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The Week In Treats

The whole week was entirely about indulgence. I’ve been a little cranky and I decided to lift my spirits with some pick-me-ups to alleviate my grumpy self.

First, sustenance.

I ordered milk from the Milk Man.

Two liters of whole milk and a liter of choco milk. Pure, preservative-free goodness. Now I’m not that big of a milk person (being lactose intolerant does that to a person) but I love chocolate milk. I threw in the whole milk because I do love cereal, and The Painter likes to drink milk. This milk changed me. It was creamy, smooth and smelled divine. It turned my frosted flakes into a spiritual experience. Basti likes it too. Today I got another order of chocolate milk, strawberry yoghurt and fresh cheese!

Next, the sweets.

I picked up a whole box of Custaroons and a bag of Gourmet Sugar-Coated Cookies from Gigi Gaerlan’s Custaroons.

I was in the mood for sweet, creamy and heavy and when that’s the calling, Custaroons is the answer. These are really sweet so I can’t eat more than 2. The cookies, however, are sweet, light and chewy. They’re not super sweet that I feel guilty finishing off a couple at a time, and offer Basti a few bites too!

And then yesterday I picked up some french macarons from The Cookie Jar.

I first got a taste of these macarons from Paola Loot and have been craving them ever since. I buckled up a sleeping Basti in the car seat and drove to Quezon City to pick them up. I ate half a box on the way home. I will use traffic as an excuse.

Then finally, the satchel.

I ordered my Frannie & Vinnie satchel a few weeks back and it finally arrived yesterday!

I’m quite happy with it. It’s very well-made, and so so cute! I’m going to keep using it and using it until it gets all beat up. If and when I get my iPad, I think a black 14″ one would be a great carrier.

Did all these treats work? You bet. I’m all cheery (because of the sugar), plump (because of the milk) but stylish (because of the satchel). Har har.