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Introducing the Mommy Mundo SoMoms! (Giveaway Alert!)

I’ve been blogging since 2002. I’ve got 10 years of blogposts lying around LiveJournal, Blogspot and the soon-to-be-deleted Multiply, and it’s a hodgepodge of shopping finds, angst, sharing of experiences and mind-dumping, sprinkled with a lot of fun and some bad decisions.

Now, as a wife and mother, this blog has grown to more than just a sounding board (or whining board as some of my earlier blogposts reveal) to being a platform for advocacies, a way to connect to other parents, and in some cases, as a business. Writing has always been my language, and blogging became a natural extension of my real-life loquacious self. More mothers on the internet made social media the new “neighborhood playground”, and it was through Facebook, Twitter and blogger events that I met a lot of fellow blogging moms who became colleagues and friends.

An organization that has provided me with a lot of opportunities for myself, the blog, and Basti (hee hee) is Mommy Mundo. Through them I met a lot of brands that wanted to partner up and support my tiny corner of the website, and I’ve enjoyed writing and sharing about these brands and products that I believe in. I always look forward to something Mommy Mundo organizes – it’s not just an opportunity to learn and to share, but to meet up with these moms I have conversations with over Twitter and have come to call as friends. And with that, Mommy Mundo SoMoms was formed!

SoMoms stand for Social Media Moms, composed of a founding group of twelve blogging moms who are all different in personalities, advocacies and blogging goals. But one thing I love about all of these ladies is how fun they are, and how their blogs reflect their personalities and interests. Here are the SoMoms!

Mommy Mundo SoMoms


Neva of Manila Mommy, Michelle of My Mom Friday, Jenny of Chronicles of A Nursing Mom, Tin of the Manila Fashion Observer, me, Janice of My Mundo (and Mommy Mundo’s head mommy), Cai of Apples & Dumplings, Jenny of My Mommyology, Jen of Jen and the 3 Boys, Jackie of Go! Jackie Go, Fleur of Mommy Fleur and Kris of OC Mom In Manila.

The Mommy Mundo SoMoms have lots of things in store for everyone in the coming months! To start off, we’ll be at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar this November 24-25, and you can come to our booth to sit, chat, chika or ask anything about our blogs. We’ve got you covered from breastfeeding, babywearing, recipes, shopping finds, fashion and beauty, health, mompreneurship, parenting and lots lots more. We’d love to to meet you!

The Mommy Mundo Bazaar will be on November 24-25 at the Rockwell Tent.

The new Mommy Mundo 24/7 Planner 2-13 will also be launched at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar.

If you didn’t get one last year, you should see it! It’s got all the stuff that mothers need to organize their day-to-day lives, with spaces for each family’s members’ schedule, a menu planner, grocery list, household staff information, health records, money matters and party planning. It’s also got spaces for our own personal goals and tidbits of inspiration that will help remind you of what being a mom is about inspite of all the things about motherhood that make you want to scream. Hehe.

Each SoMom is hosting a giveaway for this Mommy Mundo prize set:

  • One (1) Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport (worth P175)
  • One (1) Mom 24/7 Planner (worth P395)
  • Entrance to the Mommy Mundo Bazaar
  • The Mommy Mundo shopping bag (worth P30).

Some notes:

  • The prizes are transferable. If you already have a Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport, you can pass it on to a friend or whoever you want!
  • The prizes must be claimed at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar. You will forfeit your prize if you don’t show up.
  • The winner will be announced on November 22.
  • Join through Rafflecopter below!

Good luck and I hope to see you at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar!

Know more about Mommy Mundo SoMoms:
Interested parties may contact us at 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Smart LTE, Come to Me!!!

If you’re someone like me who relies heavily on the internet for, well, LIFE, then a good internet connection is high up on your priority list. These days, it just can’t be good, it has to be FAST. I almost never have time to watch TV and I catch all the latest news online. I love watching shows on the internet, especially live-streaming. But there’s nothing more frustrating than a stalled show because of a sucky connection. Have you ever tried live-streaming on a slow connection? Oh you don’t even know what live-streaming is?


So when this landed in my inbox I was like…. 42 mBps whuuuuuut?????


Do you know what I could do with 42 mBps?? And I’m not even talking about what I could do on the internet. I mean, what I could do with the rest of my life! Half the time I spend online is waiting! I could do my work so much faster and gain more time to spend offline with my family.

My iMac is the most hard-working machine in this house. Blogging, writing, social media management, household stuff, The Painter’s business, communication – all of this and more happens on my computer. At the same time. A good 90% of my tasks need an internet connection, so I won’t even tell you what happens to this house when I don’t have internet.

I love its portability too. There’s a USB modem for laptops, but what I really want is this:

It can connect up to 6 devices, which is perfect for my household. I can even bring it with me when we travel, which would make my clients quite happy. The data plans are pretty flexible, too:

  • Plan 1749 with a 10GB allowance
  • Plan 3500 with a 21GB allowance

And can I say it again? Speeds UP TO 42 MBPS. I’m still geeking out.

Wanna know more about Smart LTE? Head on over to No more waiting! Live life on the fast lane!

Thank you Smart Communications for sponsoring this post on PaintersWife.Com.

Sorry Basti, I’m Going to Talk About Your Butt: The Johnson’s Baby Complete Care System

Last August 22, I attended a luncheon where Johnson’s & Johnson’s presented their 3-step Johnson’s Baby Complete Care System. There was a talk by Dra. Victoria Dizon of the Pediatric Dermatology Society of the Philippines.

Did you know there are only six of them in the whole country? I met them all when J&J presented some materials to some bloggers about product safety concerns which you can read about in Jenny’s blog.

This time around, we were talking about health. More specifically, butt health! So I’m going to apologize in advance to 16-year old Basti because his mother is going to be talking about his butt on the internet and it’s going to be online and Google-able for the rest of his life.

Before I became a mom, I heard so much about what I should be using on Basti when he wees or poos – just water and nothing else, was the frequent piece of advice I got from well-meaning people. I couldn’t take the thought of that, so I really used soap and water to wash Basti, even as an infant.

I was on the right track – somewhat. I learned these from Dra. Dizon that day:

  • Babies’ skin is different from ours. They’re thinner and loses moisture much faster, making them more prone to infection.
  • Water is not enough. Fecal enzymes, the interaction of urine and fecal matter, and the resulting increase in pH on your baby’s butt can lead to serious butt problems. But soap is too harsh! Uh-oh.
  • These are musts for a healthy butt: frequent diaper changes, removal of skin contaminants, and restoring the skin’s pH value.

I learned that there are more incidences of diaper rash when cleaning with just water and a regular cloth versus an emollient baby wipe. Zinc oxide will help skin recover from rashes, and using powder will actually help protect Basti’s butt from wetness and infection.

These days, using powder is discouraged by some sectors, and we raised that point with J&J. They assured us that talc is actually very safe for baby, because it’s particles are too big to get into the lungs. It is not classified as a carcinogen by the US Toxicology Program. Just don’t douse the whole container on your baby’s face, hehe. They said the proper way to apply powder is to first put it on your own hands, then apply to baby’s skin. I remember when polbo was so popular when I was a kid, and I was always being drenched in powder by my mom. So note to self: powder on hand first, then on Basti.

There were samples of Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Wipes and Johnson’s Baby Complete Care Powder during the event. They even showed us how the powder expels water.

They look like gummy worms, hehe.

I like how the new powder feels and smells. It’s got the good stuff: zinc oxide to help protect and heal your baby’s butt from diaper rashes, and magnesium steareate, which helps repel wetness. Less wetness = less infection.

Jen of Next9 was also around during the presentation to talk about cloth diapers and we all took home a Next9 pocket diaper.

The Johnson’s Baby Complete Care System is summarized on Babycenter Philippines, which can be accessed here: You can also visit the Johnson’s Baby Philippines Facebook Page ( to know more about the Johnson’s Baby Complete Care System. If you haven’t “liked” this page yet, you should! They have all sorts of promos and fun stuff going on for parents and their kids all the time.

To make up for the future embarrassment of me talking about your Basti’s butt, I will make up for it by posting this adorable picture of you wearing your Next9 cloth diaper.

Trust me, the girls will love it.

Thank you Johnson’s Baby Philippines! I appreciate the support you give to PaintersWife.Com.


Indulging My Stage Mother Tendencies with the New Johnson’s Baby Facebook App!

Ok I shall confess. Aside from hoping that Basti will grow up to become a painter like his father, I can’t help that maybe, JUST MAYBE, he’ll have a bit of my inclination towards the performance arts as well.

Johnson’s Baby Philippines on Facebook launched an app that allows you to upload your baby’s pics and star in his or her own Johnson’s Baby commercial. It’s quite cute. It’s part of Johnson’s Baby Philippines Complete Care Diaper System campaign.

The app is called “Baby’s First JB Video” and really easy to use. Clicking on the app box on Johnson’s Baby Philippines’ Facebook page will take you to this:

And all you have to do is upload a few pictures of your baby and one of you and your child, and you’re all set!

All the videos are up on the Baby’s First JB Video gallery, so you can share it with all your family and friends on Facebook and show them your baby’s first Johnson’s Baby video!

Basti and I are in the gallery, if you care to check out our video:

Consider it our rehearsal for Basti’s first real television commercial. *avoids pillow thrown by my husband*

Thank you Johnson’s Baby Philippines for supporting The Painter’s Wife.

Sentimental Me, Thanks to the New Johnson’s TVC

Have you guys seen the new Johnson’s TVC?

Seeing this took me back to a memory of myself flipping through our iPhoto albums, a few weeks before Basti’s first birthday. I was organizing photos, getting ready to archive, and I was bawling my eyes out. We’re not talking plain crying here; I’m talking wads of tissue on the table, some wailing, a lot of sentimentality and a tiny bit of hilarity. Who knew a year could go by so fast, and that a baby could change so rapidly? I was reminded of that day very much when I watched this and it led me to thinking more about what’s to come for me and my little boy.

Basti’s turned into a lean, sometimes-mean, most-of-the-time dirty, climbing, poking and running machine. He’s a Toddler, so much so that I have to type that with a capital T. This same time next year, he’ll be well into nursery school and the next thing I know it’ll be exams, sports competitions, the awkward stage and then gulp, girls.

**I solemnly swear that I will not be a horror momster-in-law.** But I’m sure I’ll manage some mischief anyway. >> Harry Potter fans would know.

Breastfeeding and babywearing put life into this blog. We nurse less and wear rarely these days, as Basti grows more into a kid each day, heck, each MINUTE. That has affected me, even this blog! If you notice I haven’t been writing much lately it’s because sometimes I don’t know what to say. I’m at a crossroads, one of many to come, and I feel ridiculous at times for feeling this way when my son is only 2 years old. And I know it will never end. He may grow up, become a boy, become a man, but Basti will always be my son and my baby first and forever.

There was one part of the commercial that struck me. This phrase flashed on screen: “Kaya habang kaya ko..” and I remember my own parents. My mom and my dad, for me, are the best examples of “habang kaya ko”. I’m not that baby on the bed anymore, but my mom and dad certainly never stopped taking care of me and my siblings, even when there were times I felt they shouldn’t anymore. I’m pushing forty and I turn into my teenage self whenever I step into my parents’ house. There’s the smell of the food I grew up with, the conversations I listened to all my life and familiar banter that hits just right above the belt. Relief washes over me and I know I’m in a safe place. My mom and dad, even at their age, are still our rescuers – always willing to lend us a hand when we’re flailing in the water. We appreciate it, and so do their three grandchildren.

That’s my one takeaway from this commercial – I hope I will become the kind of mom that will give Basti the same feeling of coming home when he’s with me. Even when he’s all grown up with his own family, I want him to always feel that his home, his mom and his dad will always be there to offer refuge, protection and support. Habang at hanggang kaya ko.


I commend Johnson’s & Johnson’s for coming up with campaigns that always relate to us and our relationships with our family and loved ones. They are one company I’ve always admired, not just for the quality and care that goes into their products, but for their credo to always put their consumer first.

Aside from the new Johnson’s TVC, there are more things coming up for you guys with Johnson’s & Johnson’s. Please do “like” their page on Facebook ( to keep up to date on exciting stuff!

Thank you Johnson’s & Johnson’s for supporting PaintersWife.Com.

Two Minutes, Two Years, and A Thousand Miles: A Smart LiveMore Post

It seems like I looked away for two minutes, and not two years, to watch my Basti go from this:

Taken on Basti’s first day on earth.

To this:

Basti blowing out his Swell Sweets Cookie Monster cake.


Suddenly, we’ve got words, animal sounds, the alphabet, counting from 1-20 and the dialogue of Toy Story coming out of his mouth. Suddenly he’s asking for specific food from the refrigerator and telling me whether he wants rice, soup or a banana. When before he couldn’t stand to be without nursing, even just for an hour, now a full day goes by before he cuddles up and asks.

Just last night I came out of the bathroom after my evening toilette (YES I used that word) to find The Painter lying down beside Basti, staring at him. No, not in some heartwarming-father-and-son-moment way, but just simply STARING. I asked him what was up and he was like, “Nothing. I’m just looking at him. He’s so huge.”

And then the other day, we were talking about schools. I was scheduling school visits for the coming weeks and I noticed that The Painter was getting lost in thought. When I asked what he was thinking about, he was like, “What if I’m away? I’m going to miss these. All these big moments.”


All of this sentiment coincides with Smart’s new #LiveMore commercial, right here:

Oh how I wish it were about me and Orley in our more carefree, younger days, but I just can’t fit into a dress like that anymore.

The point. These days, as long as you have a strong, reliable and fast mobile and internet connection, few things can escape you. You could really be a thousand miles away and never miss a thing. Lately, The Painter and I have been talking about the big plans that Art has for our future, and fortunately/unfortunately, those plans involve a big plane, a different continent, and more than just a thousand miles away. We’re not sure how they will pan out, but one thing’s for sure: an indefinite period of time when our family will be apart. Sigh. Sad, sure, but not impossible to overcome. There’s chat, phone calls, video calls, messaging, Face Time, and all the other ways we can keep each other close through modern communication. With a mobile and internet connection I can count on from Smart, to #LiveMore with each other is possible even when living apart. Life’s biggest moments deserve it.


This post is sponsored by Smart Communications.


Wanted: Internet Connection. myBro to the Rescue!

I cannot live without an internet connection. As in, I will literally shrivel up and die. My name is Eliza Ypon and I’m an internet addict.

But seriously, who isn’t these days? Especially in these times, when every bit of information is on the web and “Google” is used as a verb and not a noun. And lest I forget, oh yeah, I blog. My husband and I both have our own websites and all the correspondence for his clients are thru email.

The first thing I ask when we’re moving into a new place is, “What internet connections are available in the area?” There was a time we lived in a place where there were no wired connections available. I kid you not. I thought we we got stuck in a timewarp. It was the village that internet forgot. The only subscription I was able to get was a Smart Bro postpaid plug-it. And boy was it worth it.

My dilemma this time is that I’m looking for a second connection for a second place. We’ve got good old reliable PLDT MyDSL at home, but the poor Painter doesn’t have one at his studio. At first he was relying on a prepaid stick, but lately, he’s been on the internet at the studio more and more and he gets frustrated when he runs out of airtime. A subscription really is the best solution for him, but we were concerned about the added cost.

So I was really glad when I was approached to write about myBro. It’s actually a product that’s not new to me. The brand SmartBro used to cover the all the mobile internet services of Smart Communications (Plug-It, Pocket WiFi etcetera), but now the Smart Canopy and WiMax services are now known under the brand myBro, offered under PLDT Home’s range of services.

Three points to stress are:

  • It’s super easy to apply for a connection. With their “Bilis-Install” program, application to connection all happens in a matter of 48 hours! Just visit any Smart store, PLDT Business Office, or go to any accredited Smart or PLDT Home Reseller.
  • Awesome affordable plans! An unlimited internet connection starts at P799/month, which is just P26/day! Way cheaper than sending your kids to an internet cafe to do their school work.
  • Powered by PLDT and Smart’s reliable nationwide coverage.

myBro also has 999 and 1799 plans, in case those are better suited for your needs. For the studio, I think we’ll give P26/day a go. That’s already huge savings for us, considering The Painter was spending way over that buying internet minutes or even making it over to an internet cafe (much to his dismay) if it’s necessary. And yey, I can work there! Basti really needs to spends more time in the studio with his dad. He absolutely loves watching Orley work and loves playing with the brushes and pretending to paint. Maybe now I can buy him that toddler easel. He never wants to pretend paint when it’s just me around.

To find out more about myBro, log on to, talk to an accredited PLDT Home Reseller or call *1888 from your Smart mobile phone.


** This post is sponsored by myBro**

It’s My Time, It’s My Life to #LiveMore: A Smart LiveMore Post

Check out the new song for the Smart LiveMore campaign.

The song was composed and mixed by the impressive duo of James Banbury and Pete Davis. On their own, they boast an impressive resume; Banbury has worked with U2, Snow Patrol and Depeche Mode, while Davis did work with Gwen Stefani, The Spice Girls and Bjork. As collaborators, they’ve done work for Marriot Hotels, Tropicana and Cathay Pacific. They team up again to compose this song for the Philippines’ biggest network, Smart.

I first listened to it with my eyes closed (I got distracted by the words onscreen) and let my brain run free. Some of the images and thoughts that came to my head: running really fast; jumping off a cliff; a really strong and steady heartbeat; standing on top of the tallest building ever and seeing the world spread out below my feet; Basti’s laugh; my husband at the studio; scuba diving in washing-machine-currents; lying flat on my back in a field of flowers.

The lyrics are simple, but the message is crystal-clear. I love it for its positivity and joy, and it’s a great affirmation to my personal statement to focus on the more important things in life.

So for my time to #LiveMore, I’m going to strive to:

    • Let go of the little things and shrug off the mountains that are actually molehills. My energy is best spent on better things.
    • Focus on what really matters with the things I believe in and let go of the technicalities. To help women into breastfeeding with compassion and not by lecture; to share babywearing in the spirit of love and enjoyment of your baby; to appreciate motherhood, mothers and achieve balance.
    • To teach my child the value of fun. Not everything has to make sense, and not everything is built on rules.
Smart is very, well, uhm, SMART with this campaign. A good connection is practically a necessity these days. Communication plays such a huge part in our aim to get our lives going, no matter where we are at the moment. A great connection gives us one less thing to worry about and more time to just LIVE. And #LiveMore, at that.
I have to admit, the song gave me LSS*. If you’re like me, and the only way you can appease LSS is by listening to the song again and again, here’s the good news for you: Smart subscribers can download this song for free! Just log on to and click on “download”. Smart subscribers can also get this as a ringback tune FREE for 30 days by texting LIVEMORE  to 2728. Enjoy!!
*Last Song Syndrome


May is for Moms!: Expo Mom 2012 and the Mommy Matters RealMom Campaign

I love Expo Mom! The fair is always a chance to check out new products and meet the moms behind the businesses that make life so much easier for us. This year Expo Mom celebrates The Best of Modern Motherhood as its theme. I’m sure we can all relate to at least one or even all of the following statements.


No matter what kind of mother you are, we all have the same goal – to be the best mom for our kids!

Along with the media kit, Mommy Mundo also sent a goodie bag with a sampler of some products that Modern Moms love.

Thank you Hatch & Latch, Momtrepreneur Shop, Tiny Tots and Mommy Matters for the goodies! I’m so excited to see what else is new at the bazaar. Aside from these mompreneurs, you will also see Manila Baby Shop, googoo&gaga, Mama Baby Love, Indigo Baby, Chubby Cheeks, Spinkie and loads more!

Mommy Matters is also launching their brand new #RealMom campaign! I’m so excited to be part of this project and I’m honored to be with these lovely ladies.

Image 8
L-R: Kris of OC Mom In Manila, me, Paola of Mommy Treats and Martine of Dainty Mom.

We had so much fun at the shoot! The #RealMom materials feature our #RealMom statements.

Image 6


We will be onstage at Expo Mom on May 5, 4pm to talk about real motherhood. There will be a contest on our blogs soon too!

Share your own #RealMom statements! Tweet and tag @PaintersWifePH and @MommyMattersph. You can also share it on Facebook! Tag The Painter’s Wife and Mommy Matters. We’d love to hear what you have to say about being a #RealMom.

See you at Expo Mom 2012!