Babywearing: Ringsling Tips and Tricks

I see this phrase too many times on my search word stats page: “painter’s wife blog ring sling tutorial”. So I thought I’d post the ringsling tips and tricks I’ve learned that’s made me and Basti a lean, mean, ringslinging, mother and son team.

Have you seen the next9 tutorial videos? Together with Jenny and Cai, we helped out Jen with an updated version of how-to videos for the next9 ringslings. You can find them here:

The ringsling was not as easy to master for me as the SaYa or the pouch. There are little things about ringslinging that’s best explained through a one-on-one tutorial, but I’ll try my best to share the little tricks that helped make the ringsling the most used carrier in my stable.

1. Always make sure the two rails on the tail are free and untangled. It’s very hard to adjust a sling when the two rail edges are lost in the middle part of the ring.

ringsling tips and tricks


2. Adjust one rail at a time. A lot of moms try to adjust the ringsling by pulling on the entire tail, which simply does not work.

ringsling tips and tricks


3. Lean back when you’re adjusting and put your baby’s weight on you, so you can adjust the sling properly. When I coach moms on babywearing, they’re always so tentative because they’re afraid the baby will fall while adjusting. Putting the baby’s weight on your body frees up your hands somewhat, and will give you more control over the sling. In my first SaYa how-to post, I emphasized the need for CONFIDENCE and CONVICTION when it comes to babywearing. It’s the same for any type of carrier.

ringsling tips and tricks

4. Wrap the sling around the baby, instead of trying to squish baby into the sling. Your sling is adjustable, your baby is not. Another tip is to thread the baby’s legs through the sling by reaching out from under.

5. Don’t start out with the ring already in the right position. Put the ring a little bit higher (especially with the hip and back carry) so it will fall into the right spot after pulling and adjusting.

ringsling tips and tricks

6. Don’t start with too much cloth for the pouch area. It will take longer to adjust and will almost guarantee that the ring will not be in the right position because you have so much to pull. You’ll get a feel for how big the pouch should be when you start as you practice.

ringsling tips and tricks

7. Always adjust the cloth to cover your shoulder area and spread over your back to prevent back pain. Avoid having the sling centered on your shoulder and digging into your neck.

ringsling tips and tricks

I hope this helps you! For any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to answer as best as I can. If not, I’ll bug Jen to answer you, haha!

For this blogpost, I was using one of the new googoo&gaga x next9 ringslings. It makes us feel like ringsling rockstars.

googooandgaga ringsling

Happy babywearing!

(Giveaway Alert!) My Beauty Junkie Partners from Unilab: Celeteque and Asian Secrets

I posted about the return of my inner beauty junkie, but it was a post all about makeup. Another part of my self-preservation quest is good skin. As someone who has lived with bad skin all her life (when I was younger, I was a pimple WITH A FACE), having good skin is super important to me. I may be a few pounds (ok a lot of pounds) overweight right now, but I will never let my skin go. I get a facial every two weeks, without fail.

I’m ruled by my hormones, and breakouts are my hormones’ homies. Even now at 37 years old, I still get a blemish here and there. My skin gets desensitized pretty quick, so I like having a roulette of skin care products. I change them around when I feel that my skin is getting bored.

One brand that I discovered a couple of years back is Celeteque. I was pretty impressed with it when it came out, and I was even more impressed when I found out that it was actually from Unilab. It was against the grain of what I was used to seeing in the lineup of locally-made products.

These are my favorites from their whole product line-up.

  • Celeteque Hydrating Facial Wash – At first I had to get used to it being not-so-foamy (Oh, Philippines, land of the foam-lovers) but after I got past that, I quickly got addicted to this facial wash. I just love how supple it made my skin feel. They’re not messing around when they attached “hydrating” to the product name.
  • Celeteque Makeup Removal Facial Wipes (no picture because I finished it all and haven’t bought them again) – I love this product. It makes taking out the day’s makeup gunk such a breeze.
  • Celeteque Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil – After a makeup removal wipe, I like to run this on my face as well. It takes out all the residue, most especially around the eyes (oh me, the lover of liquid long-staying eyeliner) but also bathing your face in anti-wrinkle goodness.

I’ve also got the Celeteque Anti-Ageing Facial Moisturizer which is on the roulette of my day moisturizers, and the Celeteque Anti-Ageing Collagen Gel, which I like bringing when I travel. I like its light, greaseless consistency, perfect for hot and humid climates. I also use the Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Power Serum capsules (these feel like silk on your face!) and the Celeteque Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash every other day.

The other brand from Unilab that I’ve been using is Asian Secrets. I’ve heard of this sorcery that is Indonesian lulur from my sister-in-law, and I got the chance to try it when Unilab sent me samples of their Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Scrub and Bengkoang Whitening Soap a while back. I have to say, the lulur resurrected my post-partum underarms (oh we mothers know how depressing that could be). I’m not much on whitening soaps, but I like the creaminess of the soap, so I use it too. It doesn’t have a strong scent, which I like a lot.

And here’s the awesome giveaway: Unilab is giving away three Asian Secret sets that will go to three lucky winners! Each winner will receive an Asian Secrets pack as pictured above: three variants of the Asian Secrets Lulur Scrub and two variants of the Asian Secrets Bengkoang Whitening Soap.

Contest notes:

  • Contest will run from today to midnight of December 11, 2012. Winners will be announced within the next 2 days.
  • The contest is open to all Philippine residents.
  • Enter using Rafflecopter below. (If the widget doesn’t appear, refresh your browser! Or you can click on the Rafflecopter link to take you to the contest page)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Out and About: What’s at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar?

We had a great day yesterday! After a wonderful LATCH breastfeeding class at St. Luke’s Medical Center – QC, I picked up Basti at my mom’s house and headed over to the Mommy Mundo Bazaar. Lots of photos coming up!

My tried and true favorite shops are there:

  • Mommy Matters for awesome nursing wear.
  • Mama.Baby.Love and Mamaway’s booth was packed!
  • Beautiful prints for nursing covers from Nursingmom.
  • Babinski Baby, my source for Basti’s favorite receiving blankets.
  • We love Spinkie! This butterfly pillow goes with us everywhere!
  • Wooden toys at Wonderworld
Most of the booths were manned by the mompreneurs themselves.
  •  My fellow #RealMom, the fabulous Paola Loot of Mommy Treats.
  • Audrey Dimarucot of googoo&gaga. I want that whole rack of shirts! I want it all!!
  • Co-LATCHer Ethel Cuerpo-Bernales of Celestina & Co. and her cute hair pieces and tutu skirts for my future baby girl. *crosses fingers*
  • Not-a-mom-preneur Ian Yao, the cool guy behind TipTap soft sole shoes.

If you have a little girl, you must buy a Dizzy Dress. These two boys are so cute! I wanted Basti to pose with them but he wasn’t in a good mood.

I dropped by the booth of the Baby K’Tan distributor, Baby Dragon, to say hello to Tiffany. We were road-testing our K’Tan that day. (Review soon!)

The Mommy Mundo SoMoms were everywhere!

Manila Mommy Neva was at her Manila Baby Shop booth. Her new backpacks are awesome! Perfect for school. My nephew really loves his Manila Baby Shop art folder too.

Hanging out at the SoMoms booth were Jenny and Jen….

.. and my ka-chika for the afternoon, Mommy Fleur, with her lovely daughter Anika.

Basti and Anika couldn’t get enough of the Enchanted Kingdom wizard mascot. Photo op galore.

These booths were new to me and I found them interesting.

Sitting Pretty sells fabric covered magnet boards, washi tape, alphabet wooden stamps, decorated wooden clips and other cute craft things. I forgot to go back for a magnet board!

This store, Amaize, has clothes made out of corn fiber cloth! They promise to be breathable, heat-resistant and hypo-allergenic. Jenny told me this started out as a thesis project of some Ateneo students. (Go Blue!!!)

I was pleasantly surprised to see my good friend Ginny Orbos-Guevara, behind this booth Buggy & Lishy.

They sell the cutest diaper clutch-slash-toiletry kit and really cute blankets, among other stuff.

Lots of great stuff for moms, kids and babies over at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar! You can still drop by today, November 25 from 10am-8pm, at the Rockwell Tent.

Don’t forget to grab your copy of the Mommy Mundo 2013 Mom 24/7 Planner. Got mine! It’s awesome!

Just Sharing: The Sephora Color Daze Blockbuster Palette

Warning: As Basti grows up and I have more time on my hands, y’all are gonna see just how much of a shopaholic I am.

And more posts like this one, that are totally not in the motherhood peg I’ve fit in for a few years now.

My sister Yapi just came home from the States and brought me the Sephora Color Daze Blockbuster Palette. This isn’t a review, as I have yet to actually use the products, but I just wanted to share it with you guys because it’s so darn cute.

It comes in a reusable tote bag. It’s not that big. It’s just about as tall as my phone.


This is the actual box.

The plastic doesn’t feel that durable, so I wouldn’t throw this around. It’s well packed though, with padding and all, so if you’re going to have someone buy it for you from the US, I think it will hold.

So you open up the latch on top…

And it opens to reveal this first layer.

Open up the mirror, and it reveals another set of colors at the bottom.

The box has compartments on each side. Just snap them open like this..

And reveal the whole palette.

Pretty cool huh?

Product information:

  • 22 nude eyeshadows.
  • 42 eyeshadows in different colors and shades
  • 12 cream eyeliners
  • 6 eye topcoats
  • 3 luminizers
  • 6 lip top coats
  • 48 lip glosses
  • 6 eye/lip/cheek creams
  • 3 blushes

All for USD49.50. Not a bad purchase for those who want to play, or as a gift to someone just starting out with makeup. The packaging is so cute, like Geek x Girly. I might as well call it the Makeup-Tron, it’s totally a Transformer for girls.


Havaianas Design A Smile 2: Kids Helping Kids!

A pair of flip-flops can go a long way. In the case of the Design A Smile Project, it can give a child a new smile and a new beginning in life.

Design A Smile is a series of one-day art contests for children 5-12 years old. This year’s DAS project celebrates Smile Month, with the theme, “Paying It Forward: Kids Helping Kids.” All children are invited to come to one of the scheduled Design A Smile days from October-November, and submit a drawing that gives the answer to this question: “What will you do to make other people smile?”

The winning design will be used to produce an actual Havaianas pair that will then be sold.  A percentage of the sales will be donated to Operation Smile Philippines, a non-profit organization which provides life-changing surgeries to children with cleft lips and cleft palates. I love it!

I posted about the upcoming Mommy Mundo Bazaar, and the wonderful thing is, Havaianas Design A Smile will have a booth there too! So from November 24-25, you can bring your kids and tweeners to the Havaianas booth so they can design a pair for Operation Smile. Finalists get awesome prizes from Havaianas, Bobble, Pininho, Hobbes and Landes and McDonald’s. For the Grand Prize winner, their design will be made into an actual pair of Havaianas Smile flipflops, a plaque of recognition and a special gift from Sony.

I checked out the Design A Smile website. This was the winning design from the last Design A Smile. So cute!

photo courtesy of

I just love how art can be used for such a good cause. So if you have kids from age 5 to 12 and have an inclination for design, bring them over to the Mommy Mundo Bazaar to enter into the contest! Wouldn’t you love to have a pair of flipflops designed by your own child? #stagemother

Yet another reason to visit the awesome Mommy Mundo Bazaar. See you next weekend!

For more information and full contest mechanics, please contact or call 840.1788 local 119. You can also visit the website at



Introducing the Mommy Mundo SoMoms! (Giveaway Alert!)

I’ve been blogging since 2002. I’ve got 10 years of blogposts lying around LiveJournal, Blogspot and the soon-to-be-deleted Multiply, and it’s a hodgepodge of shopping finds, angst, sharing of experiences and mind-dumping, sprinkled with a lot of fun and some bad decisions.

Now, as a wife and mother, this blog has grown to more than just a sounding board (or whining board as some of my earlier blogposts reveal) to being a platform for advocacies, a way to connect to other parents, and in some cases, as a business. Writing has always been my language, and blogging became a natural extension of my real-life loquacious self. More mothers on the internet made social media the new “neighborhood playground”, and it was through Facebook, Twitter and blogger events that I met a lot of fellow blogging moms who became colleagues and friends.

An organization that has provided me with a lot of opportunities for myself, the blog, and Basti (hee hee) is Mommy Mundo. Through them I met a lot of brands that wanted to partner up and support my tiny corner of the website, and I’ve enjoyed writing and sharing about these brands and products that I believe in. I always look forward to something Mommy Mundo organizes – it’s not just an opportunity to learn and to share, but to meet up with these moms I have conversations with over Twitter and have come to call as friends. And with that, Mommy Mundo SoMoms was formed!

SoMoms stand for Social Media Moms, composed of a founding group of twelve blogging moms who are all different in personalities, advocacies and blogging goals. But one thing I love about all of these ladies is how fun they are, and how their blogs reflect their personalities and interests. Here are the SoMoms!

Mommy Mundo SoMoms


Neva of Manila Mommy, Michelle of My Mom Friday, Jenny of Chronicles of A Nursing Mom, Tin of the Manila Fashion Observer, me, Janice of My Mundo (and Mommy Mundo’s head mommy), Cai of Apples & Dumplings, Jenny of My Mommyology, Jen of Jen and the 3 Boys, Jackie of Go! Jackie Go, Fleur of Mommy Fleur and Kris of OC Mom In Manila.

The Mommy Mundo SoMoms have lots of things in store for everyone in the coming months! To start off, we’ll be at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar this November 24-25, and you can come to our booth to sit, chat, chika or ask anything about our blogs. We’ve got you covered from breastfeeding, babywearing, recipes, shopping finds, fashion and beauty, health, mompreneurship, parenting and lots lots more. We’d love to to meet you!

The Mommy Mundo Bazaar will be on November 24-25 at the Rockwell Tent.

The new Mommy Mundo 24/7 Planner 2-13 will also be launched at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar.

If you didn’t get one last year, you should see it! It’s got all the stuff that mothers need to organize their day-to-day lives, with spaces for each family’s members’ schedule, a menu planner, grocery list, household staff information, health records, money matters and party planning. It’s also got spaces for our own personal goals and tidbits of inspiration that will help remind you of what being a mom is about inspite of all the things about motherhood that make you want to scream. Hehe.

Each SoMom is hosting a giveaway for this Mommy Mundo prize set:

  • One (1) Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport (worth P175)
  • One (1) Mom 24/7 Planner (worth P395)
  • Entrance to the Mommy Mundo Bazaar
  • The Mommy Mundo shopping bag (worth P30).

Some notes:

  • The prizes are transferable. If you already have a Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport, you can pass it on to a friend or whoever you want!
  • The prizes must be claimed at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar. You will forfeit your prize if you don’t show up.
  • The winner will be announced on November 22.
  • Join through Rafflecopter below!

Good luck and I hope to see you at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar!

Know more about Mommy Mundo SoMoms:
Interested parties may contact us at 

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Join the other SoMom giveaways on their blogs!

Jen and the Three Boys:
Go! Jackie Go:
Manila Mommy:
Apples and Dumplings:
My Mommyology:
Mommy Fleur:
Manila Fashion Observer:
Chronicles of A Nursing Mom:
OC Mom In Manila:

Smart LTE, Come to Me!!!

If you’re someone like me who relies heavily on the internet for, well, LIFE, then a good internet connection is high up on your priority list. These days, it just can’t be good, it has to be FAST. I almost never have time to watch TV and I catch all the latest news online. I love watching shows on the internet, especially live-streaming. But there’s nothing more frustrating than a stalled show because of a sucky connection. Have you ever tried live-streaming on a slow connection? Oh you don’t even know what live-streaming is?


So when this landed in my inbox I was like…. 42 mBps whuuuuuut?????


Do you know what I could do with 42 mBps?? And I’m not even talking about what I could do on the internet. I mean, what I could do with the rest of my life! Half the time I spend online is waiting! I could do my work so much faster and gain more time to spend offline with my family.

My iMac is the most hard-working machine in this house. Blogging, writing, social media management, household stuff, The Painter’s business, communication – all of this and more happens on my computer. At the same time. A good 90% of my tasks need an internet connection, so I won’t even tell you what happens to this house when I don’t have internet.

I love its portability too. There’s a USB modem for laptops, but what I really want is this:

It can connect up to 6 devices, which is perfect for my household. I can even bring it with me when we travel, which would make my clients quite happy. The data plans are pretty flexible, too:

  • Plan 1749 with a 10GB allowance
  • Plan 3500 with a 21GB allowance

And can I say it again? Speeds UP TO 42 MBPS. I’m still geeking out.

Wanna know more about Smart LTE? Head on over to No more waiting! Live life on the fast lane!

Thank you Smart Communications for sponsoring this post on PaintersWife.Com.

Sorry Basti, I’m Going to Talk About Your Butt: The Johnson’s Baby Complete Care System

Last August 22, I attended a luncheon where Johnson’s & Johnson’s presented their 3-step Johnson’s Baby Complete Care System. There was a talk by Dra. Victoria Dizon of the Pediatric Dermatology Society of the Philippines.

Did you know there are only six of them in the whole country? I met them all when J&J presented some materials to some bloggers about product safety concerns which you can read about in Jenny’s blog.

This time around, we were talking about health. More specifically, butt health! So I’m going to apologize in advance to 16-year old Basti because his mother is going to be talking about his butt on the internet and it’s going to be online and Google-able for the rest of his life.

Before I became a mom, I heard so much about what I should be using on Basti when he wees or poos – just water and nothing else, was the frequent piece of advice I got from well-meaning people. I couldn’t take the thought of that, so I really used soap and water to wash Basti, even as an infant.

I was on the right track – somewhat. I learned these from Dra. Dizon that day:

  • Babies’ skin is different from ours. They’re thinner and loses moisture much faster, making them more prone to infection.
  • Water is not enough. Fecal enzymes, the interaction of urine and fecal matter, and the resulting increase in pH on your baby’s butt can lead to serious butt problems. But soap is too harsh! Uh-oh.
  • These are musts for a healthy butt: frequent diaper changes, removal of skin contaminants, and restoring the skin’s pH value.

I learned that there are more incidences of diaper rash when cleaning with just water and a regular cloth versus an emollient baby wipe. Zinc oxide will help skin recover from rashes, and using powder will actually help protect Basti’s butt from wetness and infection.

These days, using powder is discouraged by some sectors, and we raised that point with J&J. They assured us that talc is actually very safe for baby, because it’s particles are too big to get into the lungs. It is not classified as a carcinogen by the US Toxicology Program. Just don’t douse the whole container on your baby’s face, hehe. They said the proper way to apply powder is to first put it on your own hands, then apply to baby’s skin. I remember when polbo was so popular when I was a kid, and I was always being drenched in powder by my mom. So note to self: powder on hand first, then on Basti.

There were samples of Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Wipes and Johnson’s Baby Complete Care Powder during the event. They even showed us how the powder expels water.

They look like gummy worms, hehe.

I like how the new powder feels and smells. It’s got the good stuff: zinc oxide to help protect and heal your baby’s butt from diaper rashes, and magnesium steareate, which helps repel wetness. Less wetness = less infection.

Jen of Next9 was also around during the presentation to talk about cloth diapers and we all took home a Next9 pocket diaper.

The Johnson’s Baby Complete Care System is summarized on Babycenter Philippines, which can be accessed here: You can also visit the Johnson’s Baby Philippines Facebook Page ( to know more about the Johnson’s Baby Complete Care System. If you haven’t “liked” this page yet, you should! They have all sorts of promos and fun stuff going on for parents and their kids all the time.

To make up for the future embarrassment of me talking about your Basti’s butt, I will make up for it by posting this adorable picture of you wearing your Next9 cloth diaper.

Trust me, the girls will love it.

Thank you Johnson’s Baby Philippines! I appreciate the support you give to PaintersWife.Com.