentioned them above, starting with the lip pencils.

I also tried a new foundation/concealer duo. Face It Oil Cut foundation and concealer from The Face Shop is supposed to be pore-refining, and I’m happy with both so far. The foundation blends on pretty well, and I love that the concealer is double-ended – a liquid and a stick!

More face stuff here.

I learned about the ELF blush/bronzer duo from The Makeup Geek on YouTube. It’s not as awesome as the NARS blush/bronzer duo but you can’t go wrong with this product for the cost. It’s really affordable from the beauty sellers on Multiply. Bought this one from Stuff In Style. I also got a black/grey eyebrow set from NYX (I find it weird to have dark brown brows with some eyeshadow shades). The blush here is possibly the most awesome blush in the world! It’s Glisten from the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blushes, and I love it so much I wish I could get all of them. I got them locally from the French Macarons online store.

For eyes, I added a few base colors and primers. My favorite is the Smashbox eyelid primer, but I also bought NYX’s version just because it’s said to be the best drugstore eyelid primer out there. Haven’t opened it yet. And then there’s Urban Decay’s Primer Potion – I’m not a fan of this. As a base color I got MAC’s Paint Pot in Painterly which I absolutely love! It’s the perfect base color for most daytime makeup I wear. The one on the right is from LA Splash, oneof the samples I got in the January Glamourbox. It’s a shimmery neutral color that I like to wear under matte shadows.

I haven’t found a pencil eyeliner I like (hooded lids and creamy eyeliners don’t mix) but I found love with the Revlon Colorstay liquid liner pen (sorry for the blurry picture). I also love gel liners, but I wasn’t too happy with the Tony Moly one (left, in brown). I tried Maybelline’s (on the right) and I’m happy with it! It goes on very smoothly and stays put. Very easy to use with a small angled brush or an eyeliner brush.

And, my favorite addition in this batch – the original Naked palette!

I spoke about wanting this too when I got the Naked 2 palette, and Cecile was so sweet to give me one for Christmas. Here’s the Naked and Naked 2 palettes, if you want to compare. I can’t pick one over the other, and I find myself jumping from one’s pans to the other’s when I’m doing my eyes. (Naked 2 on top, Naked on the bottom)


I’ve got some stuff coming in from Sephora next month. I can’t wait to see those and share them with you makeup and beauty junkies too!