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Simple Joys

I had a perfect day today.

I arrived at Nail Spa to claim the treat I won from Dainty Mom. (Thanks Martine!)

And caught Paola and Martine inhaling macarons. (These were HEAVEN. I have to order)

Celebrity sighting. I’ll treat the one who correctly guesses who this guy is to a milk tea drink. Earlier, his daughter was there in her ballet outfit to attend her dance class in Shang. I pretended to take pics of the macarons to get this shot. (Pistachio, chocolate and red velvet flavors. I really have to order)

Busy mommies deserve nice toes. (Nice legs, Paola!)

Paola and I went to Chatime in Pioneer Center.

The area upstairs is perfect for lounging, studying, and chatting. They have free WiFi too. I had the Chatime Roasted Milk Tea with Pearl. Yummeh.

Sjofn is seriously adorable.

And then it was off to Galerie Anna for an exhibit.

I relish the times when I can be a mother, a friend, a woman and a wife, all in the same day. There are days when it’s all mommymommymommymommymommy.