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One Day of Magic with K-Palette

Receiving an invitation from K-Palette Philippines is always something that gets me all excited. Aside from the wonderful events that Beautybox Corp. always holds, we always get first dibs on the new stuff that K-Palette has to offer.

I’m a huge fan of K-Palette, something I’ve written about before. So on a rainy holiday afternoon, I went to the K-Palette 1-Day Magic event with Basti in tow. (No babysitter, sorry na)

Top: The K-Palette 1 Day Magic product display; Catching up with Kris of and our lovely host, Karrots Nazareno; special guests from K-Palette Japan. Bottom: Cheryl of K-Palette Philippines (Beautybox Corp.); a demo with the cutest Japanese MUA; my seatmates – Jackie of Go Jackie Go! and Michelle of My Mom Friday.

As much as the event was so much fun (and lovely, if I may add), I am going to zero in on the new stuff from K-Palette, because that’s what y’all are excited to see.

This series is called the 1 Day Magic Collection (as opposed to the 1-Day Tattoo collection, something we all know and love) and is comprised of four new products for our everyday beautification.

First off – The 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner.

K-Palette also has a product called the 1-Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner.

1-Day Magic boasts of the same 24-hour lasting power and smudge free formula. The main difference is the brush.

While the 1-Day Tattoo eyeliner pen is a thin brush, the 1-Day Magic eyeliner pen has a flatter brush, allowing you to cover more ground if you want a thicker line, yet topped with a fine tip for the tip of your winged eye looks. Awesome! (Plus it’s pink. Cute!)

Second – the 1-Day Magic Eyeglue Liquid.

It’s what we all know as eyelid glue and is used to cheat an eyefold for those with monolids. I have a secret – I actually use this because I have a slight hood on the corners of my eyes. On my previous post about K-Palette, I used eyelid glue to lift up my eyelid and open my eyes a little more. Now if you believe Michelle Phan and her testimonial about how eyelid glue can permanently even out your eyelids, you should give the 1-Day Magic Eyeglue Liquid a try. PLUS: You can actually use Eyeglue Liquid as an adhesive for false lashes! It’s waterproof, and fast-drying.

Third – The 1-Day Magic 3D Palette.

Finally, K-Palette came out with an contour, highlighter and blush palette. It’s so cute.

The blush is pink and orange, the highlighter has little bits of shimmer in it, and the contour is a nice even versatile color. It comes with this tiny brush that I have yet to see if I can actually use because I carry a powder brush with me all the time.

While I don’t see this palette as part of my pro kit, I can definitely see it in my everyday makeup kit. It’s small enough for touchups, yet has everything I need for a quick on-the-go-spontaneous-lunch-with-important-people polishing up.

The last product on the 1-Day Magic series is the 1-Day Magic Fiber Mascara. I saved the most interesting for last.

It’s a double ended, with one side consisting of a waterproof, smudge-proof, lasting-curl mascara, and the other side, a formula made up of fibers.

So you put on a coat of the mascara as a “primer”, coat it with the fibers, then put another coat of the mascara.

Voila. Falsie-like lashes. Laveeet. It’s a little difficult to take off though, so make sure you have an oil-based makeup remover handy to take it all off.

Overall, the 1-Day Magic line of products is a good collection for the everyday makeup enthusiast. The products are easy to use and the long-wearing formula makes it perfect for those who are busy and on-the-go. Awesome, especially for busy busy moms like you and me!

Thank you for the wonderful time, the wonderful food and the awesome products, K-Palette! It’s always a pleasure.


The K-Palette 1-Day Magic series is available in all Beauty Bar outlets.

1-Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner, PhP695
1-Day Magic Magic Fiber Mascara, PhP895
1-Day Magic 3D Palette, PhP895
1-Day Magic Eyelid Glue, PhP650

Ang INIT!! Time for an #AntiAmoyPawis Giveaway from Lactacyd!

Can you guys believe this heat?????? Yesterday, Basti and I took 4 baths I think. It’s become necessary to jump in the shower to cool off if you spent some time outdoors.

The people over at Lactacyd were ever so nice to send this pack of stuff for me and Basti.


And I am especially grateful for the Lactacyd Toddlertubs Toddler Wash. Basti’s at that age when he’s beginning to smell like a tincan after spending some time playing outdoors.


I’m sure some of you used Lactacyd Baby Bath for your kids. If they’re 12 months and above, you should try the Toddlertubs already. It has better protection for our active kids, more moisturizers to keep them protected and lock freshness in. It’s hypoallergenic too! Perfect for these summer days!

Thanks to Lactacyd, three readers will get this same gift pack that includes:

  • one each of the Lactacyd Toddlertubs  Toddler Wash variants (Bubbles – baby fresh scent, and Splash – fruity scent. Both smell good. Not overpowering at all)
  • Lactacyd Baby Bath (for babies below 12 months)
  • Lactacyd White Intimate Feminine Wash (something for mommy too!)
  • Lactacyd Feminine Wash

It’s easy! Join via Rafflecopter below. If you don’t see the widget, reload your page. You can also just click on the link to go to the Rafflecopter page to join.

The giveaway will be open until May 28, 2014, 11:59pm. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

“Mama let’s take a bath again!” You just did, Basti. Hay!


Like Lactacyd’s Mums and Tubs Club on Facebook! –
Follow them on Twitter: @mumsandtubsclub

No Hope Lost: Vaccination Awareness by GSK

Before anything, I’d like to put my stand on vaccinations out there. I believe in vaccination. I believe the real benefits of vaccination outweigh the alleged risks. Basti is vaccinated completely from birth till boosters. His doctor was an emergency room pediatric doctor and her experience was key in making the decision to fully vaccinate on schedule. Between the alleged risks of vaccination and the risk of seeing Basti sick with pneumonia, rotavirus, measles and all the other diseases, I chose the path that feels safer to me.

Having said that, I was quick to say yes to attend an event hosted by GSK called #NoHopeLost, an awareness campaign on vaccination, most particularly those for pneumonia and diarrhea.

Hosted by Ria Tanjuatco-Trillo, the event also had Barbie Almabis-Honasan as a guest to recount her motherhood experiences.

All of us there could relate how difficult it is to have a sick child. Dr. Gatchalian then came on board for a presentation. Here are the points that remained with me:

  • Pneumonia and diarrhea are the top 2 killers of children less than 5 years of age in the country.
  • The rotavirus is a “democratic virus.” It doesn’t pick a time or a place. It’s the reason why rotavirus rates are the same anywhere, whether you live in a first-world country or a third-world country. Even if you say you live in a “clean” environment, the rotavirus can still thrive.
  • The rotavirus can stay on a surface for several days, and for hours on your skin, even with handwashing.
  • Prevention is the best way to protect our children from these two illnesses. The toll it takes on our children is a path I never want me or Basti to take as much as possible.

Most people think since these two vaccines are not part of the Expanded Program on Immunization for the government that they are optional. The government has already acknowledged the need for these two diseases to be prevented and are slowly introducing the PCV and Rotavirus vaccines to the public, starting with 700,000 units in the CARAGA region. Soon, the vaccines will be available nationwide.

The #SoMoms who took part in the event all put our pics to commit to the #NoHopeLost campaign.

The “No Hope Lost” campaign is initiated by Glaxo Smith Kline to support the WHO, UNICEF and the government’s efforts to reduce the incidents of pneumonia and diarrhea among Filipino children.

Lunch with Cycles Sensitive {Giveaway Alert!}

Cycles has long been popular in the mommy circles as a gentle but effective detergent for our kids. It’s high up on the list of the modern cloth diaper addicts users and has a strong following and wonderful feedback from lots of moms. I myself learned about Cycles years and years ago, way before I even had Basti!

When the invitation for Cycles Sensitive came, I was quite excited. I have a history with Cycles that goes as far back as college (the people behind it are friends from school) and I felt very proud of what Cycles has accomplished. Knowing the good people behind the brand makes me just a bit prouder. (Clap, clap!)

So what is Cycles Sensitive? It is a line of skincare products that’s perfect for baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. We’ve all been made aware of the many things that may have effects on our skin and body. Words such as “endocrine disruptors”, and “parabens” have become commonplace words when the topic of baby skin care products is being discussed.

At the luncheon, pedia-derma Dr. Sarrosa gave a presentation on baby’s skin, atopic dermatitis and other concerns. (Atopic Dermatitis not “skin asthma. Noted, Doc!) I was particularly interested in the details of the mosquito repellants. Having been a victim of dengue last year, dengue fever is one of my fears, with a lot of paranoia mixed in. They have two formulas – one that’s all natural, and another that’s got chemicals, but is DEET-free. The active ingredient in their non-DEET formulation is Picardin, a proven ingredient that provides up to 8 hours of protection. Good enough for me!

The lunch was fun and it was nice to catch up with some of my friends after a long period of being busy.

It was also such a pleasure to meet the Cycles Sensitive spokesperson, Cheska Kramer, with her super cute Gavin in tow. #teamkramer


Cycles Sensitive was so generous to give us a goodie bag full of all the products in the Cycles Sensitive lineup. So generous, that they also gave us three more exact goodie bags to give away on our blogs! Three readers will get a bag with these:

Cycles Sensitive Baby Lotion (500 ml size only), Head-To-Toe Baby Wash (500 ml size only), Natural Insect Repellent, Non-DEET Insect Repellent, Protective Diaper Cream and Anti-Mosquito Citronella Patches.

Enter through Rafflecopter below! (Reload the page if you don’t see the widget, or just click on the link to go to the Rafflecopter site)

Entries will be accepted until February 28, 2014. Announcement of winners will be via Facebook Page, Twitter and email. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Join LATCH!: LATCH Peer Counselor Training Batch 5

My journey as a peer counselor with LATCH started two years ago when I went through the training seminar as part of LATCH Batch 3. Since then, my life has been intertwined with LATCH in more ways than one.

Apart from the talks, classes, breastfeeding testimonials, projects (Snuggle Wuggle Wee, Nanay Bayanihan and Dr. Jack Newman, y’all), there’s something about belonging in an organization full of like-minded women who care about a cause as much as  you do. We are all different, but all sisters in the name of breastfeeding.

We did LATCH Peer Counselor Training Batch 4 recently in Cebu.

The excitement and fire from the participants prompted us to schedule the Manila training leg sooner than later.

So do you wanna be a LATCHer? Check out the details below. The LATCH peer counselor training will be held on two whole Saturdays this March. (Click on the image to enlarge)

There will be an interview and all applicants will go through a screening process. As with all organizations, it’s good to know whether LATCH is a fit for you and what you represent and how you want to be represented. Let’s talk! Sign up to be on the candidate list on

I hope to see your name on the list!

New Stuff: K-Palette Mega Cute Eyelid Glue

First off, who else but the Japanese would think of a name called “Mega Cute” for eyelid glue? It’s like we can’t expect it to be any other way. So distinctly cutesy, strange, and appealing at the same time.

Of course something also distinctly Japanese is product quality. Knowing this, and knowing the reputation of the brand holding the launch, I was very, very excited to attend the event, inspite of the thunderstorm that appeared out of nowhere.

The event was called “D.eye.Y.”, a play on words, setting the mood for an afternoon of craft activities.

The opening activity was really cute! We were guided through the process of furoshiki, or the Japanese art of wrapping, using a traditional wrapping cloth. We had to wrap our press kits ourselves, with the help of instructions posted on the walls.


I didn’t have the dexterity to pull it off the first time, but Patty’s Sabine and Jackie were practically pros. Here are our furoshiki-ed press kits. So cute! This is something I’d like to do. It’s so cute!

The next activity was a painting and stamp activity, which highlighted why my husband is The Painter and I am really The Painter’s Wife. Hopeless. It’s the saddest cherry blossom painting I’ve ever seen.

The real star of the show really was the K-Palette Mega Cute eyelid glue. It comes in two variants, one called the “tape” and the other “glue.” I have actually been looking for a good one for a number of weeks now, because I have an issue with my droopy eyelids. K-Palette Mega Cute eyelid glue can be perfectly worn under makeup and has moisturizing ingredients that care for the delicate skin around the eyes.

On the table were the K-Palette products – concealers, the eyelid glue, , mascara, eyeliners, and brow liners. If you’re a makeup junkie, you would have heard of the K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo brow liner. Waterproof, smudgeproof, and idiot-proof, this brow liner gives you control, definition, wearability and color all in one easy package. It was fun trying all the stuff out.

Next on my to-buy list:

This concealer looks very very promising.

Japanese makeup artist Rina Ogata flew in from Japan to do a makeup demo.

An Instax photo with Rina and K-Palette’s Sales Manager, Mizuho Hakayama, for a souvenir.

Check out Mizuho’s eyeliner. All the rage in Japan. Trivia: The eye on the packaging of K-Palette is Mizuho’s. 😉

Photo op with Cheryl Chua of Beautybox, the official distributor of K-Palette in the Philippines.

Did you know the “K” in K-Palette stands for “Kinoshita”? This is Mr. Eiji Kinoshita, CEO of K-Palette.

Inside our press kits were the K-Palette Mega Cute eyelid glue, the brow liners and the liquid eyeliner.

Here’s me trying out K-Palette’s products.

  1. My bare eye. Note the eyelid hooding on the outer corner that makes my eye slope down.
  2. With the K-Palette brow liner. It has two ends – a powder and liner. Very easy to use! This is in Chocolate Brown.
  3. My eye after applying the pink variant of K-Palette Mega Cute eyelid glue. Instant eyelift!
  4. This is how it looks when you close your eyes. I have to practice getting that seam as thin as possible. #likemycaesareansectionscar It may look weird, but I assure you it’s quite comfortable. You get used to how it feels after a few minutes.
  5. I added a bit of shadow. So now I don’t have to worry about my corner definition getting lost in the fold.
  6. Used the K-Palette liquid eyeliner. With the eyelid hood out of the way, creating this wing is so much easier.

Thank you for having me Beautybox Corp.! It was a great afternoon.

K-Palette Mega Cute eyelid glue, brow liners, mascara and eyeliners are available in Beauty Bar outlets nationwide.



On A High from Breastfeeding Uncovered!

The day finally came! It was time to hear Dr. Jack Newman speak!

May I confess that everytime I thought of him coming here I shed tears. Yes, I am very iyakin. It’s quite embarrassing actually. But when I think of how he’s helped over 40,000 babies successfully breastfeed and the hours I spent watching his videos in the middle of the night, I can’t help it. He’s practically Basti’s pediatrician.

And he came, he spoke and we, as my co-LATCHer Em succinctly put it, were Encouraged, Enlightened and Empowered. My passion for the advocacy was fueled even more hearing about breastfeeding straight from him. I have so many thoughts in my mind, but here are a few that struck me:

    1. ON HYPOGLYCEMIA: Colostrum is the best milk to prevent and treat newborns with hypoglycemia. EDIT: Unlike formula, colostrum does not stimulate the secretion of insulin in the baby. (Thank you Doc Zeka! I must admit some of the technical medical jargon was confusing for me. I must review! I just read the slide that said this. Talk about mush brain!) I’ve heard many people tell me they were not able to breastfeed their children right away because of low blood sugar. He also talked about how mothers whose babies are at risk for hypoglycemia are helped to express colostrum so that this may be added to the colostrum baby gets from birth.
    2. ON JAUNDICE: Jaundice is not a contraindication to breastfeeding. Formula is never the answer to jaundice. There is no reason to stop breastfeeding just to diagnose jaundice. The solution: FIX THE BREASTFEEDING. Encourage effective feedings. From a study, it was discovered that there is no evidence that bilirubin levels of 20 mg% are hazardous to healthy term infants. If the reason is ABO incompatibility, it’s still not a reason to stop breastfeeding since this presupposes the notion that jaundice is caused by breastmilk.
    3. The tyranny of documentation and numbers. We should stop worrying so much about the numbers – weights, ounces of milk, how many ounces to consume, growth charts, etc. Focus on the breastfeeding, focus on the baby. Happy, healthy, thriving babies are always a good sign. Let us not create problems when there are none. So throw that feeding chart away, delete that nursing app, and focus on the actual breastfeeding.
    4. The reasons for a late onset of milk supply decrease. Dr. Jack cited reasons for this, such as the use of hormonal birth control, a new pregnancy, sleep training (I am not a fan of sleep training, so this was good news to me!), and frequent bottle use (teaches a baby a poor latch).

All in all, I learned a lot that can help me become a better breastfeeding counselor and educator. And, even if we knew the importance of this before, I am even more driven now to study techniques for proper latching and feeding. All the problems boil down to one simple solution: FIX THE BREASTFEEDING. I was very happy to see health professionals in the audience. More than the valuable knowledge that Dr. Newman shared, I hope they also saw the passion for breastfeeding that was expressed by the lay people in the audience and their need for our medical professionals to be knowledgeable about breastfeeding. I hate hearing horror stories of how medical professionals had influence on breastfeeding failure. It breaks my heart especially when they are in the front line of maternal and infant care.

I am so proud of my co-LATCHERs. Everyone did such a wonderful job.

Standing from L-R: Jen, Amelia, Maia, Iris, Dr. Jack, me, Paola, Ethel, Joyce, Em. Sitting from L-R: Mec, Bessie, Buding, Jenny, Sylvia, Claire.

The moving force behind Breastfeeding Uncovered, Jenny and Sylvia. Thank you for keeping us on our toes!

Dr. Jack is so warm, humble and easy to approach. Meeting him was a trip. Look at how giddy we all are.

He gamely signed books and shirts, and took pictures with the participants, even with the babies.

At the LATCH dinner, he even tried out tinikling! Hehe!

With the LATCHers.

Nanay Ines. Another breastfeeding superstar!

The ladies of LATCH.

We owe the creation of LATCH to these women, the founding members. (We forgot to bring Zeka’s tarpaulin along. LOL)

Top: Ana, Jen, Sylvia. Bottom: Amelia, Corinne, Buding.

Thank you Dr. Jack for coming to Manila and sharing your knowledge with us. I owe a part of this little boy’s health to you!

This is not the end. The road of the breastfeeding advocacy is long, winding and totally uphill. LATCH is dedicated to being even more passionate in constantly offering opportunities to learn about breastfeeding so that we can all be encouraged, enlightened and empowered.  Breastfeeding is for EVERYBODY. It is a life-saving, country-developing, world-changing act that starts with one mother-baby pair at a time.

My ending thoughts as this wonderful breastfeeding-themed weekend comes to a close: I will not be discouraged. I will not be derailed. I will focus on the people who need help, not the cacophony of negativity and whining that surrounds any advocacy. I will not let voices who complain how things cannot be done dis-empower me. We are the mothers, we are the breastfeeders, and we can do this!!!

Give life. Live life. Breastfeed!

Mommy Mundo Mompreneur Summit 2013

Last year, I was lucky enough to attend Mommy Mundo’s Mompreneur Summit. I actually had no plans of going because from my understanding, I was no mompreneur. I had no business. I had nothing, no brand, nothing to sell, and nothing to market. Janice was quick to correct me. “Eli,” she said, “The Painter’s Wife is a brand.” I value Janice’s opinion, and so I attended. No expectations, no speculations, just an open mind. And I learned.

From the Mompreneur Summit I walked away with these points to ponder:

  1. I am not “just a mommy.” I am a voice, an influencer, a writer, and a representative. With that comes responsibility, balance and a firm need to stick to my guns and keep believing in the causes I champion and the brands I choose to associate with.
  2. My target market is not necessarily my real audience. I have the capacity to reach out to worlds and minds beyond my “mommy circle” and I shouldn’t be afraid to explore.
  3. A mompreneur is a special breed – a multi-tasking, astute and wise business woman with a family and a business to juggle. Time management is key, priorities must be spelled out.
  4. Being a work-at-home mom has no secrets. The knowledge is there to share. There is no magic formula. You are the magic that makes it happen. Learn, share, expound, learn some more. A work-at-home mom IS a mompreneur.

While I don’t think of The Painter’s Wife as a business, it became clear to me how it really is a brand. It made me think of where I want this blog to go, what I want to do with it, and what I want it to represent. It was a very fruitful afternoon.

This year, the Mompreneur Summit comes back full force with an amazing tagline: Passion and Purpose. Ahhhhh!

I’ve always believed we can use our passions to become successful. “Do what you love” they always say. Getting from point Love to point Success can be a daunting task, but inspiration has always been an effective key to opening up a world of possibilities. Well, inspiration ba kamo? Just take a look at the Mompreneur Summit 2013 roster of speakers:

You can read more about the speakers here:

I do have to give a special woot-woot to AJ and Audrey Dimarucot, the power couple (talaga naman) behind the awesome clothing brand, googoo&gaga. I’ve made no secret that Basti and I are fans of their stuff. We’ve been friends since birthing class and are now co-parents in our kids’ school and I am thrilled they are going to speak at the summit. They are the perfect examples of Passion and Purpose.

Even though I won’t be there (and you’ll see why very soon! Exciting!!), I encourage all moms who have a business, thinking of starting a business, or simply trying to find inspiration for passion and purpose to attend. It’s well worth the time!


Happy Breastfeeding Month! Ready for the Mob?

It’s August and it will be a busy, busy month for breastfeeding advocates and supporters. It’s Breastfeeding Month!

I started today breastfeeding my toddler. I can’t believe it’s been three years! Granted, he doesn’t nurse as much as he used to, of course, but it’s a morning ritual that we both enjoy. It’s been a long journey from this:

To this:

So are you ready for all the activities this month? To start off, there’s a breastfeeding “mob” to celebrate and spread awareness about nursing-in-public. I am a huge fan of nursing anywhere. I think it’s important to normalizing breastfeeding in our society, and a strong statement against the stigma, misconceptions and misinformation about breastfeeding.

The event is organized by admins and members of a Facebook group called Breastfeeding Pinays. It’s a great place to find support, information and guidance from the lactation experts onboard. If you haven’t done so, you may join the group by following this link:

So come on and join us! It will be on Saturday, August 3, at the Rajah Sulayman park in Manila. It’s the one with the fountains near Aristocrat along Roxas Boulevard. The activities start at 3pm.

You may register for the event on the Eventbrite page:

See you there!


See You at Breastfeeding Uncovered! {Dr. Jack Newman Giveaway Winner Announcement}

I have to say. This may just be the most difficult giveaway I’ve ever done. I really wish I could just treat everyone I know to Dr. Jack Newman’s symposium. That’s how important and relevant I think this event is to the breastfeeding community.

First off, I’d like to thank all the people who sent in their entries. I was very touched by each one, and choosing the winners was not easy!

So the two winners for the Dr. Jack Newman giveaway are:

1. Diane Buddahim. May the symposium fuel your determination and kick off a journey into the breastfeeding advocacy.

2. Judea Baisas. I hope the symposium gives you the knowledge and information to rally more support in your company for lactation facilities and encourage other moms in your workplace to do the same. That is your legacy.

But let’s not stop there. It so happens that Unilab, a long-time supporter of The Painter’s Wife, stepped in and pledged FIVE more people to attend the symposium! So the additional five people who get tickets to Breastfeeding Uncovered are:

1. MJ Chua-Ordoña. I am sure your little patients in the NICU and their families will greatly benefit from the information you will gain from Dr. Jack Newman. We need knowledgable medical practitioners on the frontline!

2. Sandy Lorraine Hilario Tad-y. Thank you for sharing your breastfeeding journey so far. You are doing an awesome job and I’m sure the symposium will give you the motivation to go, go go!

3. Gayzell de Jesus. Your story really touched my heart and I celebrate your triumphs! I hope the symposium inspires you and may that fire spread to your co-nurses.

4. Em Alcantara. You deserve this so much. See you at the symposium and see you at the next LATCH training seminar.

5. Sally Abella. I know your heart is so attuned to the advocacy. I look forward to your growth as an advocate and a counselor.


To everyone, again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your entries really gives encouragement and affirms that breastfeeding has support here and there are people out there who are willing to learn, support, and protect breastfeeding.

See you at the symposium!