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Driver-Mom Lifesavers: CDR King Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

So, Basti started school yesterday. It’s still the adjustment period, so the class is still shortened to about an hour before going full schedule into 3 hours a day, which won’t happen till a couple of weeks from now. He was fine in the beginning, and I was happily making chika with my co-parents outside the classroom when I heard a child go, “Mamaaaaaaaaa!” And oh yes, it was mine.

But even with the shortened schedule, I already had an inkling of what my life will be like for the next 10 months. It will be an everyday trek and an everyday 3-hour wait for Basti. I already scouted the area for things I can do to spend the time: facials, mani-pedis, restaurants, supermarket, banks, gyms. But we’re talking 5 days a week here. I will eventually run out of things to do, not to mention how expensive it will be if that’s all I’ll do.

So hey, I thought, I could just spend the time blogging. I will pull a Samantha Sotto and use the time waiting to write. No, I’m not aiming to be the next great novelist. I just want to blog more, which is something I’ve been promising myself I’d do in the past few months. (A resolve which I am taking care of – do you guys notice I’ve been trying to post more often?) But here’s the dilemma – I am not a laptop user. Not only that, I am a Mac-only user. So, ibig sabihin kailangan Macbook Air pa talaga ang bibilin ko diba? #siraanngwallet

I do have an iPad, but I’m the type who can’t write without a keyboard. Well, a side trip to CDR King yesterday solved my problem.

O diba? Problem solved. Blogging continues. This is a Bluetooth keyboard and power bank in one. You can even charge your cellphone! Laptop ang effect! Win na win! This will do until I get megabucks to buy myself a Macbook Air. As to the matter of how long it will last, we shall see. For the cost, I’m willing to give it a chance.

Want one? The CDR King Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad at any CDR-King branch for PhP 1,880.00.