My Personal Makeup Lesson at The Makeup Secrets School

I have been wanting to take makeup lessons for a really long time. I have all this makeup and have read books, seen videos and experimented to death. I have my hits but I’ve also got misses, and I really wanted to know the basics of makeup. I finally took the plunge a while ago and invested in taking a Personal Makeup Class at The Makeup Secrets School in Robinson’s Place Manila.

Why take a makeup class? For me, makeup can be very empowering. Some people don’t understand how I can “waste” my time doing my makeup even just to go to the supermarket. I don’t know about you guys, but even just a swipe of lipstick gives me a boost and an extra jump in my step. I’ve been down the losyang road before, when Basti was really small. Losyang is a downward spiral that we mommies have to fight!

So I took the class with Marj and Olive – friends, fellow makeup junkies and mommies too! We have been talking and talking about makeup for weeks and were so excited to take the class. My friend Myrene Hernandez-Santos conducted the class. She’s a friend from way, way back and one of my mom-inspirations. I’ll talk more about her on another blogpost.

It was a 3-hour session and we learned the basics of makeup, from sanitation, application, and a touch here and there on technique. We were very fortunate that the class was very small, and we could insert our own questions. Myrene was also able to give us tips for each of us, having different faces, eyes and all.

Here’s an eye makeup demo on our model for the day, Jolly.

The most important things I learned were:

  • Proper makeup sanitation. I thought I was already careful with my makeup but I learned I could do better. I learned a few tips and tricks about keeping my makeup clean (not just the brushes, mind you!) so that my skin will always stay safe.
  • Picking the right foundation. I brought 3 kinds of foundation that day and all of them were REJECTED. Can you imagine my dismay? I learned how to match my skin and pick the right color for me. Right after the class I headed over to L’Oreal and got a new one. The Sales Assistant was trying to push a color that was totally wrong for me! I felt bad for ignoring her but I was not going to walk around with the wrong color foundation ever again.
  • Contouring. Cheekbones. Nose. ‘Nuff said.
  • The proper way to prep my skin, apply and set foundation. Take the time and touchups will be few and far between.
  • Zooming in on my eye’s crease. Crucial in achieving that eye look you are aiming for.

  • Pulling the look together with blush and lipstick. Sometimes I would look at my face, think I did everything right and yet I can’t tell what it is that’s not quite there. This was IT.

Aside from these main points, I also learned new tips and tricks for doing my eyebrows, blush, and eye makeup. There’s still so much to be learned really, and taking this class made us even more excited.

After we discussed the topics, it was our turn to take theory and apply it.

Here’s Myrene guiding Marj in applying eye makeup.

Pretty everyday looks from Olive and Marj.

We wanted to raid the school’s display of makeup, tools and accessories. The Makeup Secrets School carries MAC, Sleek, NYX, Beauty Blender and lots of other beauty goodies that you may need or simply want.

We had a really good time and we want to take more classes in the future!

If you’re still wondering why we should even bother with makeup or fixing up everytime we step out, let me share a quote shared to me by Myrene from the fabulous Coco Chanel:

Image source: tumblr

You don’t mess with destiny.

Attend your own personal makeup class with The Makeup Secrets School. Contact them at:

4th floor, Midtown Wing
Robinson’s Place, Ermita Manila

13 thoughts on “My Personal Makeup Lesson at The Makeup Secrets School”

  1. Hello,
    I’m interested about the make-up class.
    How long is the course and how much would be the cost.

    1. Hi! Please check with the school because their rates may have changed. At the time of publishing this post, it was 3,000 for the 3 hour personal makeup course.

  2. Hi, would like to ask if how much for the makeup course? Im a makeup enthusiast and self tought.
    I want to be a professional, i hope this makeup school is not that expensive.

    1. Hi there! I assume you are asking about the Intensive Makeup course and not the personal makeup one? When I took my own pro course it was PhP35,000. Better check with the school for updated prices. :) Have a great time!

    1. HI Sheila! Are you asking about The Makeup Secrets school workshop or my own? Please call the school directly for their current fees. Thank you! :)

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