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Dr. Jack Newman in Manila! {Giveaway Alert}

Some weeks ago, LATCH posted this on their Facebook page: “Breastfeeding rockstar is coming to Manila!” I can’t put it any better than that, really. Dr. Jack Newman truly is a breastfeeding rockstar. He is considered one of the top experts on breastfeeding, and I would always check on what he says about certain issues when asked or when I myself am wondering. What he says about breastfeeding, goes!

So here’s the deal. He’s coming to Manila on August 31 to have a symposium at The Medical City. Tickets are at PhP1,100.00 if you buy them now, and they’ll be PhP1,500.00 if you get them at the gate. There’s limited seating though, so I really suggest you buy your tickets now! Here’s the poster:


When I think about meeting him, I can’t help but tear up a little. I think about the coming symposium and all the doctors, nurses, medical professionals, breastfeeding advocates and moms who will hear him speak, and think about the thousands of lives that will be affected. (Whooooozaaaa. Naiiyak na naman ako!)

I am really excited and I hope this really makes a mark on the breastfeeding scene in the Philippines. This is LATCH’s main event for Breastfeeding Month, and we will have our training seminar for new breastfeeding peer counselors soon after. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to join the next LATCH breastfeeding peer counselor training session, attending Breastfeeding Uncovered is a pre-requisite.

It’s so important to me that lots of mothers benefit from this talk. And so, I want to treat two of the blog’s readers to a ticket. Time for a giveaway! Details are:

1. Open to all mothers, fathers, expecting moms and medical professionals who want to learn more about breastfeeding.

2. Open nationwide, but you will have to get the ticket from me yourself. This is a special event and tickets are limited, so I really want these tickets to go to two people who really want to go and can go. Please please, do not join if you are not available on August 31, 8am – 5pm for the symposium.

3. Contest will run from today until July 5.

4. If for some reason you win and can’t go, I will pick another winner from the entries.

How to win? Write me an email and send it to: In it, please let me know why you want to come to the symposium. I would love to hear about your breastfeeding journeys, your trials, your successes, your failures, whatever. Let’s make it all about breastfeeding – learning it, celebrating it, doing it and rediscovering it all over again.

I can’t wait to hear from you! Please please join!


To buy tickets to see Dr. Jack Newman in Manila, please log on to:

Basti’s Big Boy Cup Contest {A Philips Avent Trusted Moms Giveaway!}

As an exclusively, directly, breastfed baby, Basti went from boob to baso. Not without the thrills and spills of course. He didn’t really take to those spout cups very well, maybe because he was not used to sucking on anything other than human milk containers.

When I saw this new product from Philips Avent, it made me so annoyed. Only because I was miffed that it didn’t exist at the time when Basti would have loved it the most.

This is the Philips Avent Natural Cup. Notice anything? No spouts, no teats, nothing! It’s recommended for use from 12 months onwards, that age when our babies love copying the way we do things. With the Philips Avent Natural Cup, your little person will drink from any part of the rim, just like the big people. The edge is lip-activated!! No spills! I’m totally geeking out on this.

Even though Basti is already three and totally capable of drinking from a regular glass, he’s also at that age when throwing gives him the thrill of his life. The Natural Cup is totally my best friend right now. It comes with a cover, so we bring it out with us as well. The Philips Avent Natural Cup is now available wherever Philips Avent products are sold for PhP899.75.

BUT! Get a chance to win one for your child right here! I’ve got three Philips Avent Natural Cups to give away to three readers. Please enter through Rafflecopter below.


  1. All entries will be recorded and drawn via Rafflecopter.
  2. The contest will run from May 25, 2013 to June 5, 2013. Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm of June 5, 2013. Winners will be drawn and announced within 3 days from the end of entry submission.
  3. The contest is open NATIONWIDE.
  4. Entries may be gained from “liking” the Philips Avent Philippines Facebook page, sharing this contest on social media and commenting below.

Good luck!

Enter the Philips Avent contest by clicking here!


My Mother’s Day at Ayala Malls

The SoMoms paired up with Ayala Malls last week for a Mother’s Day treat and celebration that I truly enjoyed. I’ve been feeling off lately, a little out of my wits and running low on blogging mojo. The #MomsPerfectDay treat was the perfect pick-me-up for this tired, ragged and stressed-filled person that is Mom.

Our Ayala Mall Mother’s Day experience started a few days before Mother’s Day. Ayala Malls were ever so nice to treat us to a day at the mall, and OC Mom Kris and I chose TriNoMa for our #MomsPerfectDay treat. We started the day with lunch at Wee Nam Kee.

photo from ocmominmanila’s instagram

My first time. Canyoubilibit. I really liked it. Basti did too! I’ve been dreaming of these cereal prawns since that day. Must go back soon! Thank you Wee Nam Kee Trinoma for the awesome food and wonderful service.

Full of white chicken and prawn, we searched TriNoMa for our Mother’s Day outfits. I found several outfits I liked, but decided on this one from Mango.

This is actually a dress, as proven by the Mango sales assistant in the store wearing what seemed like an XXXXXXXXS version of this. So I wore it as a top. Judge me.

I have been malevolently planning to ensnare Kris into my makeup madness. A trip to MAC did just that. I only bought two things, while Kris bought, like, twenty. Heehee!

My MAC loot. I got Pro Longwear Concealer which is an awesome product. You only need a tiny bit, it doesn’t crease and it lasts forever. I also bought a kohl pencil in Feline. This is a classic I’ve been wanting for lining my waterline.

Kris’ loot. I’m so proud of her, haha! She was only aiming to buy a concealer and setting powder but ended up with those PLUS primer, eyeshadow, foundation and my favorite MAC brush ever, the 217.

photo from ocmominmanila’s instagram

On Mother’s Day itself, I invited my mom to celebrate  with us at Greenbelt 5.

There was an awesome high tea spread by Bizu. It was nice to hang out there, eating yummy pastries, while listening to a keyboard and violin duo in the background. Shoppers were coming and going, enjoying a nice treat in between malling and shopping. Anyone who had a receipt from a purchase of at PhP2,000.00 at Ayala Malls was welcome to stop by and hangout. Moms were also treated to an express manipedi right at the site! We were all in very high spirits. Who wouldn’t be?

Clockwise, from top: Bizu’s Mother’s Day spread; Manila Mommy Neva and her beautiful family; gorgeous moms Go Jackie Go, and Manila Fashion Observer’s Tin.

Basti really enjoyed the butterfly garden that they set up in the mall itself. He was a bit scared to touch the butterflies, unlike these brave SoKids right here. Sorry Basti. My fault, I know. (I don’t like bugs)

We went for store visits at Lancôme Philippines and Kiehl’s. I was drooling over their skin care products.

Thank you so much for these wonderful Mother’s Day gifts! I lost my bottle of Miracle in a flood, and I’ve been wanting to try this cleanser. I love these!

Gingersnaps was the clothing sponsor of the SoKids. Just look at their cute outfits! I dressed up Basti’s checked shirt and jeans from Gingersnaps with a bowtie, his Feiyue hightops and his ever-present hat.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the future blogging scene.

It was really fun but it was really tiring. By the end of the day, Basti and I were weak from the heat and the excitement,  so we just took a long shower, jumped into bed, and cuddled the night away.

Sounds like the perfect Mother’s Day to me.

Thank you Ayala Malls!

Make Your Own Havaianas 2013

The SoMoms never go out at night. NEVER. We’re all tired by 10pm. BUT. No one could resist the invitation to come to the media launch of Make Your Own Havaianas 2013! So there we were, kids and husbands NOT in tow, and took part in one of the most anticipated events of the year by Havaianas fans!

I attended the very first MYOH (sadly that pair is long gone), and was so overwhelmed at how HUGE and exciting MYOH has grown to be. This is the 8th year of Make Your Own Havaianas and the atmosphere was so electrified.

MYOH wouldn’t be complete with the flipflop wheel.

It was fun choosing our pairs while enjoying the event. I may be overly giddy about it, but it’s really been a while since I’ve been out on a real, certified, NIGHT out. Grab the vodka-laced jar!!!

I really wanted to come because I wanted a the Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 commemorative pair by designer Dan Matutina. I have been admiring his work for a while now, and was so excited to see some home-grown art on Havaianas.

The Havaianas assemblers are always so fun and chipper. I think 15 years ago, I would’ve loved to be part of this team. The pins this year are so cute! I got these. There’s also owl, alien, robot, starts, crystals, heart, wings, bows, bicycles – something to cater to anyone’s choice of bling.

I got a Dan Matutina pair for me, and a blue pair for The Painter. I put a little sun in there to make him smile.

New Havaianas always make me smile.

Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 opens to the public tomorrow, May 2, and will run through May 5 at the Rockwell Tent. Grab your pair!

See you again next year!

The SoMoms Say “Sige Sa Mantsa!” (Plus a Giveaway from Breeze!)

It’s soooooo hot. So hot that there are days that I don’t want to move for fear that all my energy will be sucked right out of me. I am equally scared of heatstroke and summer electric bills, so sometimes Basti is running naked around the house in nothing but a diaper.

The first of the #SoMoms summer #sessions was a welcome escape from the urban heat. The wonderful marketing team of Breeze Philippines sponsored us for a day in Nuvali. It was a pleasant, early drive to Sta. Rosa, Laguna, where the #SoMoms and some invited bloggers were gathered for some fun activities for the kids, outdoor time, swimming and catching up with the others. It was a #SigeLangNgSige Day!

Teacher Anna and Teacher Kara of My Masterpiece Movement led a yoga session for the kids that didn’t stop the moms from joining too!

Basti got the be the bright, cheery and super enthusiastic Mr. Sun.

He was so very ecstatic. #hindihalata

The kids went totally nuts over the painting session. Teacher Kara laid out a plastic sheet, dribbled some paint over it and let the kids go crazy! Paint was everywhere! Kids were stained from head to toe, shirts, shorts, socks and everything in between!

We all helped to lay a sheet of paper over the painting afterwards and this was the result.

It became the base for our #SigeMoms and #SigeKids declarations! I think Basti and I will copy this at home. It’s going to be tons of fun making our own messy masterpiece.

Here we all are! (Yes, we have a SoDad!)

From L-r: Marc of The Fatherland, Me, Teacher Anna, Jackie of Go Jackie Go!, Belle of Cruisin’ Mommyhood, Janice of Mommy Mundo, Candy of The Corporate Housewife Mom, Patty of Non Stop Babble, Tin of Manila Fashion Observer, Christine of Mommy Journey, Jenny of My Mommyology, Kris of OC Mom In Manila, Cai of Apples and Dumplings, Teacher Kara.


We couldn’t leave without taking a dip in the pool. The water was irresistible!

The day was all about letting go and just letting the kids have fun. Breeze Philippines’ new campaign “Sige Lang Sa Mantsa” was the perfect collaborative theme for our day’s activities. Having fun can get messy and sometimes being messy is the fun itself!

We ended the day by declaring our Sige Sa Mantsa statements.

This is something I have to remind myself everyday. Even though I am pretty lax compared to others I’ve met when it comes to mess, I do sometimes wince when Basti turns his shirt into a paper towel. I don’t want to be that mom anymore!

We all walked away with a gift pack filled with goodies from Breeze.

The good news is, I’ve got two more of these Breeze gift packs to give away! Two of the blog’s readers will get to say #SigeSaMantsa too! Please join via Rafflecopter below. Entries will be accepted till next Monday, April 22, 11:59pm. The contest is open to all readers nationwide. Good luck!

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#Momtuition is Our Superpower! (Expo Mom 2013 Giveaway!)

Do you guys watch Grey’s Anatomy? I still do. In the latest episode I saw, a mom came in with her sick son. The interns all wanted to discharge the boy, but Dr. Meredith Grey, being a mom herself, believed in the mom’s gut feeling of something terribly wrong and went ahead with more tests. Because of their #momtuition, they ended up saving the boy’s life from a life-threatening disease.

Have you ever experienced this? I have. Nothing as life threatening as a rare disease, though. More of intuition about Basti’s everyday antics. As a stay-at-home mom, Basti and I are together almost 24 hours a day. When he was smaller the only time away from him was a shower. I got to know all his nuances, his little cries, his moods, and his different reactions to everything. The Painter tends to freak out when Basti cries, and he’s perplexed when I tell him, “it’s fake crying”, and when I know that Basti’s really hurt. That’s us. That’s Momtuition.

For this year’s Expo Mom 2013, Mommy Mundo recognizes this uncanny connection we have to our children in the theme, #Momtuition. Even with the amount of information that parents have at their fingertips about anything and everything about parenting, let’s not forget that we have this valuable 6th sense – our gut. We know our children best!

I attend Expo Mom every year, and I always come home with something new and innovative for Basti, myself or the house. The usual suspects will be there – Manila Baby Shop, Mama.Baby.Love/Mamaway, Mommy Matters, Quirks Marketing, Spinkie, Nursingmom, Buggy & Lishy, and other trusted mompreneurs. Making their Expo Mom debut is Mothering Earthlings and Paper Chic Studio! Congratulations Rone and Cai!

To celebrate Expo Mom 2013 #Momtuition, let’s have a simple giveaway by Mommy Mundo! Fill out the form below for a chance to win one of five (5) Expo Mom Swag Bags that you can pick up at Expo Mom at the Rockwell Tent this weekend. Entries accepted till midnight tomorrow, April 4. Winners will be announced on Friday morning, April 5. Good luck and see you there!

(If you don’t see the form, please click on this link:

DermaPro Clinic Giveaway: The Winner!

First of all, thank you everyone for the wonderful support you gave to this giveaway! It’s very encouraging. There will be some more giveaways coming up soon, so keep posted!

So without further ado, the winner of the Anti-Aging Facial Package from DermaPro Clinic is….

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to Christine Bacal Batiller!! Please check your email. I hope to run into you at DermaPro! :)

(Giveaway Alert!) DermaPro: Because Beauty Junkies Need Good Skincare

I am obsessed with skincare. I have been since I was a very pimply teenager who saw many many dermatologists and had to endure many many treatments in the past two decades. Thankfully, my hormones began to have pity on me and my skin problem went from impossible to manageable. BUT. With my 38th birthday just around the corner, my anti-acne obsession has turned into an anti-aging obsession. More than worrying about looking older (happened already) or getting wrinkles (not happened yet, thanks to my oily skin), it’s about keeping my face healthy and blemish-free. I kinda think that if you’re as obsessed with makeup as I am, you better be as obsessed with skincare.

I got an invitation from DermaPro last year, and I finally, finally got to pay them a visit very recently. The two dermatologists behind DermaPro, Drs. Candy Villaroman-Tuliao and Feliz Orig-Palma, are two cool babywearing and breastfeeding mamas who totally understand what moms are looking for in a skin care facility. Friends since medical school, putting up their own clinic is a fulfillment of many years of friendship and partnership.

The services menu of DermaPro pretty much reads like a normal dermatology clinic. They offer facials, slimming solutions, hair reduction, peels, and other dermatological things. What I like about DermaPro is the very casual and relaxed atmosphere, and the personal care you get from two women who know what they’re doing. There are little touches of Candy and Feliz everywhere, the bathroom is quite nice (says a lot to me) and the waiting room is cozy and kid-friendly. Yes, you may leave your little one at the waiting room. The TV is armed with The Backyardigans and other kiddie shows. The clinic is also right in front of Mobler so you can do some IKEA shopping before or after, and have a milk tea and stuffed peppers at Tea Tap which is right around the corner.

During my chat with Doc Candy before my treatment, we touched a bit on the Philippine Dermatological Society’s Skin Safety Campaign. It’s so important to go to a clinic with real dermatologists at the helm to make sure that everything they do to you is safe and apt for your concerns and the staff under them are trained properly to administer some treatments. So don’t take every offer of just anyone to inject you with glutathione for cheap. It’s too scary.

DermaPro’s treatment area

That afternoon, I got to try DermaPro’s RF (Radio Frequency) treatment on my face, and the DermaPro Anti-Aging Facial. The radio frequency stimulates collagen synthesis and urges your skin to get going and fight gravity. At this point, Doc Candy says this is mainly preventive for me, because I don’t have any real visible sagging yet. (Thank God) The machine uses heat to make the synthesis more effective, and it was very soothing. The treatment consists of two wands, with the red light doing the collagen synthesis, while the blue light has acne-prevention properties as well.

I like the RF machine, “Magic Pot.” I found it so cute. It looks like a rice cooker.

After the RF Treatment, one of the DermaPro gals, Lyka, gave me an anti-aging facial. She has magic hands. She cleansed and gently gave my skin a scrub, with a very relaxing facial massage. After that came the enzyme peel, some extraction and then a collagen serum mask that came with a neck and shoulder massage. I hope I got that sequence right, because I dozed off at some point. It was sooo relaxing.

Getting an enzyme peel. All done. With Lyka.

I felt fresh and rejuvenated after the facial. No swelling and no dear-Lord-don’t-let-me-run-into-anyone-I-know moments. I was able to do errands after without looking too hideous.

And here’s the best part, one of my readers will get to try DermaPro’s Anti-Aging Facials too! DermaPro will be giving out an Anti-Aging Facial Package that consists of 6 facial sessions, valued at PhP1,000 per session! Thank you DermaPro!

Here’s the contest stuff:

  1. All treatments will be availed at the DermaPro clinic at 200 Wilson St., San Juan, Metro Manila.
  2. All entries will be tracked via Rafflecopter. Here’s how you can gain entries:
    • “Like” the DermaPro page on Facebook. (required)
    • “Like” The Painter’s Wife page on Facebook. (required)
    • Share a skin-care tip from the DermaPro Facebook page on your Facebook account and/or RT a skincare tip by @DermaPro_Clinic to your Twitter followers. Please tag both DermaPro and The Painter’s Wife on your FB and Twitter shares so we can track and verify your entries.
  3. Entries will be accepted from 12mn of February 7, 2013 to 11:59am of February 21, 2013. Winners will be drawn via Rafflecopter and announced on this blog, Facebook and Twitter. The winner will also be contacted via email.

Good luck everyone! Thank you DermaPro and thank you Dr. Candy and Dr. Feliz for accommodating me and giving me the opportunity to share this with the blog’s readers! See you guys soon at DermaPro!

With Dr. Candy Villaroman-Tulio. (Thank you!!)

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(Giveaway Alert!) My Beauty Junkie Partners from Unilab: Celeteque and Asian Secrets

I posted about the return of my inner beauty junkie, but it was a post all about makeup. Another part of my self-preservation quest is good skin. As someone who has lived with bad skin all her life (when I was younger, I was a pimple WITH A FACE), having good skin is super important to me. I may be a few pounds (ok a lot of pounds) overweight right now, but I will never let my skin go. I get a facial every two weeks, without fail.

I’m ruled by my hormones, and breakouts are my hormones’ homies. Even now at 37 years old, I still get a blemish here and there. My skin gets desensitized pretty quick, so I like having a roulette of skin care products. I change them around when I feel that my skin is getting bored.

One brand that I discovered a couple of years back is Celeteque. I was pretty impressed with it when it came out, and I was even more impressed when I found out that it was actually from Unilab. It was against the grain of what I was used to seeing in the lineup of locally-made products.

These are my favorites from their whole product line-up.

  • Celeteque Hydrating Facial Wash – At first I had to get used to it being not-so-foamy (Oh, Philippines, land of the foam-lovers) but after I got past that, I quickly got addicted to this facial wash. I just love how supple it made my skin feel. They’re not messing around when they attached “hydrating” to the product name.
  • Celeteque Makeup Removal Facial Wipes (no picture because I finished it all and haven’t bought them again) – I love this product. It makes taking out the day’s makeup gunk such a breeze.
  • Celeteque Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil – After a makeup removal wipe, I like to run this on my face as well. It takes out all the residue, most especially around the eyes (oh me, the lover of liquid long-staying eyeliner) but also bathing your face in anti-wrinkle goodness.

I’ve also got the Celeteque Anti-Ageing Facial Moisturizer which is on the roulette of my day moisturizers, and the Celeteque Anti-Ageing Collagen Gel, which I like bringing when I travel. I like its light, greaseless consistency, perfect for hot and humid climates. I also use the Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Power Serum capsules (these feel like silk on your face!) and the Celeteque Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash every other day.

The other brand from Unilab that I’ve been using is Asian Secrets. I’ve heard of this sorcery that is Indonesian lulur from my sister-in-law, and I got the chance to try it when Unilab sent me samples of their Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Scrub and Bengkoang Whitening Soap a while back. I have to say, the lulur resurrected my post-partum underarms (oh we mothers know how depressing that could be). I’m not much on whitening soaps, but I like the creaminess of the soap, so I use it too. It doesn’t have a strong scent, which I like a lot.

And here’s the awesome giveaway: Unilab is giving away three Asian Secret sets that will go to three lucky winners! Each winner will receive an Asian Secrets pack as pictured above: three variants of the Asian Secrets Lulur Scrub and two variants of the Asian Secrets Bengkoang Whitening Soap.

Contest notes:

  • Contest will run from today to midnight of December 11, 2012. Winners will be announced within the next 2 days.
  • The contest is open to all Philippine residents.
  • Enter using Rafflecopter below. (If the widget doesn’t appear, refresh your browser! Or you can click on the Rafflecopter link to take you to the contest page)

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