Sharing: Our Photo Shoot at The Picture Co.

It’s been a while since Basti and I had a picture session at The Picture Co. Basti was 9 months when these were taken:

Three years later, we’re back! The SoMoms were invited to have a picture taking session just in time to produce cards and tags for the holidays. We were very excited. And when I say “we”, yes I really mean Basti. Contrary to his pensive and serious nature, Basti actually loves photo shoots. Note, I say “photo shoots” and not “having his picture taken” because those are two entirely different things to him. My little man has model tendencies, so it seems.

I wasn’t in the best of moods coming into the session. I had just come from an all-nighter at the Nanay Bayanihan tent and I was tired, cranky, somber and bothered. But being in the shoot really lifted my spirits. How could it not? The pictures say it all.

Basti had his turn in his favorite outfit – hat and bowtie.

And had a messy fun time playing with paint.

Then Basti and I had a mother-and-son picture together.

And this is my headshot. I haven’t had one in a long time. Is this a sign of my stage comeback? (Comeback talaga?)

The photos we took will also be laid out for Christmas postcards and tags. Truth is, I’m not much of a Christmas person (a Scrooge to the hilt), but I must say the cards were ones that I can live with. I’ll Instagram them once they’re ready. The samples were really cute.

So right now, they have an ongoing promo. Free family photo sessions!! Yey! You can bring up to eight (8) family members to have a free photo shoot at any The Picture Co. branch. The promo is only till December 15, 2013, so call the branch of your choice and book your session now. Print out or take a screenshot of this coupon to avail of the promo. Have fun!

Thank you The Picture Co. – Podium for the lovely photos! Follow them on Twitter at @TPCPodium and @thepicturecoph.

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Milk for Wilbert

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long absence. I’ve been preoccupied with a lot of things, one of them being the Nanay Bayanihan tent in Villamor, something that I will write about a bit more on another post.

I want you guys to meet Wilbert.

He’s one of the babies that we took in at the Nanay Bayanihan tent. He was breastfed from birth, until his mother died during Typhoon Yolanda. He was rescued, floating in the flood waters, and is now being cared for by his aunt, uncle and grandmother in Manggahan, Pasig.

At the tent, we took turns nursing him – me, Mye and Emily – and he fell asleep while I wore him in a sling. He’s a happy, giggly, little boy, and all the volunteers fell in love with him in the few hours he spent at the Nanay Bayanihan tent. His grandmother and his tita were oriented by Dr. Wang on cupfeeding and appropriate infant nutrition for his age and beyond, and his family is willing to do what they can. But Wilbert needs our help!

We are hoping to be able to sustain his breastmilk to at least the 6-month mark. We are accepting pledges for breastmilk donations. The goal of this drive is sustainability, so not all donations will be picked up right away. We want to make sure that Wilbert gets enough breastmilk in the coming weeks – enough for his use, enough to store it properly and enough so that we do not get donor fatigue.

If you would like to enlist yourself as a breastmilk donor, please fill up the Google form below. If you have milk you want to donate right now, do still fill up the form and then please shoot me an email at and I’ll coordinate with you for the drop-off points.

Note that this breastmilk drive is a straight-from-the-heart donation and we cannot expect the family of Wilbert to replace your milk bags, storage containers or ask them to pick up milk from the ends of the earth. Let’s do what we can to help the family and help them to cope with everything they’ve been through, starting with Wilbert’s milk.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you in advance.

If you cannot see the form below, click on this link: