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Scary Saturday: The Halloween Edition 2011

Happy Halloween everyone! How was your treat-hoarding weekend?

Basti and I spent the day trick-or-treating at OC Mom’s village. Her 2 month-old baby won Best Costume in her age category because OC Mom turned her into an iPod. #award

I wish I could post a pic, but OC Mom will kill me.

I turned Basti into a rockstar.


I bought him black sneaks, shades, a toy guitar and hair gel. In other words I was inflicted with two conditions for Halloween: tamaditis and kuripotitis. Someday I will release my Martha Stewart. Today I will just deal.

Oh right. This is Scary Saturday. Ok just to keep in line with my meme, here’s an anecdote for you.

Who remembers the movie “Halimaw Sa Banga”? It’s a movie from the 80s starring Lotlot de Leon, Ronel Victor, Romnick Sarmenta, Liza Lorena and Marilyn Villamor. Here’s a clip.

I seriously think it is one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. Gloria Romero’s daughter, Maritess Gutierrez, played the Halimaw and she was too creepy. At that time, our house was filled by bangas, and the movie caused years of shivers and goosebumps whenever we passed the bangas in the dark. The most traumatized among us was my brother, Carlo. I swear he had nightmares and he cried from fear during the movie and would get seriously freaked out when we talked about it.

Years later, Carlo walks into the kitchen on his first day of culinary school and who does he see? MARITESS GUTIERREZ. It was his nightmare come to life. He told us he wanted to cry. It was like meeting Freddie Kreuger in real life.