See You at Breastfeeding Uncovered! {Dr. Jack Newman Giveaway Winner Announcement}

I have to say. This may just be the most difficult giveaway I’ve ever done. I really wish I could just treat everyone I know to Dr. Jack Newman’s symposium. That’s how important and relevant I think this event is to the breastfeeding community.

First off, I’d like to thank all the people who sent in their entries. I was very touched by each one, and choosing the winners was not easy!

So the two winners for the Dr. Jack Newman giveaway are:

1. Diane Buddahim. May the symposium fuel your determination and kick off a journey into the breastfeeding advocacy.

2. Judea Baisas. I hope the symposium gives you the knowledge and information to rally more support in your company for lactation facilities and encourage other moms in your workplace to do the same. That is your legacy.

But let’s not stop there. It so happens that Unilab, a long-time supporter of The Painter’s Wife, stepped in and pledged FIVE more people to attend the symposium! So the additional five people who get tickets to Breastfeeding Uncovered are:

1. MJ Chua-Ordoña. I am sure your little patients in the NICU and their families will greatly benefit from the information you will gain from Dr. Jack Newman. We need knowledgable medical practitioners on the frontline!

2. Sandy Lorraine Hilario Tad-y. Thank you for sharing your breastfeeding journey so far. You are doing an awesome job and I’m sure the symposium will give you the motivation to go, go go!

3. Gayzell de Jesus. Your story really touched my heart and I celebrate your triumphs! I hope the symposium inspires you and may that fire spread to your co-nurses.

4. Em Alcantara. You deserve this so much. See you at the symposium and see you at the next LATCH training seminar.

5. Sally Abella. I know your heart is so attuned to the advocacy. I look forward to your growth as an advocate and a counselor.


To everyone, again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your entries really gives encouragement and affirms that breastfeeding has support here and there are people out there who are willing to learn, support, and protect breastfeeding.

See you at the symposium!



Of MAC Workshops and Make Up School

My friend Myrene always invites people to come and join in on occasional makeup workshops held at a MAC store. I’ve been able to attend a couple so far, and really had fun. If you’re a makeup geek, most of all a MAC fangirl, you should really go and attend one. So, what goes on in a MAC workshop?

If you arrive early, you can go and play with all the toys.

Johann and the target of his makeup experiment.

Myrene. Lovely, as always. (Please do visit her page and see her awesome work here:

Then you get a mini-tour of the store, with an introduction to the MAC products, highlighting the special collection of the season.

Raf of MAC showing us the powder products.

Whenever I look at this wall, I swear I hear angels sing.

The MAC brush collection.

Then the best part – a MAC makeup artist does a demo, where you can learn how to use certain products, get tips in application, and learn about different techniques. I particularly love discovering all the different ways each artist uses brushes for every step of the application. It gives me something new to try. For my first visit, MAC artist Nicole did a photogenic look, because the audience then were mostly people from theater. Very useful for headshots.

The second time, the focus of the demo was on MAC’s latest collection, Temperature Rising. It was a bronze-y, glowing, fresh and sexy look, and it made the already beautiful model look like a desert goddess. I learned so much from that session with the artist, Nico.

Now that’s what I call a beautiful mess.

The wonderful people from MAC. Myrene, Raf and Nico.

Aside from the makeup demos, you can also get special deals on products. My latest acquisitions are the MAC Matchmaster foundation and Heroine lipstick. May I just say that I love these two products? Matchmaster is like second skin and I have to consciously stop myself from wearing Heroine everyday. It is such a gorgeous color. At that time, I got a free lipliner. Yey.

So why all this makeup learning? Well, I decided I would take a plunge and do this:

Back to school! Makeup artist school, that is. I’m currently taking the Intensive Basic Professional Makeup course at The Makeup Secrets School. l I have been enjoying myself immensely. It can get tiring, and I miss Basti like you won’t believe when I’m off to makeup class, but I know I just have to do this already or else I won’t forgive myself for not trying.

In the past few weeks, I’ve been learning how to do different looks, both on myself and on a model.

Our assignment is to recreate the looks on someone else during the week. Kris of was my test subject last week.

Photo from ocmominmanila’s Instagram

This week I will have the honor of having my mom and grandmother as my models, as we tackle makeup for mature women. I can’t wait.

I am giddy with excitement. I really don’t know where all this will lead, but I thought it was high time I began doing something related to makeup rather than just talking about it all the time (not to mention buying it all the time).  I can’t wait what this chapter of my life will bring. Initially I was scared; I thought I was too old and it was too late. But Manila Mommy told me, “Kung hindi ikaw, sino? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan?” (If not you, then who? If not now, then when?)

Touché. This is one off the  bucket list for me!

Thoughts from Mommy-Driver

It’s 11am, and we’re just about ready to go into our get-ready-for-school routine. The baon is packed, Basti’s had his early lunch and the house is humming with activity. Normal.

Basti has really adjusted to his school life. He is excited to go to class everyday and he is overflowing with stories when I pick him up after class. I’m happy for him. As for me, I’m still adjusting.

In the 4 years that I’ve been married to Orley, I’ve turned into a homebody. It’s in the little aspects of my life that you see the transformation. I surrendered my iBook for an iMac. Sandals and slippers dominated my shoe collection, and the wedges and the stilts got pushed to the back row. I couldn’t leave the house two days in a row without feeling disoriented. Now I am out 7 days a week, and it’s driving me nuts.

This week was the beginning of Basti’s full schedule, and the start of my three-hour waiting time. I spent Monday’s waiting time watching a movie. It was a bad idea because I watched World War Z alone. I felt sorry for the couple that sat beside me. To those people, sorry for all the cursing and screaming I did the entire movie. Serves me right for watching WWZ when I know I’m so duwag. But I must say: Brad Pitt, wala kang kakupas-kupas.

And then the other day I tried out Yen Yen on Wilson. I had Taiwanese beef noodles and fried dumplings. Mega-YUM. It reminded me of the food I had gotten so used to while I was living in Northeast China. I want to go back and sample all the items on the menu. After, I dropped by Mobler, bought some Ikea stuff, and checked out the new Rustan’s Fresh on P. Guevarra.

Yesterday, I chanced upon a parking slot and decided to wait out at school. I hung out a bit at the office and was able to score a slice of puto from Teacher Lizzie. Do you guys think that’s weird? It’s because I am a hybrid. Having been a teacher in  Basti’s school many years ago, I am both parent and teacher, so there’s no need to be formal with me, hehe. Along with my puto, my snack of the day was one of my all-time favorites:

Banana-cue and fishballs. Found in a little canteen in San Juan.

Today I will go for a facial at DermaPro. Tomorrow? I don’t know.

So I therefore conclude that by the end of the school year I will be either broke, overweight, have really good skin, or all of the above. If I run out of things to do, I’ll just sleep in the car. Ubos ang glamor.

Blanca de China Lifestyle Spa: A Piece of Peace in San Juan

My new place-to-be is San Juan. I say that not out of choice but lack of it. Basti’s school is in the area, so I find myself in the area, five days a week, three hours a day. At least. Oh what to do, what to do?

At the very least, I’ve got one place to go to in the area when I’m feeling tired and ragged around the edges. In the quiet little corner of P.Guevarra and Ibuna is a quaint little spa called Blanca de China. It’s in a pretty cool area of San Juan. The street itself is quiet, tree-lined and devoid of the usual rush and rage that is of this very busy street. This is the facade.

Tell me this scene doesn’t make you want to take your shoes off, put on your headphones and surrender your hands and feet to their very competent therapists.

There are tiny little bits of  inspiration everywhere.

Inspiration you may take home with you, if you wish.

They even have a tandem room where one can have a massage while the other is getting hand and feet treatments. Perfect for couples or girl friends who want to chit-chat while getting pampered.

For that day, I got their Ivory facial, which had me dozing off in no time. I plan to go back very soon for a massage and a mani-pedi.

To cap off your treatment session, you get a pretty little tray with tea and a cookie. Duma-Downton Abbey.

Thank you Joanne of Blanca de China for my wonderful afternoon! I’ll see you  guys again real soon.

Find Blanca de China on Facebook:

Blanca de China is located at 259A, Ibuna cor. P. Guevarra St., San Juan, MM.