Babywearing: Ringsling Tips and Tricks

I see this phrase too many times on my search word stats page: “painter’s wife blog ring sling tutorial”. So I thought I’d post the ringsling tips and tricks I’ve learned that’s made me and Basti a lean, mean, ringslinging, mother and son team.

Have you seen the next9 tutorial videos? Together with Jenny and Cai, we helped out Jen with an updated version of how-to videos for the next9 ringslings. You can find them here:

The ringsling was not as easy to master for me as the SaYa or the pouch. There are little things about ringslinging that’s best explained through a one-on-one tutorial, but I’ll try my best to share the little tricks that helped make the ringsling the most used carrier in my stable.

1. Always make sure the two rails on the tail are free and untangled. It’s very hard to adjust a sling when the two rail edges are lost in the middle part of the ring.

ringsling tips and tricks


2. Adjust one rail at a time. A lot of moms try to adjust the ringsling by pulling on the entire tail, which simply does not work.

ringsling tips and tricks


3. Lean back when you’re adjusting and put your baby’s weight on you, so you can adjust the sling properly. When I coach moms on babywearing, they’re always so tentative because they’re afraid the baby will fall while adjusting. Putting the baby’s weight on your body frees up your hands somewhat, and will give you more control over the sling. In my first SaYa how-to post, I emphasized the need for CONFIDENCE and CONVICTION when it comes to babywearing. It’s the same for any type of carrier.

ringsling tips and tricks

4. Wrap the sling around the baby, instead of trying to squish baby into the sling. Your sling is adjustable, your baby is not. Another tip is to thread the baby’s legs through the sling by reaching out from under.

5. Don’t start out with the ring already in the right position. Put the ring a little bit higher (especially with the hip and back carry) so it will fall into the right spot after pulling and adjusting.

ringsling tips and tricks

6. Don’t start with too much cloth for the pouch area. It will take longer to adjust and will almost guarantee that the ring will not be in the right position because you have so much to pull. You’ll get a feel for how big the pouch should be when you start as you practice.

ringsling tips and tricks

7. Always adjust the cloth to cover your shoulder area and spread over your back to prevent back pain. Avoid having the sling centered on your shoulder and digging into your neck.

ringsling tips and tricks

I hope this helps you! For any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to answer as best as I can. If not, I’ll bug Jen to answer you, haha!

For this blogpost, I was using one of the new googoo&gaga x next9 ringslings. It makes us feel like ringsling rockstars.

googooandgaga ringsling

Happy babywearing!

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    1. Haha thanks Mia!!

      Hey I got a message one time nga from someone in CDO asking about babywearing support there. I wanted to refer you. In the future, may I point them your way?

  1. Hi sis, congrats! Ang galing ng hip & back carry parang napaka simple lang gawin! At dahil sau gusto ko na din mag-try ng ringsling :) thank you!

  2. Hi Ms. Eli! This is long overdue, but I wanted to thank you for coaching me on how to use Next 9’s ring sling during FAB’s last event. Your tips were such great help (esp the one-rail-at-a-time adjusting). We have been wearing our Basti since then! (our son’s name is also Sebastian :) thanks again!

  3. omg ELIZA!! i now know where i met you! when i saw the gymboree doll it clicke! you were the teacher for a gymboree class! and i think that was basti we met, you brought him while you were teaching the class!!! i remember you said he walked before crawling or something he skipped a milestone. that was in 2010-2011. you were a substitute teacher.

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