Scary Saturday: 09172011

For today’s Scary Saturday I have two things that will strike fear into your hearts.


The minute I saw this on the shelf of Hypermart I got flashbacks of my 80s self and her love affair with hairspray.

This next Scary Saturday item turns the toughest of knees to jello:

I will get no sleep till Basti is better. Sigh.

12 thoughts on “Scary Saturday: 09172011”

  1. The cans are deodorant sprays? Isn’t it illegal to use another brand’s attributes to sell yours?

    Basti, get well!! He’ll be OK Eli. They really catch more viruses as they become toddlers.

    1. Nev, I have a bottle of Tartine et Chocolat. Ang mahal niya. Apparently Givenchy (repeat after me, “zhi-vaugh-zhay” hahaha!) ang tatak.

      Elai, I hope B will be better. Why don’t you use Salinase nalang, para wala nang needles! (oh and yes, scary yung nakita mo sa hyper mart. I had the yellow one. Giorgio Armani)

      1. BNF talaga kita. Tartine is on my list of to-buy when I have money!

        The needle is just to get the salinase from the bottle. If i had to inject Basti I’ll faint.

          1. LOL! I must confess that at those times that I have to extract salinase from the bottle are my moments to pretend I’m a mad scientist.

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