Basti’s Scary Saturday (10-15-2011): The First Haircut

It was a regular Saturday afternoon for us. We had spent most of the day in Gymboree. He was in a happy-happy-joy-joy mood, more so when The Painter popped in at the center. He never goes, so Basti was so excited to see him.

Until. (Insert ominous music here)

I’ve been cutting Basti’s hair since he was 4 months old. We figured it was time he got a real haircut.


He seemed ok.


Being in his daddy’s arms did the trick.┬áit was done and over with in a few minutes.


We figured he deserved some playtime with his cousins and a visit to Lola’s house (a.k.a. Let’s go grab some grub at my mom’s because I’m too lazy to cook and her food is so much better)


I hope the next time won’t be as scary. Great job, Basti!



2 thoughts on “Basti’s Scary Saturday (10-15-2011): The First Haircut”

  1. dw was ok when he had his first haircut, it was during his 2nd-5th ata that he just wouldn’t stop screaming and crying! and then all of a sudden he stopped. i think it helped that we would always make an event of the haircut and we would pretend to cut each other’s hair at home para dw would figure out that it’s no big deal.

    as usual cute ni basti. fierce lang talaga!

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