Babywearing Meet 4 Was A Blast!

First of all, I would like to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who came, supported and contributed to Babywearing Meet 4. The support is so very encouraging and you guys are sure to see more events like this in the future! We are a work in progress, so please bear with us if there are issues with registration, venue, etc. We’re learning as we go along. By the time we hold Babywearing Meet 12 in SMX (naaaaaks!!!) we would have figured it all out already.

The Filipino Association of Babywearers (more on this in the coming weeks!) would like to thank the vendors (Next 9, SaYa, Ruxpin, Ergo Baby, Numa, Bosom Buddies, Tickled Moms, Bailey’s Comfort) and the raffle and giveaway sponsors (Mothering Earthlings, Manila Baby Shop, Green Sproutlets, That’s D’ Pointe, Medela Moms, Mamaway, googoo&gaga, Eden, Roots & Wings Trading, Mommy Treats, Thrifty Mama, Caleb’s Closet, Celestina & Co.) for their generosity. Your contribution really made the meet so much fun and people were so delighted with all the wonderful prizes they won!

We missed Abbie of Maya and Denise of Indigo Baby. I hope to see you guys at the next meet! I would also like to give special thanks to Jonie of Mamaway, who gave so much of her time, resources and energy to the meet!

Here are a few pictures. Jenny of Chronicles of A Nursing Mom has more and she’ll be sharing those with you guys really soon. Thank you to our “official photographer” Stan Ong, for taking wonderful pictures!


1. Buding and Bianca for Ruxpin Baby Carriers
2. The SaYa booth (Buding again!) and Belle of Cruisin’ Mommyhood
3. Numa and the Boba Carriers
4. Ergo Baby with Jay, the babywearing dad.


5. Naima and Anya’s little sari-sari store provided refreshments
6. The Next 9 booth is so lonely without the bubbly Jen Tan
7. Naima babywearing her doll! How cute is that!
8. Jonie of Mamaway, Chronicles of A Nursing Mom‘s Jenny and me wearing Basti.


9. Buding and Biance kicking off the demos with the Ruxpin Mei Tai
10. Registration
11. Babywearing mommas!
12. The crowd.


Hands free!!!!!! Photo by Stan Ong.

We had such a wonderful time. Till our next babywearing meet!

17 thoughts on “Babywearing Meet 4 Was A Blast!”

  1. So disappointed to have missed this event! I was really looking forward to learning more about babywearing in preparation for my little one’s arrival. Do you have these events only once a year? Hopefully, I can join the next one with my baby. :-)

  2. Congratulations to the organizers… It was so much fun. And I was lucky to have won in the raffle :) Can’t wait for the next meet.

  3. Hi, just wanted to know how i can get in touch with the sellers of Ruxpin? do they have a website or a multiply site where I can look at their products? I’m looking for a mei tai carrier but so far the only seller I’ve seen online is the tickled moms site but they don’t have a lot of choices. Could you point me to other sellers please? Thank a lot! By the way, I enjoy reading your blog posts! :)


  4. Hi, I would just like to ask when is your next event. I am currently looking for a good baby carrier for my 2 month old baby. I used to have a Jellybean sling for my first child but I barely used it. It was very complicated to use and i feel that my daughter is not comfortable. I even watched the tutorial video on how to use it properly but still unsuccessful.
    Hoping to get one carrier which we can really use, as i prefer carrying my baby than putting her in the stroller. Hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance! :)

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