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Babywearing: Ringsling Tips and Tricks

I see this phrase too many times on my search word stats page: “painter’s wife blog ring sling tutorial”. So I thought I’d post the ringsling tips and tricks I’ve learned that’s made me and Basti a lean, mean, ringslinging, mother and son team.

Have you seen the next9 tutorial videos? Together with Jenny and Cai, we helped out Jen with an updated version of how-to videos for the next9 ringslings. You can find them here:

The ringsling was not as easy to master for me as the SaYa or the pouch. There are little things about ringslinging that’s best explained through a one-on-one tutorial, but I’ll try my best to share the little tricks that helped make the ringsling the most used carrier in my stable.

1. Always make sure the two rails on the tail are free and untangled. It’s very hard to adjust a sling when the two rail edges are lost in the middle part of the ring.

ringsling tips and tricks


2. Adjust one rail at a time. A lot of moms try to adjust the ringsling by pulling on the entire tail, which simply does not work.

ringsling tips and tricks


3. Lean back when you’re adjusting and put your baby’s weight on you, so you can adjust the sling properly. When I coach moms on babywearing, they’re always so tentative because they’re afraid the baby will fall while adjusting. Putting the baby’s weight on your body frees up your hands somewhat, and will give you more control over the sling. In my first SaYa how-to post, I emphasized the need for CONFIDENCE and CONVICTION when it comes to babywearing. It’s the same for any type of carrier.

ringsling tips and tricks

4. Wrap the sling around the baby, instead of trying to squish baby into the sling. Your sling is adjustable, your baby is not. Another tip is to thread the baby’s legs through the sling by reaching out from under.

5. Don’t start out with the ring already in the right position. Put the ring a little bit higher (especially with the hip and back carry) so it will fall into the right spot after pulling and adjusting.

ringsling tips and tricks

6. Don’t start with too much cloth for the pouch area. It will take longer to adjust and will almost guarantee that the ring will not be in the right position because you have so much to pull. You’ll get a feel for how big the pouch should be when you start as you practice.

ringsling tips and tricks

7. Always adjust the cloth to cover your shoulder area and spread over your back to prevent back pain. Avoid having the sling centered on your shoulder and digging into your neck.

ringsling tips and tricks

I hope this helps you! For any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to answer as best as I can. If not, I’ll bug Jen to answer you, haha!

For this blogpost, I was using one of the new googoo&gaga x next9 ringslings. It makes us feel like ringsling rockstars.

googooandgaga ringsling

Happy babywearing!

Contest, Contest!!!!! The Painter’s Wife Blog Giveaway Is Here!!

UPDATE: Giveaway extended to NOVEMBER 5, 2010!!

As a way to say thank you for reading my blog, I’ve teamed up with all the fabulous mommies (and mommies-at-heart) behind all the stuff I’ve been raving about in the last few months. They’ve graciously and generously contributed prizes so that I could have this:

Up for grabs:

Goodie Bag #1:

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  • Breastfeeding Accessories Set from Mama.Baby.Love (Jingle Jungle Sterilizer Bags, Jingle Jungle Breastmilk Storage Bags, Fabulous Mom Nursing Pads)
  • One (1) Nursing Cover and Pouch Set from Nursingmom
  • Five (5) Regular Servings of Caveman & Yeti Shaved Ice

Here’s how to gain entries:


Blog about the contest on your own blogs, and link back to the blog. (Equivalent to two raffle entries) Leave a comment here to let me know about your entry!


Tweet “@elizaypon I want to win a prize from painterswife.com #painterswifeblog.” (Equivalent to one raffle entry. One Twitter account per entry only. Multiple tweeting will not be counted)


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Each “like” of the contest poster in each site counts as one entry.


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Tell your friends about the contest and ask them to leave a comment on the contest blog entry page, making sure to mention YOU by name as the one who pointed the way. Your friends can then proceed to gain entries using their blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Multiply or by referring their own friends! (One entry per referral)

Contest runs from October 6 to November 3, 2010. I will draw the raffle on November 5 and announce the winners by the next day.

All winners have to be from the Philippines. If you’re from the province, I’ll ship you your goodies! (Maybe someday I can have an international contest, huh?)

Let this be my simple way of saying thanks, and that I’ve enjoyed sharing my motherhood experiences with you. Hope you guys enjoy these wonderful things that have contributed to the journey!

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Pump Perplexed No More: Spectra Dew 300

I posted a while back that I was undecided on which breastpump to get. Initially, I had wanted to order a Medela Freestyle, but then thought that a double-electric hands-free pump that’s quite expensive is simply, OA (for a stay-at-home mom, at least. I would definitely recommend the Freestyle for working moms).

I was contemplating the Medela Swing:

But then, a contest on the Babymama Facebook page turned my attention to the Spectra line of breastpumps. I entered a contest to win a free one, but didn’t rally enough votes so I conceded early, and booked a trial with Babymama’s Mi’ann Reyes-Oblea.

Before anything else, I have to say that the main come-on of the Spectra line to me was the price. If any of you have been reading between the lines of my shopping posts, you would notice that I am hopelessly thrifty. Any great product with an affordable price is good news to me. Medela is a GREAT brand, but the P6,000 price tag, double-electric Spectra Dew 300 seemed like a good deal.

Photo courtesy of Babymama

So off I went to Mi’ann’s place to try out the pumps right after attending the La Leche League breastfeeding support group at the Podium. (There’s one more on Sept. 18, 11am at Baby & Co. Podium. Please go if you are planning to breastfeed, or already breastfeeding) Out of the three pumps that Babymama offers, the Spectra Dew 3oo was a fit for me because:

1. As a stay-at-home mom, a desktop pump was fine for me.

2. Because I only planned to pump occasionally, there was no need for anything like a hospital-grade pump.

3. My milk started to flow immediately after I tried it, and I was able to pump out 3oz, just at the trial!

Right then and there, I went ahead and bought the pump. I got Spectra breastmilk storage bags and icepacks for free as well!

That was almost two weeks ago and here is my assessment so far:

1. The pump is quiet as advertised. My baby is a really light sleeper and he doesn’t even stir when I pump while he sleeps.

2. The parts are really easy to clean.

3. The output is great and I only felt a little discomfort when I started pumping. After that, it was a breeze.

I sometimes have a problem with the suction level. I notice it varies with every use. I don’t know if it’s the pump, the membrane, the hose… HEY, do I look like a breastpump technician to you? Must text Mi’ann.

Other than that I’m quite happy that I bought a pump for less than half the price of the Freestyle, a double electric at that!

Now if only Basti would finally take the bottle. That’s a whole different blog entry!!!

P.S. Because Basti still hasn’t taken the bottle, all my pumped milk has been going to a beautiful little girl named Gia. Her mom sent this to Basti as thanks!

Though Basti is more than happy to share his milk with his future BGF – Best Girl Friend. (Baka patayin ako ni Daddy AJ if I say Girlfriend, hee hee!) Thank you Tita Audrey! Love, Basti.