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Ang INIT!! Time for an #AntiAmoyPawis Giveaway from Lactacyd!

Can you guys believe this heat?????? Yesterday, Basti and I took 4 baths I think. It’s become necessary to jump in the shower to cool off if you spent some time outdoors.

The people over at Lactacyd were ever so nice to send this pack of stuff for me and Basti.


And I am especially grateful for the Lactacyd Toddlertubs Toddler Wash. Basti’s at that age when he’s beginning to smell like a tincan after spending some time playing outdoors.


I’m sure some of you used Lactacyd Baby Bath for your kids. If they’re 12 months and above, you should try the Toddlertubs already. It has better protection for our active kids, more moisturizers to keep them protected and lock freshness in. It’s hypoallergenic too! Perfect for these summer days!

Thanks to Lactacyd, three readers will get this same gift pack that includes:

  • one each of the Lactacyd Toddlertubs  Toddler Wash variants (Bubbles – baby fresh scent, and Splash – fruity scent. Both smell good. Not overpowering at all)
  • Lactacyd Baby Bath (for babies below 12 months)
  • Lactacyd White Intimate Feminine Wash (something for mommy too!)
  • Lactacyd Feminine Wash

It’s easy! Join via Rafflecopter below. If you don’t see the widget, reload your page. You can also just click on the link to go to the Rafflecopter page to join.

The giveaway will be open until May 28, 2014, 11:59pm. Good luck!

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“Mama let’s take a bath again!” You just did, Basti. Hay!


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Lunch with Cycles Sensitive {Giveaway Alert!}

Cycles has long been popular in the mommy circles as a gentle but effective detergent for our kids. It’s high up on the list of the modern cloth diaper addicts users and has a strong following and wonderful feedback from lots of moms. I myself learned about Cycles years and years ago, way before I even had Basti!

When the invitation for Cycles Sensitive came, I was quite excited. I have a history with Cycles that goes as far back as college (the people behind it are friends from school) and I felt very proud of what Cycles has accomplished. Knowing the good people behind the brand makes me just a bit prouder. (Clap, clap!)

So what is Cycles Sensitive? It is a line of skincare products that’s perfect for baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. We’ve all been made aware of the many things that may have effects on our skin and body. Words such as “endocrine disruptors”, and “parabens” have become commonplace words when the topic of baby skin care products is being discussed.

At the luncheon, pedia-derma Dr. Sarrosa gave a presentation on baby’s skin, atopic dermatitis and other concerns. (Atopic Dermatitis not “skin asthma. Noted, Doc!) I was particularly interested in the details of the mosquito repellants. Having been a victim of dengue last year, dengue fever is one of my fears, with a lot of paranoia mixed in. They have two formulas – one that’s all natural, and another that’s got chemicals, but is DEET-free. The active ingredient in their non-DEET formulation is Picardin, a proven ingredient that provides up to 8 hours of protection. Good enough for me!

The lunch was fun and it was nice to catch up with some of my friends after a long period of being busy.

It was also such a pleasure to meet the Cycles Sensitive spokesperson, Cheska Kramer, with her super cute Gavin in tow. #teamkramer


Cycles Sensitive was so generous to give us a goodie bag full of all the products in the Cycles Sensitive lineup. So generous, that they also gave us three more exact goodie bags to give away on our blogs! Three readers will get a bag with these:

Cycles Sensitive Baby Lotion (500 ml size only), Head-To-Toe Baby Wash (500 ml size only), Natural Insect Repellent, Non-DEET Insect Repellent, Protective Diaper Cream and Anti-Mosquito Citronella Patches.

Enter through Rafflecopter below! (Reload the page if you don’t see the widget, or just click on the link to go to the Rafflecopter site)

Entries will be accepted until February 28, 2014. Announcement of winners will be via Facebook Page, Twitter and email. Good luck!

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Mustela Relaunches With A New Ingredient

Mustela, a familiar and well-loved name in skin care for babies (and for us moms, too!) recently hosted an afternoon get together to launch their new products with a new patented ingredient.

It’s got the cutest name – Avocado Perseose – and it’s an ingredient exclusive and patented to Mustela. It’s present in the new products in the MustelaBebe and Mustela Sun Protection products. Why is it so special? It stimulates the barrier elements of your baby’s skin, giving them extra protection, while protecting the skin’s original skin reserves. Avocado Perseose helps maintain the health of your child’s skin from birth and throughout life.

What’s awesome about it as well is that it transforms Mustela’s products from 86% natural to 92% all natural. Since it’s a patented product it won’t be present in any other skincare brand other than Mustela.

We were introduced to all this at the Mustela relaunch held a couple of weeks ago at Stacy’s at the Fort.

Sharleen of Mustela Philippines giving us a presentation on the new Mustela. Our host, Van Santos.

Watch out for the “NEW” markings on the packaging of the newly-formulated Mustela products in Mustela kiosks nationwide.

Thank you Mustela for having us over for a wonderful afternoon!

Mustela products are available in kiosks in Ayala Trinoma, Robinson’s Ermita, Glorietta 4, Shangrila Mall, Megamall A, Greenhills, The Shops, Alabang Town Cetner, and SM MOA. You may find them also at Rustan’s, Landmark, Mothercare, Pure Beauty, Numa, Medela House and Chimes (Davao).

Basti Loves: Look It’s About Me Personalized Books

Basti was obsessed with birthday parties a while back, after seeing himself on TV for Disney Junior’s Birthday Book last April. When that happened, we sang Happy Birthday to him practically everyday. It was good timing that Tatiana of Look It’s About Me sent an offer for Basti to have his own personalized book. And, they had a birthday themed book!

It is such a cute book. The illustrations are wonderful and very appealing to children. The text is simple, easy to understand, but not so simplistic that it has no room to grow. This book has lots of animals in it, so I found it to be great for Basti’s language development too.

As with any personalized book, it incorporates Basti’s name in the storyline, but I like that his name is incorporated into the illustrations as well. How fun was it for Basti to recognize his name on the birthday banner?

Not only that, but you get to put in his friend’s names in the invitation and guest list as well. The story becomes even more relatable and enjoyable.

I cannot tell you how many times we’ve read this book together. The story is written by Natalie Diaz, someone I know from a long time ago and I was so glad to see her name on the credits. This is an all-Filipino venture, from conception to production!

Ordering the book itself is painless and easy. The website is very well laid-out and very easy to navigate. There are four other designs you can choose from. I especially like the Underwater Adventure book. It’s so cute!

You can also preview the books to take a peek at what’s inside. Check out this Magical Christmas Adventure. Great Christmas gift idea, don’t you think?

Aside from the personalized story book, they also offer other products. All the books come in a coloring book version, where your child can have fun coloring the pages while looking for his or her name in the book. They also have personalized wrapping paper (shala!), wall art and placemats.

Thank you Look It’s About Me, for our book! Big hug from Basti to you.


Look It’s About Me

Twitter: @LookItsAboutMe
Instagram: @LookItsAboutMe
Pinterest: LookItsAboutMe


Basti Loves: Funky Feiyue Shoes!

When I was living in China, I would see Feiyue shoes in the malls, but wasn’t really able to check them out. At that time, my awareness of sneaker brands was very limited, and I only knew of the few brands I came to know while growing up. A while back, I saw Feiyue pop-up store in Rockwell, and my interest in it started to grow. As kismet would have it, the SoMoms were invited by Feiyue to try out a pair from their collection. Basti was so excited when I told him we were going to get him some new kicks. He loves shoes!

Feiyue’s roots are in Shanghai, China. It was established as a brand in the 1920s and was well-known for its style and comfort. It was in 2006, when a group of sneaker freaks from France took over the brand, that Feiyue experienced a total style rebirth. Feiyue has got some awesome collaborations with other brands and artists. Celine, Shin Tanaka, LCP, Stereo Panda and Agnes B are some of the names that collaborated with Feiyue.

So off we went to their flagship store in San Juan to pick out a pair for Basti, and for me! Thanks to my size 9 feet, I was able to choose from a special box they had at the back. These were my top seven picks. Believe me, it was not easy! They’re all so cute.

Even Basti had a hard time choosing between these two super cute pairs.

In the end, I couldn’t resist being matchy-matchy with Basti. How often do I get to match with my little boy? Almost never!

He loves his Feiyue shoes so much, they made him smile. Those who know Basti know this is a rare occasion.

Sometimes he’ll even wear them around the house. He’s so proud of his shoes. These Feiyue sneakers are now Basti’s official pair for school. They are so comfy, I kid you not. He will have an awesome time playing in them.

The Feiyue concept store is at Sekai Center, Ortigas Ave., San Juan. It’s right by the gate of Northeast Greenhills, if you’re coming from Greenhills Shopping Center. It’s the building with BnT Mexican Kitchen. Which was yum, by the way. We had a snack there because picking the right pair made us hungry. #excuses

Thank you Feiyue! I guarantee we’ll be back for another pair!

Follow Feiyue on:

Facebook: Feiyue Philippines
Twitter: @FeiyuePhil
Instagram: @FeiyuePhilippines


The Way of the Cloth and Cup

I haven’t exactly been the “go-green” type. I would say that I am somewhere in the “trying” zone of the environmental awareness spectrum, with our reusable bags, and segregation of trash. But, I would have to admit that there are still many, many aspects of our lifestyle that could use some tweaking to be a little kinder to our planet.

Part of this effort was my decision to use cloth diapers on Basti when he was younger. We used Chino Pinos, along with a Thirsties Duo diaper cover for when he was home from birth till he was about 6 months old.

At that time, the cloth diapering movement was not that active yet, and I lost the drive when our one helper started to complain and the rains came. Now, at 3 years old and in the potty-training stage, I put Basti back on cloth at home. I recently purchased some Babyleaf trainers from Mama. Baby. Love., and a few from Cluebebe as well. Basti still uses his one and only next9 cloth diaper too. I just like the trainers to get him more used to the idea of underwear.

Top: next9; Bottom: Babyleaf, Cluebebe

I joined the Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays Facebook page last year, and was exposed to the world of cloth diapers and the fantastic practice of group buying. As moms, we always find a way to get what we want at the best prices possible, right? The prices are much lower than retail, the process is easier (you order, you pay, you wait. That’s it!), and you can buy things not available in local shops. It was through a group buy that I bought Basti’s Sunbaby trainers.

Oh how I wish the pocket diaper trend was alive and well when Basti was a baby! I think I would’ve made more of an effort to purely use cloth!

Another effort I’ve made is for myself.

NOTE: The rest of this post talks about reproductive health, specifically, menstrual period, and I understand if some are not comfortable discussing or reading about it. Consider yourself warned.

I’ve been a tampon user since I was a teenager. Having a very active lifestyle necessitated it. I also do not like the feeling of pads. They are so uncomfortable. I heard about menstrual cups back when I was still single from a friend of mine. It didn’t really register to me as an option because the whole concept seemed alien to me.

Menstrual cup, did you say? So what is it? This is it:

The idea? You use it to catch your flow. Yes you put it inside. How does it feel? Like nothing. So comfortable that I forget it’s there. No fuss, minimal mess, and there’s nothing to throw away. It’s reusable, and if used properly, can last you for years.

Not so bad right? You have to punch in the side for insertion.

I cannot say enough about how this invention has made my period irrelevant in how I plan my life. Having my period is now the lamest excuse I can think of for not doing something. Uh-oh, now if I tell someone I can’t go because “I have my period” they’ll know I just don’t want to go and I’m lying.

This one if from Lunette, and I bought it, again, from Mama.Baby.Love. Along with adopting the menstrual cup, I’ve also gotten rid of disposable pantyliners. I now use cloth pantyliners as well. For those who are not comfortable with “invasive” methods, Jenny also sells cloth menstrual pads at her store.

Interested in cloth diapering? Check out the Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays Facebook group page here:


Basti’s Big Boy Cup Contest {A Philips Avent Trusted Moms Giveaway!}

As an exclusively, directly, breastfed baby, Basti went from boob to baso. Not without the thrills and spills of course. He didn’t really take to those spout cups very well, maybe because he was not used to sucking on anything other than human milk containers.

When I saw this new product from Philips Avent, it made me so annoyed. Only because I was miffed that it didn’t exist at the time when Basti would have loved it the most.

This is the Philips Avent Natural Cup. Notice anything? No spouts, no teats, nothing! It’s recommended for use from 12 months onwards, that age when our babies love copying the way we do things. With the Philips Avent Natural Cup, your little person will drink from any part of the rim, just like the big people. The edge is lip-activated!! No spills! I’m totally geeking out on this.

Even though Basti is already three and totally capable of drinking from a regular glass, he’s also at that age when throwing gives him the thrill of his life. The Natural Cup is totally my best friend right now. It comes with a cover, so we bring it out with us as well. The Philips Avent Natural Cup is now available wherever Philips Avent products are sold for PhP899.75.

BUT! Get a chance to win one for your child right here! I’ve got three Philips Avent Natural Cups to give away to three readers. Please enter through Rafflecopter below.


  1. All entries will be recorded and drawn via Rafflecopter.
  2. The contest will run from May 25, 2013 to June 5, 2013. Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm of June 5, 2013. Winners will be drawn and announced within 3 days from the end of entry submission.
  3. The contest is open NATIONWIDE.
  4. Entries may be gained from “liking” the Philips Avent Philippines Facebook page, sharing this contest on social media and commenting below.

Good luck!

Enter the Philips Avent contest by clicking here!


New Baby Carriers: The Ruxpin MeiTai, Baby K’Tan and Tickled Moms Pouch

More on baby carriers! I’ve got three reviews of different carriers. The full-reviews will be over at Crash Test Mommies, but I wanted to give you guys a look at these three, wala lang.

The Ruxpin Mei-Tai

I’ve actually had this baby carrier for a while. I’ve used it extensively since I got it months ago. I like the print and I love this for back-carrying. Ruxpin is distributed by Eden, and was conceptualized by Bianca and Buding. Buding is the same gorgeous momma behind our well-loved SaYa carrier. I’ll post a video and/or a picture guide on how I put on the Ruxpin for back-carrying soon.

The Tickled Moms Pouch

This is a pouch by the relatively new player in the local babywearing scene, Tickled Moms. Run by two infectiously vivacious moms, Clarice and Abie, it’s a mompreneurship focused on baby carriers run with lots of love and passion. They also sell ringslings and meitais, but it’s this pouch I wanted to try. Made of meshy, stretchy, lightweight fabric, it could be a good choice for a lot of moms who are looking for something easy to use and quick to wear. Clarice gave me one to roadtest during the FAB Babywearing meet.

Here’s Clarice wearing the pink one:

I got the purple one:

The Baby K’Tan

The K’Tan is also a hybrid, and is the US-version of our beloved SaYa carrier. It’s made of two loops of fabric, joined by a smaller loop, and comes with a band for extra support. Tiffany of Baby Dragon, the local distributor of Baby K’tan here in the Philippines, also gave me this black Baby K’Tan Breeze during the babywearing meet to crashtest. It’s a fantastic carrier made of cotton and mesh, also a good choice for those looking for more double-shoulder support baby carriers.

I’m so excited to post my full-blown review on these baby carriers.

I have another question: The most-viewed pages on my blog are the SaYa carriers. Do you guys want more how-tos and tutorials? Any particular carrier or carrying style? Leave a comment below or leave a message through my Contact Form. Hope to hear from you!

Introducing CrashTestMommies.Com!

As a blogger, I get quite a number of products in the mail to try out, review and maybe feature on my site. Lately, I’ve been holding out on reviews because, frankly, I don’t want the blog to look like a product feature site. I have lots of things to talk about!!

But the stuff doesn’t stop coming and I feel that some of these things are too good not to share. Two other bloggers have the same sentiments as I do. For the past few months, Neva of ManilaMommy.Com, Kris of OCMomInManila.Com and myself have been brewing something new and fun for all you guys. Say hello to our newest baby, CrashTestMommies.Com!!

We have quite a few reviews up already, plus more, more, MORE to come! We’ve got tons of stuff to share, and we hope that our personal views help you guys in making your own choices for yourself, your family and your lifestyle. The site is still very much a work-in-progress and we would love to hear from you! What things are you looking for? Any particular product that needs a Crash Test? Shoot us an email at!

Follow us on Twitter at @CTMommies, subscribe or add us to your feeds and be updated on the latest products, places and events we’ve got to share. Watch out for our launch promos as well. We love giveaways and we’ve got a few lined up for the coming weeks.

See you at CrashTestMommies.Com!


What’s On Your Wonderworld Wishlist? A Wonderworld Toys Giveaway by Caleb’s Closet!

In my 10 years as a Gymboree teacher, I’ve seen the value of learning through play for children. Play is the language our children know best, and age-appropriate activities do so much to improve a child’s motor, emotional, social and cognitive skills. I’m particularly enjoying Basti in my favorite level to teach – Level 5 – where it’s all about pretend play and extending their imagination.

Basti pretends to wash the “bus” in a Gymboree Level 5 class.

I think it’s important that children have toys that will support their development, too. I first saw Wonderworld Toys at Expo Mom when I had just given birth. I remember thinking then that when Basti is old enough I would buy a few of their wooden toys for him. I don’t know why I waited because they have toys from birth onwards!

The first Wonderworld toy I bought for Basti is this transport sorting game. I really had no choice because he wouldn’t put it down!

photo courtesy of

Now that Basti loves pretend play, I’ve been looking at the Wonderworld toys available at Caleb’s Closet Eco Store for our playtime. Doc Lei sent over the Little Tool Box for him:

photo courtesy of Caleb’s Closet

And he absolutely loves it! He started with the hammer and nails, and now he’s learning how to use the screwdriver and the wrench.

On my Wonderworld Wishlist are these two cooking toys. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and dining area, and Basti likes to copy me when I’m cooking.

I’d love to hear what’s on your Wonderworld Wishlist. Share it with me and Caleb’s Closet for a chance to win this awesome Wonderworld Toy!

Entries will be through Rafflecopter down below. Here are ways you can gain entries:

  1. Like Caleb’s Closet on Facebook.
  2. Share a pic from Caleb’s Closet’s Wonderworld Toy albums on your timeline. Tag Caleb’s Closet and The Painter’s Wife so we can track your entries. Include the permalink of your post so we can verify it. Here are the albums with the Wonderworld Toys: Pretend Play Toys; Push and Pull Series; Blocks and Basic Learning; Games and Ride-Ons; Wooden Furniture; Baby Beads and Pushwalkers. You can do this once a day! Include the permalink of your status update on the Rafflecopter entry for validation. Click on the timestamp of your status update and copy the URL when it comes up.
  3. Tweet about the giveaway. Include the link of your tweet on the Rafflecopter entry. You can do this once a day.

The giveaway will run from August 22 to September 4, 2012. The winner will be announced once I validate the entries and do the draw.

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Good luck everyone! Thank you Caleb’s Closet for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!