Congratulations LATCH Batch 3!

I’ve said it many times before – I wanted to be a breastfeeding counselor. I had my personal reasons (more knowledge to share with other moms) and professional reasons (so I can confidently help the moms who ask for advice through my blog) for wanting to be one.

Well, after several days spread throughout several weeks of waking up early, studying and staring at this:

..we finally had one last session and a general assembly with the LATCHers: (here’s Buding giving us a talk with a reunion of sorts going on in the background)

And I’m now a proud LATCH breastfeeding peer counselor! Thanks to Sylvia for patiently training us, Buding for being such a nurturing leader and the rest of the LATCHers who all took part in getting us through training. You’ll be seeing more of these lovely ladies in my blog for sure.

Here’s Batch 3, the women I am privileged and proud to call my co-LATCHers. In this batch also are Paola of Mommy Treats, and Fritzie of Legally Mom.

We got a great goodie bag, thanks to the efforts of Jenny Ong, a wonderful certificate to hang on our wall and a raring desire to spread the word about LATCH and breastfeeding.

Congratulations Batch 3 and LATCH!! Give life, live life! Breastfeed!

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    1. Yes! Sometime next year. When I find out the schedule, I’ll definitely post it! Thank you thank you for wanting to be a LATCH-er!

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