Babywearing the Big Boy: The SaYa and Other Thoughts

I got a comment from Tedda, asking about SaYa use for her 2 year old who’s turning 3 very soon. Instead of replying to her comment, I thought that I might as well post a followup “report” on my babywearing status now that Basti is quite a big boy already. Have I shown you guys his ID picture?


Hee hee hee.

So being the big boy that he is now, he’s become quite heavy and recently just learned to walk on his own. Do I still wear him? Yes I actually do! He stays in his stroller for longer periods now, but he still does ask to be worn while we’re walking at the mall or at the supermarket. When it’s just him and me, babywearing still saves the day when I have to pay bills, do grocery shopping, etc. Plus, when he’s moody and cranky, wearing him is still the best way to get him all calm for a much-needed nap.

If you guys have read my posts on the SaYa before (here, here and here), you already know I have three SaYas: 2 in Semi-Stretch Knit (the SSK) and one in Versatekk (V-Tek). Even though the carriers are meant to be worn from infancy to the toddler period, I find that the SSK did not meet that for me. The SSK started become quite tight for me and Basti (NO, I did not gain weight – I know what you’re thinking!! :p) to the point that Basti doesn’t want to be worn in it anymore. Now that he’s bigger, we can only use the Versatekk. I’ve actually sold one of my SaYas already. I was a size L, so I’m wondering if an XL SaYa would be better for us these days.

Our Blissful Babes pouch and Next9 Baby slings are working well for us these days.

(Sorry, it was a no-makeup day. Jennifer will stand in for me in this pic. Otherwise, it’s horrifying)

The pouch and ring sling are great because they’re so easy to get in and out of, but nothing beats the SaYa when it comes to comfort for my poor back. Especially now, that Basti is at 10KG and growing!

UPDATE: Tedda’s baby is only 2 months going on 3 pala. #mommymushbrain

28 thoughts on “Babywearing the Big Boy: The SaYa and Other Thoughts”

  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Winner ang no-makeup concealer mo!

    As for me, Vito’s become too heavy for the sling. I am sort of giving up na, hahahaha. But he still does remain calmest when he’s worn. Yesterday I wore him around the house while waiting for his dad to finish cleaning up after breakfast, and was just observant. It really is the most convenient way to keep your kid quiet!

  2. I loved baby wearing! It really does save the day. When they got bigger I found the Mei Tai worn like a back pack was easiest on my back. Not too easy to get on and off though. Once they hit 12-13 kilos I gave up though.

    1. I want to try that Mei Tai. I’ll see nga if anyone’s selling locally or order it from Amazon. I read on a forum that some moms make their own. Effort. Ayaw.

      1. my friend sells mei tai.
        check out

        i’ve used a ring sling and pouch for my first baby. was looking at your site to see how a Saya carrier is used. Do you recommend it for newborns? :) thanks!

  3. Hahahah Eli! Ano ba tawang-tawa ako sa J-lo stand in mo! Also, ang gwapo naman ni Basti sa ID pic nya :) Kahit na suplado ang expression :)

  4. too bad wearing the baby sling we have doesn’t work for me, i think my height (and size!) makes it quite cumbersome! esp now that Raph’s at 7kg! fortunately the Muffin Man is game for it and has worn him using the ring sling a few times out already :)

    1. Are we, really? 😀 Where are you in the area? Maybe we’ll bump into each other in the local Hypermart, hehe.

  5. Hello sis! I just ordered my saYa from rica and charmaine of Brusselsprouts this afternoon lang. Im expecting to have it on monday pa, they have the color i wanted kase. :) hehe. Im super excited to get it already and proudly use it outside, like malling, etc! I’ve been using a pouch kase when at church and moms who carries their babies by hand couldn’t help to stare at us, (not just so sure if it’s for good reasons but i’m just so proud to be babywearing!) how much more if im wearing my little honey in my saYa right!? (the pouch is getting tight na pala cause it’s my friend’s and technically she’s more slender than i am,in short, it’s not theright size for me and for my son. That’s why i really need my saYa).thanks to you! By the way,i got VTB n TEAl. Originally i was supposed to get black diba, pero wala. Then i opt for COBALT, wala din daw, kaya TEAL was the next best choice for my liking..:) sis u think size zero ako?? I really hope so! Again, im 5’3 in ht, 122Lbs.,24.5inches – measurement from shoulder to hip(across) :) thank so much sis :)

    1. Yey for you!

      I’m a bit taller than heavier than you. According to the size chart, I should be a size 1, but I tried it and found it to be too loose. I wear a size zero too!

  6. OMG! I did a double take. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, “parang nag parlor si Elai!” LOL!

    When you wear Basti in a pouch or the ring sling, make sure his butt is same level as your waist. It’ll help in relieving the “heaviness” of the baby!

  7. hi! my jack’s 9months old already and weighs around 11kg but we still use our saya. he still loves bouncing around in it (i guess mommy bounces when she walks – LOL). am thinking of shifting to the mei tai or the moby wrap, too. gotta find one soon.

  8. hi! ive been pondering on w/c saya to buy (ssk or vtek).. im currently using a ring sling and a pouch on my 9 month old baby but sometimes my back really hurts from carrying him na, lalo na when we go malling/walking since he’s 10kg already.. hence me wanting an evenly weight -distributing carrier like saya.. 😀 please help! and also pwd bang humirit ng babywearing meet?! need to learn a lot pa talaga! thanks in advance!

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