About Me

Married to a painter of extraordinary talent. I am his biggest fan.

Mother to a future painter who will inherit his father’s talent. So we hope.

I am cheeky, sometimes downright brutal.

When I am down I always remember the scene from “Mary Poppins”, “I Love to Laugh”. And I do. A lot.


My name is Eliza Santiago-Ypon. In my life I’ve been an office slave, NGO worker, events producer, theater actress, writer, Mandarin teacher, social media specialist, Gymboree clown and a student forever. I’ve been blogging since 2002, mainly as a way to channel the words that are too much for my brain to handle. I write about life, motherhood, shopping, lifestyle choices and the occasional mind dump that makes absolutely no sense. I love to share my finds, and knowing that I’ve somehow helped makes me smile.

Because of my passion for breastfeeding, this blog has also served as my venue to champion the advocacy. The newest feather on my cap is that of a peer breastfeeding counselor with L.A.T.C.H. I’m also a major babywearing fan! This other passion gave birth to F.A.B. or the Filipino Association of Babywearers. Together with Jen Tan, Jenny Ong and Buding Dee, we aim to spread the love and value of babywearing to anyone who cares to learn.

If you’ve got something new for me to discover, I’d love to hear about it. Mosey on over to my Contact Page and tell me all about it. See ya!


Life as a wife, a mother and a muse