The SoMoms Say “Sige Sa Mantsa!” (Plus a Giveaway from Breeze!)

It’s soooooo hot. So hot that there are days that I don’t want to move for fear that all my energy will be sucked right out of me. I am equally scared of heatstroke and summer electric bills, so sometimes Basti is running naked around the house in nothing but a diaper.

The first of the #SoMoms summer #sessions was a welcome escape from the urban heat. The wonderful marketing team of Breeze Philippines sponsored us for a day in Nuvali. It was a pleasant, early drive to Sta. Rosa, Laguna, where the #SoMoms and some invited bloggers were gathered for some fun activities for the kids, outdoor time, swimming and catching up with the others. It was a #SigeLangNgSige Day!

Teacher Anna and Teacher Kara of My Masterpiece Movement led a yoga session for the kids that didn’t stop the moms from joining too!

Basti got the be the bright, cheery and super enthusiastic Mr. Sun.

He was so very ecstatic. #hindihalata

The kids went totally nuts over the painting session. Teacher Kara laid out a plastic sheet, dribbled some paint over it and let the kids go crazy! Paint was everywhere! Kids were stained from head to toe, shirts, shorts, socks and everything in between!

We all helped to lay a sheet of paper over the painting afterwards and this was the result.

It became the base for our #SigeMoms and #SigeKids declarations! I think Basti and I will copy this at home. It’s going to be tons of fun making our own messy masterpiece.

Here we all are! (Yes, we have a SoDad!)

From L-r: Marc of The Fatherland, Me, Teacher Anna, Jackie of Go Jackie Go!, Belle of Cruisin’ Mommyhood, Janice of Mommy Mundo, Candy of The Corporate Housewife Mom, Patty of Non Stop Babble, Tin of Manila Fashion Observer, Christine of Mommy Journey, Jenny of My Mommyology, Kris of OC Mom In Manila, Cai of Apples and Dumplings, Teacher Kara.


We couldn’t leave without taking a dip in the pool. The water was irresistible!

The day was all about letting go and just letting the kids have fun. Breeze Philippines’ new campaign “Sige Lang Sa Mantsa” was the perfect collaborative theme for our day’s activities. Having fun can get messy and sometimes being messy is the fun itself!

We ended the day by declaring our Sige Sa Mantsa statements.

This is something I have to remind myself everyday. Even though I am pretty lax compared to others I’ve met when it comes to mess, I do sometimes wince when Basti turns his shirt into a paper towel. I don’t want to be that mom anymore!

We all walked away with a gift pack filled with goodies from Breeze.

The good news is, I’ve got two more of these Breeze gift packs to give away! Two of the blog’s readers will get to say #SigeSaMantsa too! Please join via Rafflecopter below. Entries will be accepted till next Monday, April 22, 11:59pm. The contest is open to all readers nationwide. Good luck!

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59 thoughts on “The SoMoms Say “Sige Sa Mantsa!” (Plus a Giveaway from Breeze!)”

  1. I love watching my niece having fun and enjoy playing with her cousins outside. Kahit madumihan #Sigelang nothing compared to the happiness you feel seeing them happy. #SigeSaMatsa!

  2. Painting is my fave #SigeSaMantsa activity with my son, He may stained from head to toe but he will learn a lot, he will discover his creativity and more fun, I dont need to worry about stabborn stain nandyan nman ang New Breeze to help a Sige Mom like me:-)

  3. My favorite #SigeSaMantsa activity is playing outdoor with my girls. We love playing chinese garter, piko, agawan panyo, etc outside our house. And, as we all know playing outside will attract dirt and grimes. However, I don’t want them to miss the fun while they’re still on vacation and it’s great way to bond.

  4. My #SigeSaMantsa activity is romping around inside or outside the house, and running after my Bubba like I’m the mommy dinosaur/ munster.

  5. everyday is sige sa mantsa day for my 3 girls– 2, 5 and 10. be it cooking, painting, water play, biking even gardening. fun! fun! fun!

  6. Everyday is a #SigeSaMatsa day for me and my 6 year old son. We love painting, cooking and mostly playing outdoors. Despite the dirt and stains we get from these activities I make sure that they enjoying and are having lots of fun!

  7. my top three #SigeSaMantsa activity:

    1. cooking with my little kid – he wipes his hands all over his clothes when his hands touch the food
    2. gardening and playing in between- imagine the muck on our faces and clothes
    3. face painting- not only are our faces painted, but our clothes too!

  8. My #SigeSaMantsa would have to be eating……eating bare hands for my Chloe and seeing her smile with delight! – priceles

  9. My fave #sigesamantsa activity is when my kids want to help me on baking especially when we’re doing the icing thing, messy, but delicious way of bonding :)

  10. Our favorite #SigeSaMantsa activities are painting with watercolor and cooking pancake with chocolate toppings. These usually create quite a mess in out study area as well as the kitchen!

  11. I believe there is a lot but the most would be allowing him to paint using watercolors then treating him with his favorite spaghetti and ice cream which he will eat on his own.

  12. our favorite SigeSaMantsa activity is mountaineering with my wife specially when somewhere at the middle of the trail rain woah were like mud man hahaha

  13. Our #SigeSaMantsa activity is Baking.They help me in putting some toppings/icings on my cupcakes and they even make/design their own cookies.It’s really a mantsa day but bonding with them is Priceless

  14. My favorite sige s mantsa activity with my daughter , eating our favorite chocolate ice cream and playing play dough.

  15. my favorite #SigeSaMantsa activity was we did our initiation rites at our school because our school was like a semi military school. we crawled, rolled and we even swimmed on the pool of mud. t’was fun because im with my classmates and they really love the mud. ^^

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