Beyond Breastfeeding With Mommy Matters (Giveaway Alert!)

I posted a couple of months ago about the #RealMom campaign of Mommy Matters. Such a fun campaign. I’m honored to be a part of it.

Mommy Matters is already known for its awesome nursing wear, but really, to me it’s gone beyond that. Truth of the matter is, I hardly wear nursing wear anymore. Well, not deliberately anyway. At 2  years and almost 3 months, Basti has been nursing less and less in public. There are times when his first feeding of the day would be when he wakes up, and the next feeding would be his bedtime session! We’ve begun to wean. It’s bittersweet, but I am comforted by the fact that weaning takes a while, and in our case I have a feeling it’s going to take a year or so.

If you look at my closet though, you will see that I still have a lot of Mommy Matters nursing wear in my “rotation” a.k.a. stuff I wear that still fits.  I even wear my Mommy Matters stuff even when I’m without Basti!

Take this dress for example:

photo courtesy of Mommy Matters

It was perfect for our blogger spa getaway, and I also wore it to host a blogging event for Teleserv (complete with my no-Basti-days-sky-high wedges and toddler-unfriendly accessories). It’s so nice and comfy, but still very smart and tummy-friendly. You know what I mean. #mommytummy I have it in two colors!

This dress was so fun to wear in Boracay, and for days when I want to feel losyang without looking losyang.

photo courtesy of Shop Mommy Matters

This top is my grab-from-the-closet item when I don’t want to think about what to wear.

photo courtesy of Shop Mommy Matters

It’s one of my favorite tops. I wore it for our Mommy Matters ad, which I LOVE.

I think the Mommy Matters clothing line helps me in my everyday #RealMom life and goes beyond nursing wear, at least for me. I prefer to call them “mom wear”, hehe.

Here’s the perfect way you can try out the Mommy Matters clothing and other products lineup! Shop Mommy Matters is giving away P2,000.00 worth of shopping credits to my readers! Yey! You can use the shopping credits for any of the cool stuff on the Shop Mommy Matters site that makes being a #RealMom easier and fun!

Ways to gain entries (via Rafflecopter below)

  1. “Like” Mommy Matters on Facebook and upload your #RealMom statement using the Real Mom app. Additionally, you will get a P100 voucher when you share your #RealMom statement!
  2. Pick out your favorite piece from the Mommy Matters clothing line and leave a comment on this blogpost completing this statement:  “I would wear the Mommy Matters (insert name of piece here) to __________.” Ex. I would wear the Mommy Matters Date Night Dress to a movie with my husband. You can add what shoes you would wear or accessories you would add – let’s play fashionista, haha!
  3. Share this contest on Facebook. Don’t forget to tag Mommy Matters and The Painter’s Wife so we can track your entry.
  4. Tweet about the giveaway.
This contest is open to all readers of PaintersWife.Com nationwide. Giveaway duration is from July 31, 2012 to August 7, 2012. The winner will be announced on August 8, upon verification of the entry. UPDATE: Extended till August 15, 2012!
Good luck! I’m excited to read your comments and your Real Mom statements!

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Basti Loves: Fruit and Veggie Juices from Tipco!

Actually, it really should be, “The Painter and Basti Loves” Tipco! My two boys are absolutely obsessed with this juice brand.

I first heard about Tipco from one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world, Carina. She served me a glass of Tipco broccoli juice when we were hanging out one time and I was so surprised that it was so yummy and refreshing! I never forgot it.








Fast forward to my married life, and me trying to insert some healthy goodness into our everyday menus. The Painter loves juice. We actually want to buy a juicer, but the thought of cleaning it everyday scares the beeswax out of me. I bought him a carton of Tipco broccoli juice and the rest, as they say, is history. Our absolute favorite is the broccoli juice, and I like to add variety by buying a couple of other flavors each week.

When Michelle of My Mom Friday asked me if I could come to a luncheon hosted by Tipco, I was saying yes before she stopped talking.

The lunch was at Alex III on Wilson, a great familiar setting for a really comfortable gathering. It was nice to see familiar faces, and meet new ones.

photo courtesy of My Mom Friday

We met and got to know the people behind Tipco Philippines. They’re really nice and funny. It was very easy to get comfortable and have a great afternoon.

photo courtesy of My Mom Friday

From the presentation, I learned more about Tipco that affirmed our obsession with this particular juice brand.

  • It’s the number one juice brand in Thailand. It has no preservatives, no added sugar, no coloring and no flavoring.
  • I love the fact that there’s no added sugar. All the sweetness comes naturally from the fruit in the juice!
  • They have 22 flavors. TWENTY-TWO. When I told Orley this, he said he wanted to try all of them.

Drinking veggie and fruit juice is a great way to pack in important vitamins and nutrients in your diet. And because it’s in liquid form, it’s more easily absorbed. Well for me, it’s just over-all easier because I can get Basti to drink his daily requirement of fruits and vegetables without too much drama. He LOVES Tipco. My issue before was because it’s natural and preservative-free, we could never finish a whole carton between the two of us before it went bad. (The Painter not included – he can finish a carton a day, and that’s controlling himself already) So I’m so happy that they’re coming out with small sizes for toddlers. Basti can finish this size so easily. No waste!

photo courtesy of My Mom Friday

They have a great promo ongoing. If you buy three 1 liter packs of Tipco juice on a single receipt, you get to join their raffle for trips to Boracay, Puerto Princesa, Cagayan de Oro (white-water rafting!!!) and the Grand Prize – Bangkok! The geek that I am, the coolest thing I thought about the raffle is you don’t have to fill in any raffle stubs and drop them off in tambiolos. All you have to do is visit the Tipco Juice Philippines Facebook page, click on the Tripaway 2 Promo box on their profile page and find the mechanics and raffle entry online! How convenient! I’m going to start saving my receipts because this promo runs all the way to September 30, 2012. You guys can still make the first draw on August 10 for the Cagayan de Oro trip! Stock up on Tipco now!!

Thank you to the local distributors of Tipco, Transaxion Unlimited, for inviting us to the lunch and for all this Tipco goodness! The Painter and The Painter’s Son are particularly grateful!


Two Minutes, Two Years, and A Thousand Miles: A Smart LiveMore Post

It seems like I looked away for two minutes, and not two years, to watch my Basti go from this:

Taken on Basti’s first day on earth.

To this:

Basti blowing out his Swell Sweets Cookie Monster cake.


Suddenly, we’ve got words, animal sounds, the alphabet, counting from 1-20 and the dialogue of Toy Story coming out of his mouth. Suddenly he’s asking for specific food from the refrigerator and telling me whether he wants rice, soup or a banana. When before he couldn’t stand to be without nursing, even just for an hour, now a full day goes by before he cuddles up and asks.

Just last night I came out of the bathroom after my evening toilette (YES I used that word) to find The Painter lying down beside Basti, staring at him. No, not in some heartwarming-father-and-son-moment way, but just simply STARING. I asked him what was up and he was like, “Nothing. I’m just looking at him. He’s so huge.”

And then the other day, we were talking about schools. I was scheduling school visits for the coming weeks and I noticed that The Painter was getting lost in thought. When I asked what he was thinking about, he was like, “What if I’m away? I’m going to miss these. All these big moments.”


All of this sentiment coincides with Smart’s new #LiveMore commercial, right here:

Oh how I wish it were about me and Orley in our more carefree, younger days, but I just can’t fit into a dress like that anymore.

The point. These days, as long as you have a strong, reliable and fast mobile and internet connection, few things can escape you. You could really be a thousand miles away and never miss a thing. Lately, The Painter and I have been talking about the big plans that Art has for our future, and fortunately/unfortunately, those plans involve a big plane, a different continent, and more than just a thousand miles away. We’re not sure how they will pan out, but one thing’s for sure: an indefinite period of time when our family will be apart. Sigh. Sad, sure, but not impossible to overcome. There’s chat, phone calls, video calls, messaging, Face Time, and all the other ways we can keep each other close through modern communication. With a mobile and internet connection I can count on from Smart, to #LiveMore with each other is possible even when living apart. Life’s biggest moments deserve it.


This post is sponsored by Smart Communications.


My La Vida No Yaya Wishlist

Recently, I posted about how I’m doing so far without any household help. I mentioned there that around my house, I have little things that give me joy and actually make my life easier as a homemaker. Well, I’ve decided to expand and make a wishlist of stuff for my life without yaya. If these existed, my house would be heaven on earth.

A dishwasher.

This was also mentioned by Rone in a comment on my maid-less post. I actually tried looking for a dishwasher to buy here in Manila, but they were either a) second-hand and beat-up or b) too damn expensive. If some enterprising person out there would start selling affordable dishwashers, I believe more maid-less households would happen. I swear, washing dishes takes the better part of my day.

A bangin’ refrigerator

It doesn’t have to be a monstrosity like this one:

photo from

But imagine an easy-to-clean, energy-efficient, organized, beautiful refrigerator? Oh grocery shopping would be a joy. I don’t know how these look like from the inside, but they’re so cute. I can work with these. (images from


While I’m at it, I might as wear a pinafore, an apron and put my hair up in curls. How Mad Men of me.

A Rainbow

A friend of mine put me on that dreaded referral list that everyone hates and I felt like I was betraying her if I didn’t allow the Rainbow guy to do a demo in my house. Luckily, the person who came for the demo was not a hard-seller, was very good-natured and did a great job of making me appreciate the vaccuum-that-might-as-well-be-a-car-it’s-so-darn-expensive.

Just check out the before and after photos of the water bowl where all the gunk goes in, and the stuff that was in a strip of my mattress and of my floor. Fifty shades of gross!

I’d go crazy using that Rainbow system on everything. I’d clean the screens. I’d sweep in between the floorboards. I’d give my mattress and pillows a run every week. Heck, maybe it’ll even do a better job in giving Basti a bath.

Better sidewalks, less pollution and an efficient commuter system.

I had a taste of this when I was living in China. Save for the occasional spit bomb and crazy driver (okay, crazy drivers in China: not occasional), it was pretty pleasant where I lived. Winters were a little harsh, but spring was awesome. I could run 10k in pure bliss.

I loved the bus stop system and taxis were easy and cheap. I still dream of bringing Basti back there in springtime and take him down to Xinghai Guangchang and fly a kite by the boardwalk. If only things were better here in Manila, it would be such a treat to spend the day doing chores, then stop at the park for a playdate, then get back home in time for dinner still keeping my wits about.

Grocery delivery

When I had just given birth, this was my wish everyday. I know Rustan’s had this before – Grocering if I remember right – but somehow it didn’t click. I think it was just timing. Could Rustan’s, SM or Shopwise launch this again? I promise you I know several people who will be your customers already. I am not alone.

Drive thru ATMS

I know there was one in Greenhills a long time ago, but like Grocering, it disappeared. Have you ever tried to withdraw money from an ATM with a child sleeping in the carseat? I have, and I’ll never do it again. It’s nerve-wracking. So now I have to unstrap the child from the seat, haul him out, wear him, and do it backwards. I’m still very vulnerable, IMO.

A trustworthy, professional day care center.

I’m lucky I can get my mom to watch Basti when I have somewhere I have to be and I can’t bring him. But seriously, if there were a day care center here that was clean, with professional staff (CPR training, health certificates, training etcetera etcetera), I’d pay for that. Really. And I’m not talking about a place like Gymboree where I can leave a child with a yaya. I’m talking about really LEAVING him, like they do in the States. I worked in a day care for the summer in San Francisco and I think we did alright. If I could do it when I was 19 years old, I’m sure there are very capable ones who can do the same here, with the right capital and management.

And lastly,..


Har har har.

The Painter Wins An International Competition! Yey!

This was the best news this week. My husband, Orley Ypon, won 1st place in the Figurative Category of the Art Renewal Center International 2012 Salon! I’m so PROUD!!

The Art Renewal Center is a group of artists focused on the promotion of traditional techniques and the discipline of realism. Orley has been wanting to join this competition for years but the roster of artists who join and win every year is so intimidating. Talk about the best of the best in the international arena. When the finalists announcement came out, my eyes popped out of my skull when I saw some of the artists he was up against.

But guess what? Out of his 5 submissions, FOUR Orley Ypon paintings made it to the finalists round, and TWO won! And he was up against some artists whose work he always admired and deeply respect. It’s such an affirming, profound and humbling experience for The Painter. I am moved to tears even now, as I write about it.

Here are the two paintings that made it to the Finals.

orley ypon
“Get Up” 2011
orley ypon
Kakapa-kapa, 2011

This one won runner-up for being the Most Ambitious Work.

orley ypon
Incubus, 2011

Well-deserved I think, considering what Orley had to set up to get the reference shots for this painting. Check out the outtakes. This was all done in his backyard back in Cebu.


This one won First Place in the Figurative Category, which is my husband’s forte.

We shot the reference pictures for this in the dead of night in a rice paddy a few miles away from his house. I had to hold the single halogen lamp while he took pictures with his Canon Powershot. The whole baranggay came out to watch us and cheer the boys along.

Orley’s models are always his neighbors in his provincial hometown. They are farmers, fishermen, and construction workers, which makes their physique perfect for what Orley needs. No amount of time in the gym can produce those bodies, I tell you.

Congratulations my love! Basti and I are so so proud of you!

Check out Art Renewal Center and the competition results here: Art Renewal Center 2011-2012 Salon Results

CPR Workshop on July 21, 2012: Heart Saver

When I was still an active diver, part of the training I went through was to get a CPR certification. It was quick but adequate, but didn’t touch much on what to do if the patient was an infant or a child. Now that I have a child of my own (and hoping for more), I think CPR and choking response knowledge that’s specifically for children is super important to have. Especially choking. *shiver*

I voiced out these concerns to my pediatrician, Dr. Elizza Senseng, and guess what? It so happened that at that time, she was arranging to hold a CPR workshop especially and specifically for infants and children. The one conducting the seminar is a certified trainer from the American Heart Association, and you will be guaranteed proper hands-on training on CPR and choking.

Doc Elay has something to share in her own words (yes, we have the same nickname, hehe!):

“Several years back, a couple  and four others in their family attended a similar workshop we conducted on life saving skills . Curious, I asked why so many in the family are attending. They started to tell me their story.  

 M and C are a young couple. They lost their firstborn just a few weeks ago. He was just a few weeks old. They were out for an errand when they received a frantic call from home.  Their baby was black and blue.  He choked on his milk and nobody knew what to do.  It took a while to get him to the hospital. But it was too late. They lost him. 

 I sat quietly listening to the pains the family was going through. But I admired their courage to take steps so that it does not happen again. 

A mom once left her newborn baby  with her 4 year old son in the room so she could go to the bathroom.  Just a few minutes after, she saw her baby incessantly coughing as if trying to blow  something out.  She asked her 4 year old son what happened who sheepishly answered, ” I placed my coin inside her mouth.” Her baby started to get blue.  Quickly, she turned her over and began doing the Heimlich maneuver.  Luckily, the coin came out and was dislodged. 

 This is why Heart Saver is important to me as a doctor. This is why life saving skills is important in every family. It only takes a few minutes without breathing or without a heart beat before brain damage ensues. Our traffic situation may not allow us beat those magic minutes to get our loved ones to the hospital.  Saving a life can be in our hands right where we are, right where it calls for it.  

 For me, there is no other time  for this but now.”


In this CPR workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Identify if someone has stopped breathing
  • Identify if someone’s heart stopped beating
  • How to help a baby who is choking
  • How to help a child or adult who is choking and is still conscious
  • How to help a child or adult who is choking and is already unconscious
  • How to minimize brain damage by providing oxygen through proper breathing  to someone who has stopped breathing on his own
  • How to minimize brain damage by restarting the heart of a baby, child or adult whose heart has stopped beating

The workshop will be held at the 28th floor of Medical Plaza Ortigas, San Miguel Ave., Pasig. It’s near Shangri-la Mall, and the Sonata condo construction site. There are limited slots and everyone needs to pre-register and forward the payment of P1,499.00 before July 21. Please sign up using the form below (click here if you don’t see it). Someone will be in touch with you for the payment details.  For any questions and inquiries, you may call or text 09321428852 and 637-3029.

I hope to see you there!

An Afternoon With Anthology

Karrots Nazareno is not a normal human being. I have seen her do a monologue from My Fair Lady, chase down Vic Sotto for an autograph and wear floral cut-off shorts. No, she definitely is not a normal person.

Which is a good thing, because to be at the helm for Anthology Shoes, you have to be a little nuts to do the job.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would know that Anthology makes the yummiest, mega-comfy shoes that make my just-going-to-the-supermarket look more of a wow-she-looks-like-that-just-for-the-supermarket without any effort at all.

My first Anthos are these San Francisco flats that put a little zing in my usual black, grey and white outfits.


Tita K invited a bunch of us one lazy Saturday afternoon for tea and to see the magic happen at the Anthology shoe factory.

Anthology visit
Jen, Tita K, me, Jenny, Rone, Fleur, Tin, Neva and Kris

The kids had loads of fun. Of course some of us came in their favorite Anthology shoes. Also present was my old friend P, the blogger behind 101 Grams of Eye Candy. I tried to take a picture of her but she would rather remain a mystery right now. Paparazzi shot!!!


It’s so easy to go crazy with so many shoes within reach. Before I went there I was telling myself, “don’t buy any shoes.” The moment I stepped into the showroom, that changed to “okay, maybe just one pair.” Karrots and Ivan gave us a short talk on Anthology Shoes. It was easy to spot their honesty, sincerity and passion to simply make great shoes. We had a close look at the yummy material and the memory foam they use that make each pair of Anthology shoes super super comfy.


They prepared a lovely tea spread. The caviar pie was to DIE FOR.


Right after tea, I tried this pair of Sydneys and just couldn’t walk away.


OC Mom wasn’t spared from the wallet massacre. Here is our attempt to direct her to do a pose ala fashion blogger in her new wedges.


Then we paid a visit to their factory floor, where all the magic happens. Check out the little action figure I spotted on someone’s workstation. Creativity is everywhere in Anthology, hehe!


The size 9 of the brown and blue wedges are in a box in the factory somewhere WITH MY NAME ON IT. Agaw not allowed.

As the day went on, I found myself wanting another pair. I called on my inner kuripot, and asked it to fight the battle between good and evil. But then I thought…..

photo from

And so.

Good won. Evil is not having these shoes in my closet.

Almost everyone walked away with a new pair.

Thank you for the wonderful afternoon Karrots! I can’t wait to see the Anthology Jr. line!

Nominated! :The Smart Parenting and Sangobion Mommy Blogger Awards

This is weird, but cool. My blog is nominated for the Smart Parenting-Sangobion Mommy Blogger Awards. Whut? If you see me on Twitter, I announced it a few days ago too.

I’m nominated along with 9 other bloggers (most of them I proudly call friends). Sometimes I can’t believe this blog grew from posts like this one, to this! Mommy Blogger Awards! #award. Literally.

I’m not big on self-promotion. I’ll try to be shameless from now until August 13 (yes that’s the voting period) to ask people to vote for me. I put this here badge here…

..right on my sidebar so you guys can vote for me. Now? Tomorrow? Next week? When you feel like it? (Please? Hee hee hee #nervous laughter) It’ll lead you to Smart Parenting’s microsite where all the voting takes place. There are some steps you need to take, so let’s go through it shall we?

  1. Create an account on the voting page.
  2. Enter your details (Full Name, Username, Password, Birthday, Email Address and Home Address)
  3. Wait for the confirmation email (check your Junk/Spam folder if you don’t see the email)
  4. Follow the link on the confirmation email. Log in.
  5. Vote!
You may vote three times a day (that is, if you have the time or the inclination). 20 readers will be chosen from all the registered voters to attend the awards ceremony on August 23.


And I promise, if you approach me someday and tell me that you voted for me, Basti will give you a kiss. Maybe The Painter will also give you a kiss, because if I win, he gets the iPad. Hehe.


Please vote for me! Thanks in advance! 😀