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Babywearing Meet 4: UPDATE!

Thank you everyone for the wonderful response to Babywearing Meet 4. We have to close registration now, because we’ve reached full capacity for the venue! We’re trying to make the event as comfortable as possible for everyone, so here are a few notes:

  1. Some of you signed up and mentioned that you were bringing other children with you. While it’s super fun to attend as a family, we’re going to have to give you fair warning: there will be nothing for your older children to do at the venue if they get bored. Because it’s a residential building, they will not be allowed to roam around. As it is, we’re going to reach 200 people, children included. If you can have ate or kuya stay at home instead, please do so. We really suggest you just attend with the baby or toddler you’re going to wear. For those who are coming with yayas, drivers, lolas, lolos, barangay captains and bodyguards, there is also no space for hanging out. We do hope you consider paring down the number of people coming under your name for everyone’s comfort.
  2. Please avoid bringing a lot of stuff to the meet. You can leave your stroller and all the extras in your car, if you have one. The less you need to track, the better. There’s no space for stroller parking, so we really advise you guys to not bring one to the meet.
  3. If there’s a particular carrier you already own and need help with, please bring it! It’s much better for you to practice on your own carrier (and your own baby, for that matter. Little joke there, har har)
  4. There’s pay-parking inside the venue, and there will be a little snack stand in case you want to munch on something. No rice, okay. You can bring, but you have to share. Hehe. Another joke.
Here’s the map to the venue:

View Larger Map

Here’s the schedule we will try to follow as best as we can:

1:30-2:00 Registration
2:00-2:30 Babywearing Presentation by Jenny Ong and Jen Tan
2:45-3:00 Demo: Mei Tai
3:15-3:30 Demo: Ring Slings
3:45-4:00 Demo: Hybrids
4:15-4:30 Demo: Pouches
4:45-5:00 Demo: Wraps
5:15-5:30 Demo: Soft Structured Carriers

Note that we will announce the start of the demos so you can proceed to watch, if you’re interested. If you choose not to watch the demo, you can just roam around the vendors’ tables, get coached one-on-one, interact with fellow babywearing moms or have a snack or two.

The vendors are:

  • Next 9
  • SaYa
  • Numa Store
  • Mamaway
  • Bailey Wrap
  • Bosom Buddies
  • Indigo Baby
  • Maya Wrap
  • Ruxpin
  • Tickled Moms
  • UPDATE (3/27/2012): Ergo

In addition to the vendors, these wonderful people have donated prizes for our raffle, which we will hold in between demos:

  • Mothering Earthlings
  • Manila Baby Shop
  • Mamaway
  • Bailey Wrap
  • Next 9
  • Blissful Babes
  • Numa
  • googoo&gaga
  • Eden
  • Roots & Wings Trading
  • Mommy Treats
  • Indigo Baby
  • Tickled Moms
  • Thrifty Mama
  • Celestina & Co
  • Caleb’s Closet

Again, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the support everyone is giving to the benefit of the babywearing advocacy. With support like this, we’re sure to hold more babywearing meets in different locations around Metro Manila, and even nationwide! (WHY NOT???)

See you all on Saturday!

My Idea for Unilab Link Up

So I tried the Unilab Link Up idea submission portal myself. Sign up was quick and easy, the process was simple and painless. What did I submit? Ok I’ll share. Don’t steal ha. Hehe.


So many times The Painter and I have found ourselves needing some sort of medicine at some inconvenient moment. Or at a time when I just don’t want to load up Basti in the car just to get one freaking pill from a drugstore a few miles away (“miles” talaga!). Unilab has a wide range of over-the-counter medication for common ailments – Decolgen, Solmux, Neozep, Allerin, Alaxan, Bioflu, Dolfenal, Medicol and of course, the pill ng bayan, Biogesic. I thought, “wouldn’t it be great if there was a medicine-delivery service?”

Almost everything can be bought online or over-the-phone and delivered to your doorstep. Why not medicine, right? If the meds come from a trusted source such as Unilab, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the phone at all.

I think my idea is a huge time-saver and stress-reliever for moms like me. I will always support anything that helps tick off an item from my to-do list!

I’m sure you have an idea to share. Send it in to Unilab Link Up!



Babywearing Meet 4 Is Here!!!

We had a wonderful response to the last babywearing meet held last year at Gymboree. This time we have a bigger venue! And here’s the coolest part. The top suppliers and some babywearing advocates have banded together to form an alliance: The Filipino Association of Babywearers (name pending, hehe) so that we can spread the gospel of babywearing to the nation!

So here are the details:

Babywearing Meet 4

Venue: Renaissance 3000 Tower B Function Room

Date: March 31, 2012

Time: 1:30pm – 5:30pm

The babywearing suppliers who will be participating are:

  • Next 9 Slings and Pouches
  • SaYa
  • Blissful Babes pouches
  • Bosom Buddy Slings
  • Indigo Baby
  • Mamaway
  • Maya Wrap
  • Bailey Wrap

In addition, Buding of SaYa will be introducing a new carrier that will soon be available. I actually already have a review unit. I’m bursting to share and I can’t wait to demo it for you guys!

As usual, we’re going to need everyone to sign up because even if we have a bigger venue, we still want an organized and controlled event, especially while most of us will have our kids tagging along. Like babywearing, our priorities are comfort and safety!

A few notes:

  • There is paid parking available at the venue, just ask the guard where you can park.
  • This time, carriers will be for sale (yey!) but if you have a special request or order, please leave a note in the Comments/Questions of the forms so that our suppliers can try and bring any particular item you might want to purchase.
  • Leave your stroller in the car so we can maximize the space as much as possible.
  • Wear comfy clothes. Babywearing is best learned at your comfiest and most relaxed state. You’ll get to babywearing while wearing a cocktail dress and heels soon enough! Heehee.
  • If you are a first-timer or total beginner, we urge you to come on time so you can listen to the opening presentation about babywearing information and safety.
  • UPDATE (3/15/2012): Mothering Earthlings is giving away gift certificates to the FIRST TEN REGISTRANTS! Come early!

For any other questions, shoot me an email through my contact form or leave a comment! Spread the word to your friends and family as well!

Sign up for Babywearing Meet 4 here: (If you don’t see the form below, please click THIS LINK.)

Islands Apart: A Smart LiveMore Post

I consider myself lucky that my immediate family is here with me, and I can see them anytime. It was a frustration to not have a province when I was growing up though; I so badly wanted to be able to speak a dialect like my friends and classmates! But my dad hailed from Bulacan, and my mom is a true-blue city girl (No province! My grandmother lived in Intramuros), so we are as Tagalog as Tagalog can get.

When I married The Painter I was so giddy that I can now say that Cebu is my family’s province, and I am determined that Basti learn how to speak even just basic Cebuano. I love learning languages, and I’ve also started to learn Cebuano. When we go home to Cebu I even kind of take on the accent. It’s kinda contagious, hehe. Plus, it makes it easier for them to understand what I’m saying.

But for The Painter, I know it’s not easy to be away from home. His entire family is in Cebu, including two lovely children who have learned to call me mommy. Yes, my dear friends, I am Sharon Cuneta a Madrasta.

I am with Basti every second of the day, so I can imagine how hard it is for my husband to be away from his children for months at a time. We only see them twice a year, if we’re lucky. Sometimes, once a year is all we get. We get so surprised at how fast they grow when we see the pictures their mother posts on Facebook. Everytime we go home, I can always catch a wistful look on my husband’s face when he sees how big his kids have grown. As much as he tries to be there for every birthday, moving-up day or any special holiday, sometimes it’s just not possible.

We know how important it is to keep connected. We want a real, loving relationship between the children. And while we can’t hop on over at a moment’s notice, we do have other means – text, call, video call, chat – to keep the connection real and tangible. Children grow up so fast, and every second counts. And here’s the #truestory – in my husband’s baranggay in Cebu, the only ONLY reliable connection is Smart.

The Painter’s Wife is a proud partner of Smart’s call to #LiveMore. Their newest campaign is something I can relate to as a mother. The need for a reliable connection is a real and genuine need for us, and we are glad to have that with Smart. Check out their newest TV ad, and visit to learn more. #LiveMore with Smart!

Celeteque DermoScience: A Unilab Link Up Success Story

Celeteque DermoScience is one of the most successful local skin care lines in the market today. I’m actually a user; their Hydrating Facial Wash and the Anti-Aging Power Serum Capsules are doing wonders for my skin! When it was first launched in 2003 I didn’t even know it was a Unilab product. I was so happy to find out years later that it’s actually Philippine made, which urged me to try out the products for myself. They have 6 distince skin-care lines: Hydration, Sun Care, Acne-Solutions, Brightening, Advanced Anti-Aging and Restorative.

For more info on the Celeteque DermoScience products, check them out here.

What amazes me about Celeteque DermoScience though, is that it is a product line that came from a collaborative effort between skin-care experts and Unilab. From a simple product lineup of a facial wash, moisturizer and toner, it has evolved into a sophisticated collection of skincare items that addresses exactly what we need. All because of Link Up!

I actually have an idea I want to submit to Unilab Link Up myself. If you have any ideas for health, beauty and wellness, don’t hesitate and submit your idea to Your small idea may just become the solution to a hundred people’s needs!


**This post is sponsored by Unilab Philippines**

Our Cebu Holiday

The Painter is from Cebu. Even after 20 years of living in Metro Manila, he has not and will never lose his Visayan accent. Once or twice a year, we go home to his hometown in Cebu, a nicely tucked-away baranggay called Mainggit, in Toledo. It’s a whole area filled with Ypons, and we can’t walk a hundred feet without my husband calling out, “‘Gaw! ‘Musta ‘gaw!” (Cousin!! How are you??)

I’m so happy we have a place like this to visit. One of my frustrations growing up was that we never had a province. When we were very young, we used to visit a relative’s rice field in Bulacan. We would take long walks in the paddies, trying not to fall into the mud, go fishing for tilapia in the ponds, climb trees and eat on banana leaves. It was heaven. I’m so grateful Basti has the chance to taste provincial life. With all the development going on in the area, it won’t be long till going home means just going to another city.

I was really excited and some nice people sent me stuff that were really useful for the trip!



Human Heart Nature sent me a sampler set of their baby care line. Perfect traveling sizes! I loved the baby bath and lotion, and the oil was very useful for Basti’s after-bath massage. No Aquasana water filters there. Basti’s skin easily dried from the weather and the water. Check out one of Basti’s bath sessions!

Mothercare sent Urtekram zinc cream that was very useful for the tiny bites and booboos we both got during the trip. We did a lot of walking around on uneven ground, plus all these leafy green things (i.e. plants) had so many inhabitants. #cityfolkproblems Urtekram has a full range of organic baby products, all available at Mothercare.


I wanted to bring the Flexibath I bought from them on the trip, but I was overweight as it is. (I said this all over Twitter: I don’t understand why infants don’t get even a little bit of baggage allowance. They have more stuff than we do! Plus, it’s not like they’re flying for free.) I also wanted to bring my SkipHop diaper bag, but it was also too much. I bought it at Mothercare months and months ago too, at the best price compared to anywhere!

Basti loved playing with all the kids. On my side he’s only got 2 cousins, but in Cebu he has 10. Add his siblings and it’s a party everyday!

We spent days on the beach that was just a short walk away from The Painter’s house. And as usual, for my husband, there can be no play without work. He dragged us out to a river, stripped down Basti to nothing, and had us pose for future paintings. Basti loved the river!! I didn’t even want to think about the carabao we saw taking a bath upstream. Hehe.


My constant companion was my Next9 ringsling. From airport to van terminal to tricycle to seaside to the market and for the strange-house anxiety Basti got on our first night, it was a lifesaver. Traveling really is so much easier when babywearing!


I can’t wait to see how Basti will appreciate the province more as he grows up. One thing we have yet to experience is the town fiesta! I heard it gets really crazy with all the relatives that come in to visit. Oh just give me this and I’m ok:

This was one of the SIX lechons we encountered over the holidays. #heartattack

Ok so now I want lechon.

Polly’s Pictures: Oh Happy Day Birth Photography (Giveaway Alert!)

I met Polly a long time ago, back when OC Mom In Manila, My Mommyology, and I were still in the events producing scene.

Fast forward to today, after our marriages and babies, and Polly has evolved into a gifted photographer with a heart and eye for moments that will tug your heart. Polly is the awesome lady behind Oh Happy Day Birth Photography. Her business name says it all.

I was lucky enough to have some birth photos of Basti. And it was only because The Painter has a very calm disposition and had the ability to focus on the aesthetic rather than freaking out at my emergency C-section. Hehe.

But I wish I had Polly around because her pictures are sensational. They range from the moving, to the funny, to the simply, spectacular.




A mother herself, she understands perfectly well what goes on during a birth. She tries to be unobtrusive and sensitive to the situation. Having her around will let you and your husband enjoy your first few hours with your baby without the pressure of taking pictures of it all. Oh Happy Day’s packages range from a post-delivery investment, where Polly just shows up after you give birth, to the full-delivery investment, where she will be on-call starting 2 weeks before your due date. On the day you give birth, Polly will be there to capture everything!

If The Painter and I decide to have another child, I promise you Polly will be there to document it all.

But if you are expecting or know someone who is and would like to have Oh Happy Day around on The Day, then here’s your chance to get a package for free!

Oh Happy Day Birth Photography is giving away one (1) Post-Delivery birth photography package worth P5,000.00! Here’s what a Post-Delivery package is all about:

  • A 3-hour photo-documentation of your baby’s first moments after birth in the delivery room, nursery and/or private hospital room (does not include labor and delivery; the photo session must be within 24 hours of your child’s birth at the hospital, birthing center, or home, for home births)
  • A CD containing a minimum of 50 processed hi-resolution digital images, for you to reproduce for personal use as often as you’d like
  • A pre-designed email birth announcement incorporating a photo of your choice
Here’s a few notes for all who plan to enter:
  1. Open to all readers in Metro Manila only.
  2. The package may be used by the winner or given to a friend or relative. If the winner is not the one using the package, the voucher may only be transferred once.
  3. The recipient of the package should have a due date no later than November 30, 2012.

Enter through Rafflecopter below! Good luck and I wish you an Oh Happy Day! :)

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Proof of My Insanity: More Papercraft

Ok I’ll confess now. More than work or having no maid or Basti getting sick, the real reason why I haven’t been blogging is this: I’ve been doing papercraft instead!! I can’t help but pick up my papercraft templates at the end of a long day. It’s my therapy, okay.

So you guys met Russel before:


Since Russel, I’ve done a few more papercraft projects. I did this for Rone‘s earthling:

And I made Basti a panda pellet drum.

Which didn’t last long.


My two other projects showed serious signs of my mental instability. I mean, you’d have to be a little crazy to do this:

Cutting out and glueing the tiny pieces really drove me nuts, in a fun, obsessive, and addicting kind of way. Very serial-killer like.

And then I decided I wanted something more grand, so I made this:

I’ve decided that I’m going to make a model of places I want us to visit. If I build it, we will go. Russia, see you someday.

So maybe I’ll do the Taj Mahal next.