The Next9 Babywearing Video is Out!

A while back I mentioned on a babywearing post that I, along with other babywearing moms helped Jen of next9 in filming her new ringsling instructional videos. That day was just such a fun day spent babywearing, eating really yummy food and spending time with like-minded moms. On that day, we also filmed interviews that next9 turned into a babywearing video titled, “next9: Promoting the Life and Style of Babywearing”. What do you think of the title? #fishing

I’m posting it here to share. I’m so honored Jen asked me to be part of this project. When Basti is big already and won’t even want to give me a kiss in public, I can always go back to this babywearing video and cry buckets.

My favorite scenes:

  • Denise going “Stop the car!”
  • Basti and I doing turns in a ringsling back-carry.
  • Jenny being interviewed, talking to little E in her “mommy” voice. So adorable.
  • Jen’s pictures babywearing then-little K. #payatdotcom



7 thoughts on “The Next9 Babywearing Video is Out!”

  1. hi, just wanted to know if ther will be another babywearing meet soon? i wanted to try on the different kinds of wraps. just to get a feel of them.. im giving birth by april! :)

    1. Hi! There are a number of online stores that sell them. Try looking for next9 or Tickled Moms on Facebook. There’s also a link on my sidebar for the online store of Mothering Earthlings. She has them as well.

  2. hi! i’m a new mom to a 2-month old daughter and knowing about this ring slings is such a relief especially now that I am back working and had to leave my baby at home! Please help! I need to get one the soonest.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi there I have been thinking about whether you can call babywearing a lifestyle or not… I am not sure you can, however, choosing to wear your baby definitely gives you more freedom. This might result in a more relaxed attitude. And, given the growing amount of wraps available, the wrap definitely becomes a part of your outfit and a means by which you can express your personality.

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