Introducing CrashTestMommies.Com!

As a blogger, I get quite a number of products in the mail to try out, review and maybe feature on my site. Lately, I’ve been holding out on reviews because, frankly, I don’t want the blog to look like a product feature site. I have lots of things to talk about!!

But the stuff doesn’t stop coming and I feel that some of these things are too good not to share. Two other bloggers have the same sentiments as I do. For the past few months, Neva of ManilaMommy.Com, Kris of OCMomInManila.Com and myself have been brewing something new and fun for all you guys. Say hello to our newest baby, CrashTestMommies.Com!!

We have quite a few reviews up already, plus more, more, MORE to come! We’ve got tons of stuff to share, and we hope that our personal views help you guys in making your own choices for yourself, your family and your lifestyle. The site is still very much a work-in-progress and we would love to hear from you! What things are you looking for? Any particular product that needs a Crash Test? Shoot us an email at!

Follow us on Twitter at @CTMommies, subscribe or add us to your feeds and be updated on the latest products, places and events we’ve got to share. Watch out for our launch promos as well. We love giveaways and we’ve got a few lined up for the coming weeks.

See you at CrashTestMommies.Com!


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