The Next9 Babywearing Video is Out!

A while back I mentioned on a babywearing post that I, along with other babywearing moms helped Jen of next9 in filming her new ringsling instructional videos. That day was just such a fun day spent babywearing, eating really yummy food and spending time with like-minded moms. On that day, we also filmed interviews that next9 turned into a babywearing video titled, “next9: Promoting the Life and Style of Babywearing”. What do you think of the title? #fishing

I’m posting it here to share. I’m so honored Jen asked me to be part of this project. When Basti is big already and won’t even want to give me a kiss in public, I can always go back to this babywearing video and cry buckets.

My favorite scenes:

  • Denise going “Stop the car!”
  • Basti and I doing turns in a ringsling back-carry.
  • Jenny being interviewed, talking to little E in her “mommy” voice. So adorable.
  • Jen’s pictures babywearing then-little K. #payatdotcom



DermaPro Clinic Giveaway: The Winner!

First of all, thank you everyone for the wonderful support you gave to this giveaway! It’s very encouraging. There will be some more giveaways coming up soon, so keep posted!

So without further ado, the winner of the Anti-Aging Facial Package from DermaPro Clinic is….

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to Christine Bacal Batiller!! Please check your email. I hope to run into you at DermaPro! :)

Beauty Junkie Post: Makeup Collection Update!

I’ve made it quite known by now that when it comes to makeup, I’m really quite obsessed. I’ve been building up my makeup collection ever since I realized how much I’ve neglected my love for makeup. Since then I’ve been buying more stuff, and I blogged about my new acquisitions a few posts back. Since then, I’ve added a few more things to my makeup collection. Here are a few notable additions to the ever growing makeup stash.

I needed to grow my brush collection quick, and I found a convenient and affordable solution with the Charm 21-piece PRO brush set. I bought a few brushes from Sophie before this and was quite happy with them. Great value for money and I like the brush selection a lot.

I’m still looking for more brushes, and I started off the next phase of brush collection with my first Sigma brush. The F86 tapered kabuki is a dream to use with undereye concealer (as I learned from my favorite YouTube makeup guru, TiffanyD). Thank you Jen for this wonderful birthday gift!

And so my brushes look a little dirty because I have not washed them yet! In between the tedious shampoo sessions, I use this:

I won this J&C Super Clean Solutions Makeup Brush Cleaner from a Live, Love, LOLZ contest by my friend Karrots. It’s great for spot cleaning and leaves your brushes smelling minty-fresh. Several Multiply beauty shops sell it, including Beauty and Minerals, where I bought my Charm brushes.

For lip products, I decided to go NYX sampling, and got a few items from Digital Traincase. I love NYX – good quality for such an affordable price. Hoarding their stuff is so guilt-free.

I bought two nude lip pencils, one in Peekaboo Neutral and one in Nude Pink.

And a few lipsticks, plus a matte lip cream. In order they are: matte lip cream in San Paolo, lipgloss in Whipped, round lipsticks in Echo and Doll, Black Label lipstick (I think) in India, and another round lipstick in Haute Couture.

Swatched them too, in case you’re curious:

The colors are in the order I mentioned them above, starting with the lip pencils.

I also tried a new foundation/concealer duo. Face It Oil Cut foundation and concealer from The Face Shop is supposed to be pore-refining, and I’m happy with both so far. The foundation blends on pretty well, and I love that the concealer is double-ended – a liquid and a stick!

More face stuff here.

I learned about the ELF blush/bronzer duo from The Makeup Geek on YouTube. It’s not as awesome as the NARS blush/bronzer duo but you can’t go wrong with this product for the cost. It’s really affordable from the beauty sellers on Multiply. Bought this one from Stuff In Style. I also got a black/grey eyebrow set from NYX (I find it weird to have dark brown brows with some eyeshadow shades). The blush here is possibly the most awesome blush in the world! It’s Glisten from the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blushes, and I love it so much I wish I could get all of them. I got them locally from the French Macarons online store.

For eyes, I added a few base colors and primers. My favorite is the Smashbox eyelid primer, but I also bought NYX’s version just because it’s said to be the best drugstore eyelid primer out there. Haven’t opened it yet. And then there’s Urban Decay’s Primer Potion – I’m not a fan of this. As a base color I got MAC’s Paint Pot in Painterly which I absolutely love! It’s the perfect base color for most daytime makeup I wear. The one on the right is from LA Splash, oneof the samples I got in the January Glamourbox. It’s a shimmery neutral color that I like to wear under matte shadows.

I haven’t found a pencil eyeliner I like (hooded lids and creamy eyeliners don’t mix) but I found love with the Revlon Colorstay liquid liner pen (sorry for the blurry picture). I also love gel liners, but I wasn’t too happy with the Tony Moly one (left, in brown). I tried Maybelline’s (on the right) and I’m happy with it! It goes on very smoothly and stays put. Very easy to use with a small angled brush or an eyeliner brush.

And, my favorite addition in this batch – the original Naked palette!

I spoke about wanting this too when I got the Naked 2 palette, and Cecile was so sweet to give me one for Christmas. Here’s the Naked and Naked 2 palettes, if you want to compare. I can’t pick one over the other, and I find myself jumping from one’s pans to the other’s when I’m doing my eyes. (Naked 2 on top, Naked on the bottom)


I’ve got some stuff coming in from Sephora next month. I can’t wait to see those and share them with you makeup and beauty junkies too!


(Giveaway Alert!) DermaPro: Because Beauty Junkies Need Good Skincare

I am obsessed with skincare. I have been since I was a very pimply teenager who saw many many dermatologists and had to endure many many treatments in the past two decades. Thankfully, my hormones began to have pity on me and my skin problem went from impossible to manageable. BUT. With my 38th birthday just around the corner, my anti-acne obsession has turned into an anti-aging obsession. More than worrying about looking older (happened already) or getting wrinkles (not happened yet, thanks to my oily skin), it’s about keeping my face healthy and blemish-free. I kinda think that if you’re as obsessed with makeup as I am, you better be as obsessed with skincare.

I got an invitation from DermaPro last year, and I finally, finally got to pay them a visit very recently. The two dermatologists behind DermaPro, Drs. Candy Villaroman-Tuliao and Feliz Orig-Palma, are two cool babywearing and breastfeeding mamas who totally understand what moms are looking for in a skin care facility. Friends since medical school, putting up their own clinic is a fulfillment of many years of friendship and partnership.

The services menu of DermaPro pretty much reads like a normal dermatology clinic. They offer facials, slimming solutions, hair reduction, peels, and other dermatological things. What I like about DermaPro is the very casual and relaxed atmosphere, and the personal care you get from two women who know what they’re doing. There are little touches of Candy and Feliz everywhere, the bathroom is quite nice (says a lot to me) and the waiting room is cozy and kid-friendly. Yes, you may leave your little one at the waiting room. The TV is armed with The Backyardigans and other kiddie shows. The clinic is also right in front of Mobler so you can do some IKEA shopping before or after, and have a milk tea and stuffed peppers at Tea Tap which is right around the corner.

During my chat with Doc Candy before my treatment, we touched a bit on the Philippine Dermatological Society’s Skin Safety Campaign. It’s so important to go to a clinic with real dermatologists at the helm to make sure that everything they do to you is safe and apt for your concerns and the staff under them are trained properly to administer some treatments. So don’t take every offer of just anyone to inject you with glutathione for cheap. It’s too scary.

DermaPro’s treatment area

That afternoon, I got to try DermaPro’s RF (Radio Frequency) treatment on my face, and the DermaPro Anti-Aging Facial. The radio frequency stimulates collagen synthesis and urges your skin to get going and fight gravity. At this point, Doc Candy says this is mainly preventive for me, because I don’t have any real visible sagging yet. (Thank God) The machine uses heat to make the synthesis more effective, and it was very soothing. The treatment consists of two wands, with the red light doing the collagen synthesis, while the blue light has acne-prevention properties as well.

I like the RF machine, “Magic Pot.” I found it so cute. It looks like a rice cooker.

After the RF Treatment, one of the DermaPro gals, Lyka, gave me an anti-aging facial. She has magic hands. She cleansed and gently gave my skin a scrub, with a very relaxing facial massage. After that came the enzyme peel, some extraction and then a collagen serum mask that came with a neck and shoulder massage. I hope I got that sequence right, because I dozed off at some point. It was sooo relaxing.

Getting an enzyme peel. All done. With Lyka.

I felt fresh and rejuvenated after the facial. No swelling and no dear-Lord-don’t-let-me-run-into-anyone-I-know moments. I was able to do errands after without looking too hideous.

And here’s the best part, one of my readers will get to try DermaPro’s Anti-Aging Facials too! DermaPro will be giving out an Anti-Aging Facial Package that consists of 6 facial sessions, valued at PhP1,000 per session! Thank you DermaPro!

Here’s the contest stuff:

  1. All treatments will be availed at the DermaPro clinic at 200 Wilson St., San Juan, Metro Manila.
  2. All entries will be tracked via Rafflecopter. Here’s how you can gain entries:
    • “Like” the DermaPro page on Facebook. (required)
    • “Like” The Painter’s Wife page on Facebook. (required)
    • Share a skin-care tip from the DermaPro Facebook page on your Facebook account and/or RT a skincare tip by @DermaPro_Clinic to your Twitter followers. Please tag both DermaPro and The Painter’s Wife on your FB and Twitter shares so we can track and verify your entries.
  3. Entries will be accepted from 12mn of February 7, 2013 to 11:59am of February 21, 2013. Winners will be drawn via Rafflecopter and announced on this blog, Facebook and Twitter. The winner will also be contacted via email.

Good luck everyone! Thank you DermaPro and thank you Dr. Candy and Dr. Feliz for accommodating me and giving me the opportunity to share this with the blog’s readers! See you guys soon at DermaPro!

With Dr. Candy Villaroman-Tulio. (Thank you!!)

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(If you don’t see the Rafflecopter widget, please refresh your browser or click the link above)

Basti Loves: Made In Candy

In the middle of all the holiday rush last December, we were able to sneak in a visit to Made In Candy at the Powerplant Mall. (Thanks Jackie Go for the introduction!) It was super super interesting that I found myself buying candy for Basti and my nephews, met the owners and scheduled another visit to see how the candy was made.

It was so much fun to watch! We arrived to catch the tail end of a batch of smiley candies. It was so cool to see a huge block of candy being stretched into the thinner strips and cut to size.

I stayed around to watch the process for the monkey candy. We saw how the candy was placed on the preparation block, colored, stretched and kneaded by the candy chefs and pieced together like a puzzle to form the design. You can see it somewhat on the side over there in one picture.

My nephews really enjoyed our little “field trip”.

As for the candy, the kids love it! I was concerned that they loved it too much and were eating it like popcorn. But then Arthur of Made In Candy assured me that the ingredients are all natural – fruit extracts and whatnot – and I could be a little more assured that they’re not eating all junk. I myself liked it a lot, and I’m not a big fan of hard candy. It’s fun to get a bottle of assorted designs and try to guess the flavor from the color. It’s even more fun checking if you’re right, over and over again.

You can buy the candy in small and big bottles, and packs of assorted candy or just one kind.

They make fun-shaped candy and lollies too!

(PR photo)

Made In Candy also takes orders for customized candy – what a fun idea for wedding favors, your birthday, or even a company campaign!

(PR photos)

They have a promo for a batch of customized candy going on at the Made In Candy / Philippines Facebook page! The contest is only till February 7, so go and like their FB page. Perfect for V-day!

Visit Made In Candy at the Powerplant Mall.

Visiting Fabella Hospital

I first heard of Fabella as a new mom from Chuvaness. Reading about the resilience of these mothers, babies and the hardworking staff of the hospital is enough to make you pack up your whining and deal with real life. Fabella Hospital has been nicknamed “the baby factory”, and with as much as 70 births a day, there’s no wonder why.

I’ve been trying to schedule a visit for me and The Painter for some time now, so when Johnson’s Baby Philippines offered us a visit to the hospital and take a look at their Touch Therapy facilities, Orley and I did not hesitate to confirm.

It was a madhouse. Fabella’s nickname “baby factory” is true to the letter. Right from the entrance of the hospital, to the labor and delivery area and the maternity wards, it was a whirlpool of human activity and a cacophony of noise. Inspite of the mayhem, there is an air of excitement laced with joy and a positive vibe still prevails. I guess nothing can damper the joy of a baby coming into the world.

The Fabella maternity ward

We were taken through the labor room, the delivery room, the pediatric ward and the maternity ward. It was very eye-opening and it was wonderful to talk to the moms who had just given birth. They came in all ages, shapes and sizes. From the “seasoned” mother of 5 to the young girls in their very, VERY, early teens.

photo by Lawrence del Mundo

I cast my politics aside on that day (but just so you know, I am happy that the RH Bill passed), and focused on the hospital’s care policies. For simple, spartan hospital, you will be amazed at their implementation of the Essential Newborn Care Protocol or Unang Yakap. Their breastfeeding support is outstanding, and their milk bank is amazing, as reported to us by Jenny Ong.

Fabella practices Touch Therapy, an endeavor that is significantly supported by Johnson’s Baby Philippines. We were taken through their procedures by Dr. Santiago, and it was so enlightening to hear how this humble hospital is at the forefront of implementing a protocol that saves baby’s lives. It was so inspiring to see breastfeeding and babywearing being encouraged and practiced by the moms there.

The Johnson’s Touch Therapy Institute in Fabella
Dr. Pinky Imperial demonstrates their kangaroo care technique at Fabella. Photo by Lawrence del Mundo.
photo by Lawrence del Mundo
Daddy’s turn to administer kangaroo care. Photo by Lawrence del Mundo.

The Painter was so energized. It was a visit the two of us will never forget and hope to do again someday soon.

Thank you Johnson’s Baby Philippines for the wonderful experience!