The Painter Wins An International Competition! Yey!

This was the best news this week. My husband, Orley Ypon, won 1st place in the Figurative Category of the Art Renewal Center International 2012 Salon! I’m so PROUD!!

The Art Renewal Center is a group of artists focused on the promotion of traditional techniques and the discipline of realism. Orley has been wanting to join this competition for years but the roster of artists who join and win every year is so intimidating. Talk about the best of the best in the international arena. When the finalists announcement came out, my eyes popped out of my skull when I saw some of the artists he was up against.

But guess what? Out of his 5 submissions, FOUR Orley Ypon paintings made it to the finalists round, and TWO won! And he was up against some artists whose work he always admired and deeply respect. It’s such an affirming, profound and humbling experience for The Painter. I am moved to tears even now, as I write about it.

Here are the two paintings that made it to the Finals.

orley ypon
“Get Up” 2011
orley ypon
Kakapa-kapa, 2011

This one won runner-up for being the Most Ambitious Work.

orley ypon
Incubus, 2011

Well-deserved I think, considering what Orley had to set up to get the reference shots for this painting. Check out the outtakes. This was all done in his backyard back in Cebu.


This one won First Place in the Figurative Category, which is my husband’s forte.

We shot the reference pictures for this in the dead of night in a rice paddy a few miles away from his house. I had to hold the single halogen lamp while he took pictures with his Canon Powershot. The whole baranggay came out to watch us and cheer the boys along.

Orley’s models are always his neighbors in his provincial hometown. They are farmers, fishermen, and construction workers, which makes their physique perfect for what Orley needs. No amount of time in the gym can produce those bodies, I tell you.

Congratulations my love! Basti and I are so so proud of you!

Check out Art Renewal Center and the competition results here: Art Renewal Center 2011-2012 Salon Results

17 thoughts on “The Painter Wins An International Competition! Yey!”

  1. oh w-o-w! CONGRATULATIONS!!! your husband’s work is compelling and moving! you must all be over the moon with joy!

  2. WOW! The paintings are INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Really amazing.

    P.S. Sorry super out of place comment but are those men rolling around the mud naked????

    1. If I say yes, sasama ka sa pictorial? Haha! No, I bought them flesh-colored panties to wear. As in boy-cut panty, I kid you not. Game naman sila!

  3. This is very epic! I’ve never even thought of this! I’m still young and still learning. His tactics are amazing. And congratulations to him and to your loving and sweet efforts for always being there for him.

    I’m a shy girl and I don’t know if I can be on this kind of sociological level of expertise. But who knows.

    Anyways, hello and here’s another new subscriber <3

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