The One About Separation Anxiety

Can I make a prediction? In 5 days’ time I will be crying my eyes out. Forget the prediction. This is a fact. You guys want to know why?

The Painter and I are leaving. I will be gone for two whole weeks. WITHOUT BASTI.

So when I’m talking about separation anxiety, I mean me. Basti and I have never been away from each other overnight. And now, I’m suddenly leaving him for two whole weeks. The excitement of the trip is being overshadowed by my feelings. We go to sleep in a hug and we wake up in a hug. Basti is my alarm clock. He wakes me up wanting to cuddle and nurse and that gently eases us into the curse called morning.

But no. I owe this trip to The Painter. The last three years have been focused on Basti and this time, I will devote my full attention to being his wife. But that doesn’t mean my heart isn’t breaking.

Let’s refocus. I am going to the greatest city in the universe with my husband, with no kid. Just him and me. I’ll just think about that. I’m going to focus on where I want to go, what I want to do and the things I’m going to see (and buy).

Of course there’s the MoMA.

Photo c/o The Guardian.

And Orley will probably spend like a whole month in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Not leaving till I get this. I’ve wanted one for so long.

I hope to watch at least one show here.

And then there’s the mothership.

Sephora Times Square

I’m not leaving till I visit this store.

Inglot on Broadway

So much makeup madness.

But most of all I’m excited to be in New York with Orley. I’m more excited for him than me, actually! This is a huge step for him as an artist, for both his personal growth and his career. Oh wow, all the art he will see, feel, hear and experience. It gives me goosebumps!

I don’t know what to pack. I have been discussing this with friends over the past week. It really all boils down to life’s most important question: style or substance? I can’t even decide what shoes to wear. Even though it’s supposed to be fall, my friend Cheryl says it’s still hot and humid, but gets cold at night.

So Basti, I’ll really miss you. I’ll have super loads of fun, but I’ll miss you. I promise next time, you’ll come. We’ll go see the penguins in Central Park.


11 thoughts on “The One About Separation Anxiety”

  1. Pack light! So you have more space in your luggage to tons of make-up.

    And I am sure Basti will miss you too. But hey, isn’t to-the-heavens exciting to for once, be able to shop, walk around and have plenty of adult interaction all by yourself?

  2. I feel your pain! I am always a wreck when I leave my kids but I think I miss them more than they miss me:-) But if you are going to have to leave your child at home, it might as well be for NYC! Hindi ba pwedeng style AND substance? Pack light so you can bring more goodies home, and wear comfortable shoes. Have fun!!

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