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Sentimental Me, Thanks to the New Johnson’s TVC

Have you guys seen the new Johnson’s TVC?

Seeing this took me back to a memory of myself flipping through our iPhoto albums, a few weeks before Basti’s first birthday. I was organizing photos, getting ready to archive, and I was bawling my eyes out. We’re not talking plain crying here; I’m talking wads of tissue on the table, some wailing, a lot of sentimentality and a tiny bit of hilarity. Who knew a year could go by so fast, and that a baby could change so rapidly? I was reminded of that day very much when I watched this and it led me to thinking more about what’s to come for me and my little boy.

Basti’s turned into a lean, sometimes-mean, most-of-the-time dirty, climbing, poking and running machine. He’s a Toddler, so much so that I have to type that with a capital T. This same time next year, he’ll be well into nursery school and the next thing I know it’ll be exams, sports competitions, the awkward stage and then gulp, girls.

**I solemnly swear that I will not be a horror momster-in-law.** But I’m sure I’ll manage some mischief anyway. >> Harry Potter fans would know.

Breastfeeding and babywearing put life into this blog. We nurse less and wear rarely these days, as Basti grows more into a kid each day, heck, each MINUTE. That has affected me, even this blog! If you notice I haven’t been writing much lately it’s because sometimes I don’t know what to say. I’m at a crossroads, one of many to come, and I feel ridiculous at times for feeling this way when my son is only 2 years old. And I know it will never end. He may grow up, become a boy, become a man, but Basti will always be my son and my baby first and forever.

There was one part of the commercial that struck me. This phrase flashed on screen: “Kaya habang kaya ko..” and I remember my own parents. My mom and my dad, for me, are the best examples of “habang kaya ko”. I’m not that baby on the bed anymore, but my mom and dad certainly never stopped taking care of me and my siblings, even when there were times I felt they shouldn’t anymore. I’m pushing forty and I turn into my teenage self whenever I step into my parents’ house. There’s the smell of the food I grew up with, the conversations I listened to all my life and familiar banter that hits just right above the belt. Relief washes over me and I know I’m in a safe place. My mom and dad, even at their age, are still our rescuers – always willing to lend us a hand when we’re flailing in the water. We appreciate it, and so do their three grandchildren.

That’s my one takeaway from this commercial – I hope I will become the kind of mom that will give Basti the same feeling of coming home when he’s with me. Even when he’s all grown up with his own family, I want him to always feel that his home, his mom and his dad will always be there to offer refuge, protection and support. Habang at hanggang kaya ko.


I commend Johnson’s & Johnson’s for coming up with campaigns that always relate to us and our relationships with our family and loved ones. They are one company I’ve always admired, not just for the quality and care that goes into their products, but for their credo to always put their consumer first.

Aside from the new Johnson’s TVC, there are more things coming up for you guys with Johnson’s & Johnson’s. Please do “like” their page on Facebook (facebook.com/JohnsonsBabyPhilippines) to keep up to date on exciting stuff!

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