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Introducing the Mommy Mundo SoMoms! (Giveaway Alert!)

I’ve been blogging since 2002. I’ve got 10 years of blogposts lying around LiveJournal, Blogspot and the soon-to-be-deleted Multiply, and it’s a hodgepodge of shopping finds, angst, sharing of experiences and mind-dumping, sprinkled with a lot of fun and some bad decisions.

Now, as a wife and mother, this blog has grown to more than just a sounding board (or whining board as some of my earlier blogposts reveal) to being a platform for advocacies, a way to connect to other parents, and in some cases, as a business. Writing has always been my language, and blogging became a natural extension of my real-life loquacious self. More mothers on the internet made social media the new “neighborhood playground”, and it was through Facebook, Twitter and blogger events that I met a lot of fellow blogging moms who became colleagues and friends.

An organization that has provided me with a lot of opportunities for myself, the blog, and Basti (hee hee) is Mommy Mundo. Through them I met a lot of brands that wanted to partner up and support my tiny corner of the website, and I’ve enjoyed writing and sharing about these brands and products that I believe in. I always look forward to something Mommy Mundo organizes – it’s not just an opportunity to learn and to share, but to meet up with these moms I have conversations with over Twitter and have come to call as friends. And with that, Mommy Mundo SoMoms was formed!

SoMoms stand for Social Media Moms, composed of a founding group of twelve blogging moms who are all different in personalities, advocacies and blogging goals. But one thing I love about all of these ladies is how fun they are, and how their blogs reflect their personalities and interests. Here are the SoMoms!

Mommy Mundo SoMoms


Neva of Manila Mommy, Michelle of My Mom Friday, Jenny of Chronicles of A Nursing Mom, Tin of the Manila Fashion Observer, me, Janice of My Mundo (and Mommy Mundo’s head mommy), Cai of Apples & Dumplings, Jenny of My Mommyology, Jen of Jen and the 3 Boys, Jackie of Go! Jackie Go, Fleur of Mommy Fleur and Kris of OC Mom In Manila.

The Mommy Mundo SoMoms have lots of things in store for everyone in the coming months! To start off, we’ll be at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar this November 24-25, and you can come to our booth to sit, chat, chika or ask anything about our blogs. We’ve got you covered from breastfeeding, babywearing, recipes, shopping finds, fashion and beauty, health, mompreneurship, parenting and lots lots more. We’d love to to meet you!

The Mommy Mundo Bazaar will be on November 24-25 at the Rockwell Tent.

The new Mommy Mundo 24/7 Planner 2-13 will also be launched at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar.

If you didn’t get one last year, you should see it! It’s got all the stuff that mothers need to organize their day-to-day lives, with spaces for each family’s members’ schedule, a menu planner, grocery list, household staff information, health records, money matters and party planning. It’s also got spaces for our own personal goals and tidbits of inspiration that will help remind you of what being a mom is about inspite of all the things about motherhood that make you want to scream. Hehe.

Each SoMom is hosting a giveaway for this Mommy Mundo prize set:

  • One (1) Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport (worth P175)
  • One (1) Mom 24/7 Planner (worth P395)
  • Entrance to the Mommy Mundo Bazaar
  • The Mommy Mundo shopping bag (worth P30).

Some notes:

  • The prizes are transferable. If you already have a Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport, you can pass it on to a friend or whoever you want!
  • The prizes must be claimed at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar. You will forfeit your prize if you don’t show up.
  • The winner will be announced on November 22.
  • Join through Rafflecopter below!

Good luck and I hope to see you at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar!

Know more about Mommy Mundo SoMoms:
Interested parties may contact us at 

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Join the other SoMom giveaways on their blogs!

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What’s On Your Wonderworld Wishlist? A Wonderworld Toys Giveaway by Caleb’s Closet!

In my 10 years as a Gymboree teacher, I’ve seen the value of learning through play for children. Play is the language our children know best, and age-appropriate activities do so much to improve a child’s motor, emotional, social and cognitive skills. I’m particularly enjoying Basti in my favorite level to teach – Level 5 – where it’s all about pretend play and extending their imagination.

Basti pretends to wash the “bus” in a Gymboree Level 5 class.

I think it’s important that children have toys that will support their development, too. I first saw Wonderworld Toys at Expo Mom when I had just given birth. I remember thinking then that when Basti is old enough I would buy a few of their wooden toys for him. I don’t know why I waited because they have toys from birth onwards!

The first Wonderworld toy I bought for Basti is this transport sorting game. I really had no choice because he wouldn’t put it down!

photo courtesy of

Now that Basti loves pretend play, I’ve been looking at the Wonderworld toys available at Caleb’s Closet Eco Store for our playtime. Doc Lei sent over the Little Tool Box for him:

photo courtesy of Caleb’s Closet

And he absolutely loves it! He started with the hammer and nails, and now he’s learning how to use the screwdriver and the wrench.

On my Wonderworld Wishlist are these two cooking toys. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and dining area, and Basti likes to copy me when I’m cooking.

I’d love to hear what’s on your Wonderworld Wishlist. Share it with me and Caleb’s Closet for a chance to win this awesome Wonderworld Toy!

Entries will be through Rafflecopter down below. Here are ways you can gain entries:

  1. Like Caleb’s Closet on Facebook.
  2. Share a pic from Caleb’s Closet’s Wonderworld Toy albums on your timeline. Tag Caleb’s Closet and The Painter’s Wife so we can track your entries. Include the permalink of your post so we can verify it. Here are the albums with the Wonderworld Toys: Pretend Play Toys; Push and Pull Series; Blocks and Basic Learning; Games and Ride-Ons; Wooden Furniture; Baby Beads and Pushwalkers. You can do this once a day! Include the permalink of your status update on the Rafflecopter entry for validation. Click on the timestamp of your status update and copy the URL when it comes up.
  3. Tweet about the giveaway. Include the link of your tweet on the Rafflecopter entry. You can do this once a day.

The giveaway will run from August 22 to September 4, 2012. The winner will be announced once I validate the entries and do the draw.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone! Thank you Caleb’s Closet for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!

Beyond Breastfeeding With Mommy Matters (Giveaway Alert!)

I posted a couple of months ago about the #RealMom campaign of Mommy Matters. Such a fun campaign. I’m honored to be a part of it.

Mommy Matters is already known for its awesome nursing wear, but really, to me it’s gone beyond that. Truth of the matter is, I hardly wear nursing wear anymore. Well, not deliberately anyway. At 2  years and almost 3 months, Basti has been nursing less and less in public. There are times when his first feeding of the day would be when he wakes up, and the next feeding would be his bedtime session! We’ve begun to wean. It’s bittersweet, but I am comforted by the fact that weaning takes a while, and in our case I have a feeling it’s going to take a year or so.

If you look at my closet though, you will see that I still have a lot of Mommy Matters nursing wear in my “rotation” a.k.a. stuff I wear that still fits.  I even wear my Mommy Matters stuff even when I’m without Basti!

Take this dress for example:

photo courtesy of Mommy Matters

It was perfect for our blogger spa getaway, and I also wore it to host a blogging event for Teleserv (complete with my no-Basti-days-sky-high wedges and toddler-unfriendly accessories). It’s so nice and comfy, but still very smart and tummy-friendly. You know what I mean. #mommytummy I have it in two colors!

This dress was so fun to wear in Boracay, and for days when I want to feel losyang without looking losyang.

photo courtesy of Shop Mommy Matters

This top is my grab-from-the-closet item when I don’t want to think about what to wear.

photo courtesy of Shop Mommy Matters

It’s one of my favorite tops. I wore it for our Mommy Matters ad, which I LOVE.

I think the Mommy Matters clothing line helps me in my everyday #RealMom life and goes beyond nursing wear, at least for me. I prefer to call them “mom wear”, hehe.

Here’s the perfect way you can try out the Mommy Matters clothing and other products lineup! Shop Mommy Matters is giving away P2,000.00 worth of shopping credits to my readers! Yey! You can use the shopping credits for any of the cool stuff on the Shop Mommy Matters site that makes being a #RealMom easier and fun!

Ways to gain entries (via Rafflecopter below)

  1. “Like” Mommy Matters on Facebook and upload your #RealMom statement using the Real Mom app. Additionally, you will get a P100 voucher when you share your #RealMom statement!
  2. Pick out your favorite piece from the Mommy Matters clothing line and leave a comment on this blogpost completing this statement:  “I would wear the Mommy Matters (insert name of piece here) to __________.” Ex. I would wear the Mommy Matters Date Night Dress to a movie with my husband. You can add what shoes you would wear or accessories you would add – let’s play fashionista, haha!
  3. Share this contest on Facebook. Don’t forget to tag Mommy Matters and The Painter’s Wife so we can track your entry.
  4. Tweet about the giveaway.
This contest is open to all readers of PaintersWife.Com nationwide. Giveaway duration is from July 31, 2012 to August 7, 2012. The winner will be announced on August 8, upon verification of the entry. UPDATE: Extended till August 15, 2012!
Good luck! I’m excited to read your comments and your Real Mom statements!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Nominated! :The Smart Parenting and Sangobion Mommy Blogger Awards

This is weird, but cool. My blog is nominated for the Smart Parenting-Sangobion Mommy Blogger Awards. Whut? If you see me on Twitter, I announced it a few days ago too.

I’m nominated along with 9 other bloggers (most of them I proudly call friends). Sometimes I can’t believe this blog grew from posts like this one, to this! Mommy Blogger Awards! #award. Literally.

I’m not big on self-promotion. I’ll try to be shameless from now until August 13 (yes that’s the voting period) to ask people to vote for me. I put this here badge here…

..right on my sidebar so you guys can vote for me. Now? Tomorrow? Next week? When you feel like it? (Please? Hee hee hee #nervous laughter) It’ll lead you to Smart Parenting’s microsite where all the voting takes place. There are some steps you need to take, so let’s go through it shall we?

  1. Create an account on the voting page.
  2. Enter your details (Full Name, Username, Password, Birthday, Email Address and Home Address)
  3. Wait for the confirmation email (check your Junk/Spam folder if you don’t see the email)
  4. Follow the link on the confirmation email. Log in.
  5. Vote!
You may vote three times a day (that is, if you have the time or the inclination). 20 readers will be chosen from all the registered voters to attend the awards ceremony on August 23.


And I promise, if you approach me someday and tell me that you voted for me, Basti will give you a kiss. Maybe The Painter will also give you a kiss, because if I win, he gets the iPad. Hehe.


Please vote for me! Thanks in advance! 😀


WINNER!: Oh Happy Day Birth Photography Package Giveaway

And the winner is…..

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Congratulations Em Alcantara! :)

Polly’s Pictures: Oh Happy Day Birth Photography (Giveaway Alert!)

I met Polly a long time ago, back when OC Mom In Manila, My Mommyology, and I were still in the events producing scene.

Fast forward to today, after our marriages and babies, and Polly has evolved into a gifted photographer with a heart and eye for moments that will tug your heart. Polly is the awesome lady behind Oh Happy Day Birth Photography. Her business name says it all.

I was lucky enough to have some birth photos of Basti. And it was only because The Painter has a very calm disposition and had the ability to focus on the aesthetic rather than freaking out at my emergency C-section. Hehe.

But I wish I had Polly around because her pictures are sensational. They range from the moving, to the funny, to the simply, spectacular.




A mother herself, she understands perfectly well what goes on during a birth. She tries to be unobtrusive and sensitive to the situation. Having her around will let you and your husband enjoy your first few hours with your baby without the pressure of taking pictures of it all. Oh Happy Day’s packages range from a post-delivery investment, where Polly just shows up after you give birth, to the full-delivery investment, where she will be on-call starting 2 weeks before your due date. On the day you give birth, Polly will be there to capture everything!

If The Painter and I decide to have another child, I promise you Polly will be there to document it all.

But if you are expecting or know someone who is and would like to have Oh Happy Day around on The Day, then here’s your chance to get a package for free!

Oh Happy Day Birth Photography is giving away one (1) Post-Delivery birth photography package worth P5,000.00! Here’s what a Post-Delivery package is all about:

  • A 3-hour photo-documentation of your baby’s first moments after birth in the delivery room, nursery and/or private hospital room (does not include labor and delivery; the photo session must be within 24 hours of your child’s birth at the hospital, birthing center, or home, for home births)
  • A CD containing a minimum of 50 processed hi-resolution digital images, for you to reproduce for personal use as often as you’d like
  • A pre-designed email birth announcement incorporating a photo of your choice
Here’s a few notes for all who plan to enter:
  1. Open to all readers in Metro Manila only.
  2. The package may be used by the winner or given to a friend or relative. If the winner is not the one using the package, the voucher may only be transferred once.
  3. The recipient of the package should have a due date no later than November 30, 2012.

Enter through Rafflecopter below! Good luck and I wish you an Oh Happy Day! :)

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Winner!: The Mothering Earthlings Babywearing Confessional

First I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all those who shared their babywearing confessions. The Earthlings’ Mama and I had a grand time reviewing the comments. I wish there were slings to go out to everyone because you’re all babywearing bad-asses.

But there can only be one.

We had our favorites, so we got the Earthlings’ Papa to break the tie. Check out this pic of Mr. Guerrero.

So out of all the answers, this was the one that we tattooed beings digged the most:

Frances Beldia

The strangest thing I’ve done while wearing my earthling was having a teeny tiny detail added to my dragonicorn (fusion of dragon and unicorn) tattoo. Attika is six months old now and loves to kick, tug my hair and clothes, grab anything within her reach, or do all of those at the same time. On this particular event though, she behaved and observed like a little lady would when she’s watching something of Herculean importance like Phineas and Ferb.

Getting a tattoo hurts. Babywearing while getting inked? – #award

And so here’s your award, Frances!

Congratulations!!!!! Please write me an email using my Contact Form with your name that appears on a valid ID, your shipping address and your contact number.

Thanks again to everyone who shared their babywearing stories! Thank you Mothering Earthlings for the great contest!

Winners! (The Yellow Mustard Seed Tooth Tissues Giveaway)

This is a much delayed announcement. Tine sends her apologies. Christmas + life = stress. Mothers know this all too well.

Anyway, the VIPS of The Yellow Mustard Seed (Andi, Thiago and Pablo) finally took some time off from their back-breaking schedule (their mothers’ backs, that is) to draw the winners of the Tooth Tissues giveaway!


After drawing, deliberation, crumpling and almost eating entries, the winners are….


Trisha C. Montemayor, Cheddy Antonio-Araneta and Myra Michelle Nuñez-Tiquio! Tine will send your Tooth Tissues goodie bags pronto. Watch out for them in the mail!

Thank you all for joining!

There’s another giveaway going on here. Don’t forget to join for a chance to win a Next9 ringsling!