SaYa How-To: The Front Carry

One of my readers, Yanna, messaged me on Facebook that she was having the same dilemma as I did with Basti. Her baby Sahaya, was no longer comfortable with the kangaroo carry in the SaYa, but wasn’t taking well to a pouch or a ring sling. She asked for advice on another position to carry Sahaya in the SaYa. (Sahaya in the Sa-ha-Ya. Ok ah. Just saying… wala lang. Carry on!)

I do a front-carry with Basti when he lets me (our record for the front-carry is 20 minutes) and here’s how I do it with the SaYa. (Please don’t mind The Painter taking his pre-painting nap on the sofa behind. Hee hee!)

First, put on the SaYa. I explained my style in a previous post.

With your baby in burping position, slip your hand under the lead sling…

And thread your baby’s leg through it.

Spread the fabric of the lead sling across your baby’s bottom and back to come up with something like this.

Next, get the support sling and thread your baby’s other leg through it…

Before bringing the fabric up to cover his bottom.

Then, just like in my previous demo of the SaYa Kangaroo Carry, put your arm through the support sling on your side…

And slide it over your shoulder.

Again.. SaYa Success!

Here’s a side view of the SaYa front carry.

Basti doesn’t really like this position very much as of now, but I think he’s getting used to it. Hope this helps!

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  1. i love it!!! after more than 2 years of saya wearing, i can still never get the hang of (or probably confidence) of putting naima in myself!!! i need yaya or stan to help me pa din!

  2. hi! my SaYa from Indigobaby just arrived today. i got it in size Small based on the sizing chart. kaya lang i think it’s kinda small for me and my baby… is it really that tight? :) or maliit ang size na nakuha ko? i already talked to Dailyn and asked for an exchange to a medium size, too bad out of stock lahat ng models. and, she said that i got the size right for myself, that i simply have to correctly figure it out.

    i’m sooo glad to have come upon your review! very helpful talaga. i was trying it on kanina and it only got twisted resulting to a bad (or worse) fit.

    i hope you don’t mind my asking (i just really need an assurance or affirmation here hehe), does your own SaYa feel tight or snug to you? or talaga lang bang masikip ang mundong kakalagyan ni baby in a SaYa? :)

    many thanks! :) God bless.

    1. Hi! Yes, like you I also thought my SaYa was too small for me. The SaYa manufacturer told me that when worn without the baby, the SaYa should come just below the kili kili. I talked to Dailyn also and she told me lots of moms also think na it’s too small, even if it’s the right size. So with that assurance I went for it. Kaya I really had to emphasize CONFIDENCE and CONVICTION in putting your baby in the pouch! After you figure it out, it won’t be as tight as you think!

      Let me know how it works out for you. I’ll try and help you out as much as I can! :) Happy babywearing!

  3. i bought the next smallest size because i thought it was too small. that explains why i have to readjust the saya now and then when out and about. the size is actually perfect for hubby but a bit big for me. nevertheless, i’ve been using it for over a year and no complaints on my end. great how-to you have here!

  4. hi! i’ve exchanged my SaYa for a medium size and it fits great na! well.. so much for thinking that i am still a size 6. because i think i’m already an 8. *sniff* :( LOL. at least i’m confident na kasya pa din si baby when he grows bigger.

    babywearing is fabulous! i’m practicing my baby for a few minutes everyday para masanay sya. minsan naiinis, minsan nakakatulog sya. :) i hope to try a ring sling next time, though. :)

    1. Haha! Same here. I got a pouch na M size when I should’ve gotten an L! Join the contest and I hope you win the ring sling. :)

  5. Eli, Thank you again for another very helpful post on the SaYa! Not to badmouth the SaYa people, but I do wish they gave out instructions as clear as you do! If it weren’t for your instructional posts, I would’ve asked for a refund. Seriously.

    After following your instructions, my baby is now really “happy to be in”! She sleeps so peacefully whenever I wear her. She’s about to turn 3 months old, and I think she’s ready to do the front carry. Thanks to you, I will once more do this with “confidence and conviction”!

    Love your blog! Really love it! I can so relate! And it is so helpful! Love your blog!

    1. Hey Pam! I’m so happy you’ve become a SaYa expert!!! And thanks for reading my blog. After going through everything that comes with being a new mom, it’s my way of reaching out to moms out there. :) I hope to see you and your baby soon!

  6. hi! just want to ask what is the size of your saya if you don’t mind.. I just bought mine last week and it’s the versa tek one. looking at your pics, you saya seems more stretchable than mine. Is that a versa tekk too? I think we have the same body size, then my baby is only 2 months. Appreciate your advice. Thanks!

    1. Hi Paula! This is the all-brown semi-stretch actually! I wear a size Large, so I should be a size 1 in Versatek! Do you feel it’s too big? Too small?

      1. hi Eliza! now i realized that my problem was not the size. I just needed practice :) i saved your previous post’s link and i open it everytime I put on my baby in my saya. i did that for like two days. And now I’m an expert already! no need for kodigo hehe thank you so much, you were such a big help! By the way, how old na is your baby and how long have you been using saya? some of my friends say that this might cause deformities on my baby. Please convince me that it’s not true. Ive been reading articles about the negative effects of baby wearing in the US, pero ayoko maniwala. Hope to hear from you. :)

        1. Hi Paula! Congratulations on the SaYa success!!!!

          My baby is 7 months old and I’ve been wearing him almost everyday sine he was a month and a half. He has no deformities.

          Welcome to the world of babywearing. Be prepared for comments – “Diba siya nahihirapan dyan?”, “Dapat di mo gawin yan ma-s-spoil yan”, and so many more. What about the report that using strollers actually deform a baby’s spine and carrying baby upright (in a baby carrier) is best for babies? ( I’ve heard people say how SO MANY THINGS causes a baby to be “sakang” or “piki” to the point that it makes me think that these people have their kids bound up in a sheet, immobile. Silly silly people.

          All I know is Basti is a happy, content child. Whenever he feels upset, all I have to do is pop him into the SaYa and he’s happy as a clam. He can sleep against my chest in the SaYa for hours, as opposed to half an hour in a stroller. I make sure we have tummy time, and sitting up time and lying down time when I’m not wearing him. If Basti’s not complaining, then I wouldn’t worry. You shouldn’t too!

          1. That’s what I actually think too, that since my baby’s not complaining then I shouldnt be worried. Everytime I put her on the kangaroo position, she sleeps in less than 5 minutes. She looks really funny in that position especially when she feels sleepy. Anyways thank you so much for your time! Im actually promoting SaYa to my other mom friends too. Thanks again! :)

          2. Yey! You’re so very welcome. The makers of SaYa are coming up with something for SaYa fans.Watch out for it!!!

  7. hi! i read your review and it was the thing that convinced me to finally order a saya. now i’m happily practicing using it with my baby. so far no complaints from my little boy except for a few grunts at the start. as you said, confidence and conviction! yan na naging mantra ko while going through the motions of putting my baby in a kangaroo carry. thanks so much for the tips and demos!

    ps: style ko in putting on the saya is to lay it down, neatly cross the lead and support slings, then put it on na naka-cross. after that i take off the support sling and go through the process of putting my baby in whatever carry i prefer. works everytime – no bunches!

  8. Been trying to figure out how to put my daughter in the hug and front carry where her legs can already dangle out based on the Saya instruction booklet. I was not able to do it right until I read your blog post. Thanks so much! And thanks to you too, I found out about Paola and Mommy Treats! :-)

  9. Thanks for this post! A friend of mine gave me her SaYa and I found it very challenging to use which made me use it less often. Buti na lang I found this post! Now I will have the confidence and conviction in wearing Baby Zia especially now na humahabol na sya parati sa akin. :)

  10. Hello! Im a first time mom, my son is two month old turning three on the 17th of june, my friend introduced me to this babywearing and i so got hooked into it instantly and i am about to order my saya this week from indigo babies. Since it’s my first time to order online, it’s somewhat bothering me as i cannot test and see the product. I am battling between VTB and SSK. Im voting for SSK as it is cheaper, haha. But it seems to be less stretchy compared to VTB as other reviewers tell. Is that a concern? Please do educate me.. Haha. I’kk truly appreciate it before i finally buy the hopingly perfect saya for me.. I dont want to end buying and not being able to use it as it may be smaller or bigger for me. By the way, i’m 5’3 tall, 125 lbs. Do u have an fb account?? Thanks so much!! Godbless!

    1. Hi! Haha I’m going to dedicate a whole post tonight just for you. Super long! :) And yes I’m on FB. My blog has an FB page – you can message me through there. The link is on the FB box on my blog sidebar. :)

  11. Pretty sis, i’ll be ordering my saya on thursday as i badly need it already, i’ll keep waiting for your post. Thank you so much and sorry for being a hassle! Thank you sis so much:)

  12. Thanks so much sis! Btw, my son is only 2 months old palang:) but i can understand from what you posted that i should get the VTB instead of the SSK?? Last question, at what age or month did the SSK failed to do its job?? Thanks so much once again!!

  13. Sis, on this post the saya you’re wearing is a VTB noh? Im a little concern if i eventually get the VTB, my son is only two months old, he might end up crashing and drowing himself in the VTB as it stretches more than the SSK? SSK is more stable right? I mean, doesnt the VTB is more like for older babies like 1-3 yrs old? And SSK for infants? But if the VTB is as great as holding my son in a stable position as he still cannot manage to carry his weight yet, then im good in buying the VTB as it’s definitely for longer usage right??

    1. LOL! I just realized that. Not reading! :) I have a friend who’s used the VTB since day one and she’s ok with it. Some people prefer cotton kasi.

  14. sorry i overlooked your reply about Basti’s age when you stopped using SSK . yay! my son’s long too.. so since then you switched to VTB na? hay.. so i think i should buy the VTB noh. :)

    1. Both are actually really great. Hence I bought three! :) I miss the SSK nga eh – considering buying one in XL. My friend who has a VTK said hers stretched a little when her baby’s daddy wore it, so I think you should prepare for that factor too when you consider the VTK.

  15. Sis, im in trouble. Walang stock indigo ng VTB. Fabnaima naman walang black. E i want black sana. Happybabies never replied 2days ago ko pa sya kinokontact. Do u know anyone who sells VTB black size zero? If i wont share it to my husband, di naman sya magsstretch noh?

  16. Hi, can you do a semi reclining possition using saya?
    thanks by the way to your post, i cant figure out how to use saya till i saw the pics you posted.
    thanks much! :)

      1. yung parang nakahiga si baby pag nag breastfeed sa mommy, pero nasa loob sya ng Saya, yung ganun. hahahaha! labo ba?
        2months plang si baby,
        we tried the possition you have posted above, prang nakaka ilang kasi feeling ko naka liyad si baby kasi tumatama yung back nya sa breast ko. normal ba yun?

        1. Ahhh! For a baby just 2 months old, you can still do a cradle carry with the SaYa. The position above is for older babies – around 6 months and above. I have no baby to demo for you, hehe. When your baby is 3 months na, you can do a kangaroo carry, described here:

          If you really need a face-to-face demo, send me a message through my contact form and we can arrange something. :)

          1. thanks much!! :)
            we tried the kangaroo carry, kaya pala mejo mahirap kasi she’s too young pa. maybe if she can support her head on her own pwede na.

            anyhow, i love your blog, im a working mom and i pump milk in the office (pasalubong kay baby) hee hee..
            its challeging but worth it.
            i give her only breastmilk when im home but i have her drink formula while im away. hndi kasi enough yung milk na iniiwan ko sa kanya. i can only pump about 10 Oz

          2. Thanks so much! :) And congratulations on your effort to pump for your baby – I know it’s not easy! Are you aiming to increase the amount of expressed milk?

  17. yes, i hope so. im taking moringana saka madaming water, nag improve naman sya, dati kasi nakaka 3 – 4 Oz lang ako. would it help if i buy a good pump? expensive kasi, what i have is yung babyflo manual pump P150 lang yata yun, hee hee.. . masakit din sa kamay after a while. i really want to continue breastfeeding my baby, im a first time mom and most of the time im not sure if tama yung pag aalaga ko kay baby but one thing im super certain is that the best ang breaast milk for her

    1. More than any supplement it’s also important that you nurse directly with your baby when you’re together! Do so when you get home and on weekends!

    1. Hi! I only find nursing with the SaYa comfortable with the front carrying position (the one described in this post). The baby nurses while seated, upright. My Basti is more comfortable nursing in the cradle hold though, so I prefer the ringsling when nursing while babywearing.

  18. If I didn’t read your post I would have not purchased a Saya, after reading your post I bought one, and I am absolutely loving it and my husband is a Saya lover as well. Thank you Eliza! :)

  19. madam i want to ask lang po na experience nyo na po ba yung kapag ginagawa nyo yung front carry in a ring sling or dito sa saya eh laging ini-straight ni baby ung yung knees nya? yan po kasi problem ko. ayaw nya i-bend. tapos iyak na ng iyak. i use both ssk and next9 sling. ayaw talaga

    1. Hello! How many times have you tried babywearing? When my baby was small, talagang ilang practice kami bago nya nagustuhan. Usually I would practice kapag good mood si baby tapos maraming sayaw-sayaw at lambing. Kapag umiiyak pag pinasok, try mong isayaw-sayaw or ilakad-lakad. The rocking motion inside the SaYa or the sling usually does the trick to calm the baby down.

      1. mga four times pa lang naman po. ayaw nya ibend yung knees nya e. and lagi naman po nag-iiyak baby ko. 20hrs? hmm sige po try ko po din po. isa pa pong concern ko eh kapag sinusubukan ko sya i front carry lumulungad sya. naiipitpo ata yungtummy. normal po ba yun? and isa pa po. di ba po hindi na advisable yung buddah arry? pero dun po natry ko kay baby tumahimik. pede pa din kaya yun? how long po kaya pede nakabuddah position si bata? sorry po kung madaming tanong. tia po!

  20. Hi my baby is 3 months old and I tried the cradle carry kaso it seemed like she did not fit in inside my SaYa. I have VTB Size 0. I just tried it once, and when she was struggling while I tried to put her in I did not pursue it anymore, is it still applicable to her age, the cradle carry? Thanks!

    1. Hi Yanne! Actually, the cradle carry is not recommended as a position for babywearing anymore. I would suggest the front carry for her as well. :)

      1. Thanks for that information. I am still new in using SaYa. I just got it from Ms Jenny a week ago. My baby and I are still in the stage of getting used to it.

  21. I forgot to ask. The front or “yakap” position carry, for her age (3 months old) , should I carry her with feet out or should I put her in with her legs in “frog-like” position. Thanks again!

  22. Hi! Can I use that kind of carry (front, legs out) on my 2-month old, 13-pound baby? I know that in the SaYa instruction manual, it says there that this is applicable to bigger babies, 6 months and older, but I’m not so sure about carrying baby with his feet bent on a frog-like position when we do long walks.

    1. Yes you can use this position. This is the recommended position na for all ages. The frog-leg position is the natural position for babies so don’t worry about it.

  23. What’s the best way to carry a newborn? Ive heard craddle carry is not adviseable now. Im getting a SSK. Thanks in advance mam :)

      1. planning to buy Saya for my 4-month-old bABy. She’s currently 6.5kg. up to what month po kaya magagamit pag yun SSK ang binili ko? mayroon po kaayang mall na nagooffer ng Saya? Medyo hirap po kasi ako magfollow ng mga instructios sa youtube. By the way, Im 5ft and only 45kg. Is Saya better than the ring slings? Thanks!

        1. Hello Cristina!

          You can use your SaYa all the way till toddlerhood. I can’t say that it’s better than a ringsling because choosing a carrier is a very personal decision. It’s better you try them for yourself and decide. Both carriers are very good and I use them both. You may check the SaYa Facebook page for their list of outlets.

  24. Hi Eliza! I just got a VTB in size 1. I was a small pre-pregnancy and now a medium. But after putting baby he goes so low from my neck that he isn’t kissing height to me. Also he is not close to my body that there is so much stretch in the fabric that he is able to lean away from my body, scaring me because the material might come loose and baby will all out. Do you think te size 1 is too big? Please help. I was so excited to get the saya but now I have it, I feel it stretches too much that the baby’s buttom is in my abdomen area. The part that really scares me is that baby is able to lean away from me and possibly flip out of the saya.
    Looking forward to your reply.


      1. Hi! I exchanged the VTB for a SSK and I like it better because it’s not that stretchy but I can’t seem to position the X correctly. It seems like it’s not a one person task. And I was hoping you have step by step pictures on the side carry as this is the position I’m most interested in. Please help!! It’s so hard and baby is getting cranky being out in and out and adjusted and fabric cutting through his thin skin. I don’t want to give up so easily. I hope you have more tips on how I can position the point where these 2 slings meet. Thanks

        1. Hi again Jen! I personally don’t use the side carry for the SaYa and other hybrids. It’s simply not the most comfortable position for this type of carrier. I only do side carry with a ringsling or a pouch.

  25. Hi Eliza!

    I have a 2-week old baby who would wake up each time I put him down his crib or any bed/rocker/duyan, so I thought of getting a Saya para I can wear him na lang. I’m 5’2”, 115 lbs and I wear S-M blouses/clothing. My question is anog size kaya ako sa SSK?

    Thanks in advance :-)

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