New Perfume Scents from Clean: Rain and Skin

What’s a scent that sends you straight to comfort? Mine is the smell of hotel sheets, and Basti after a bath. That feeling is the essence that perfume brand Clean has been trying to capture (and quite effectively, I may add) since the launch of their line years ago.

I attended the launch of their newest scents last week. The old favorites were on display.

Original, Ultimate, Warm Cotton, Fresh Laundry, Shower Fresh and Outdoor Shower.

I wish you guys could be in that room that day. It smelled heavenly.

But of course, the stars of the show were the two latest scents from Clean.

Clean Skin and Clean Rain. They actually don’t need much of an explanation. I think that’s part of the charm of Clean.

Clean is available in Rustan’s, SM, and all other leading department stores. The 60ml bottle retails for P2,950.00 and the 30ml is priced at P1,650.00.

This is my everyday scent now. I’m kinda obsessed.


4 thoughts on “New Perfume Scents from Clean: Rain and Skin”

  1. I have been wondering for a long time if there are perfume brands that sell the scent of baby skin or hair or whatever it is that exudes that baby smell. I mean, I can chronicle through pictures and scribbles but how about scent? I really like how Salidummay smells (even after days of not taking a bath) and I was wondering how, years from now, I’d still be able to recall it. Hay.

  2. I am a big fan of CLEAN fragrances!
    They smell so fresh and well…..clean. Maybe pure! 😛

    I have yet to try out CLEAN- Rain. Can you tell me how it’s like?

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