The Best Reason To End A Blogging Break Is…

.. to post how ridiculously proud I am of my husband.

The Painter won the NCR leg of the Amorsolo Foundation Mentor and Apprentice Painting Competition. Yey!

He got a medal, a certificate and a big cardboard check. Is there any legal reason why they have to give a big check to the winner?

There are two divisions for the competition: Mentor for the more experienced artists, and Apprentice for students and those just starting out. What’s so cool is that my husband won the Mentor category for NCR, while his two apprentices, Emar and Randy, won 1st and 2nd place for the Apprentice category. A true victory!


Here’s my husband’s painting.


There’s still the National level award coming up, where The Painter’s work goes up against the winners of the Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao legs. I hope he wins! *crossing fingers*

This sure was a great way to get me out of my blogging rut. I haven’t been feeling very sociable lately and I spent a couple of weeks just chillin’, bonding with Basti, tinkering with my Mac, reading, etc. etc. I feel kind of recharged now and I have stuff lined up for you guys: a report on Mommy Mundo’s ExpoMom, a spa review, a nursing wear review and a giveaway!! Watch this space – we’re going for a big push to the end of the year!

17 thoughts on “The Best Reason To End A Blogging Break Is…”

    1. Thanks Pat!!

      My top is from Collezione – they have a lot of these slouchy dresses. Haha this top has garnered a lot of comments!

  1. wow, congratulations to your husband, Eliza!!! galeng, i love the painting, and love the fact that you and Basti are in it! what a blessing for you both to be immortalized in such a breathtaking works of art :) and a true victory indeed that his students won in the other category… a great artist AND a great teacher… a true master talaga!

  2. Beautiful paintings (including the runners-up)! Reminds me of Jose Blanco’s paintings. I don’t see this kind of work in artists these days. (But then again, I am not really updated with the art scene. )


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