Winners! (The Yellow Mustard Seed Tooth Tissues Giveaway)

This is a much delayed announcement. Tine sends her apologies. Christmas + life = stress. Mothers know this all too well.

Anyway, the VIPS of The Yellow Mustard Seed (Andi, Thiago and Pablo) finally took some time off from their back-breaking schedule (their mothers’ backs, that is) to draw the winners of the Tooth Tissues giveaway!


After drawing, deliberation, crumpling and almost eating entries, the winners are….


Trisha C. Montemayor, Cheddy Antonio-Araneta and Myra Michelle Nuñez-Tiquio! Tine will send your Tooth Tissues goodie bags pronto. Watch out for them in the mail!

Thank you all for joining!

There’s another giveaway going on here. Don’t forget to join for a chance to win a Next9 ringsling!

Yes, I Have A Crafty Side: Fun With Papercraft

Here’s something some people find off-putting about me: I love crafts. I like cutting, sewing, glueing and generally, putting things together. I find it relaxing and therapeutic. Those of you who like gift-wrapping and covering books in plastic wrap can relate, I bet.

I do cross-stitch.

I have a craft box.

My sister recently got me into my new crafting obsession. It all started when she needed help cutting out the parts for this project. I don’t know about you guys, but we are huge fans of Howl’s Moving Castle.


Welcome people, to the world of papercraft!

The details of this model are amazing! From the tiny houses, to the clothesline, to the bucket, to little Calcifer sitting happily in his fireplace.


It wasn’t long before I got itchy fingers and wanted to try out the assembling part myself. Now, most of the papercraft templates are for “geekier” characters, such as my sister’s World of Warcraft stuff.

But I found something that was more to my liking. Let me introduce my first project, Russell from Up!


Isn’t he cute? I love the little details of his backpack and his uniform.


Here’s what you need to get started with papercraft:

Glue, scissors, an X-acto knife, tweezers, a palette (for mixing water to glue. You can use any plastic surface), a brush (for the glue. A toothpick is useful too), a cutting mat and lots and LOTS of patience. The smaller pieces can be frustrating. If you have to make a round shape, the paper will fight you to the death. I use vellum board for my models, but the websites say you can use regular paper.

It’s a fun activity to do with your kids. The projects range from really easy (rubber-band toys, mobiles, gift boxes) to the really difficult (a drum set, The Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean). If you want to do this Russell model, you can find the download here.

Russell is now happily positioned between Basti’s ultrasound picture and me in a Batman suit.

My sister and I are doing a Millenium Falcon for our brother Carlo for our next project. This is so addicting!


Fess Up!: The Mothering Earthlings Babywearing Confessional Giveaway

I’m happy to announce the first giveaway for 2012 is sponsored by one of my favorite online stores, Mothering Earthlings!


The mom behind Mothering Earthlings is Rone Valles-Guerrero, who also writes a fun, quirky blog under the same name. She writes candidly and honestly, and her adventures with her two earthlings are always something I look forward to reading. Her store reflects much of her family’s personality, full of products handpicked and selected by Rone for those looking for hip stuff for their kiddos.

For this confessional, Mothering Earthlings is giving away this Next9 ringsling!


Rone was also a babywearing mama when the earthlings were smaller.

Here’s Basti and I  taking a walk along the seaside in Toledo, Cebu. Complete with the banca and the dogs and everything.

The ringsling is my current favorite carrier. With Basti pushing two years old, its versatility is something I love. Among all carriers, it’s the one I feel most comfortable with when doing a back carry.

In my entire babywearing life, I find that wearing Basti has been so liberating. I’m able to bring him everywhere and do everything with him!. Okay, I will confess. The strangest thing I’ve done while wearing Basti was TO TAKE A SHOWER.

No, there are no pictures.

Basti was only a few months old then. He was dirty, fussy, in a bad mood and it was a really hot day. So I popped my little earthling into a carrier and we took a nice bath together. He loved the feeling of the warm water on his back. It soothed him. With him safely tucked into the carrier, I was hands-free to wash him, and my hair!

So for this Mothering Earthlings Confessional, we ask:

What is the strangest thing you’ve done while wearing your earthling?

Details, Details:

  1. Post a comment on this blog entry answering the question: What is the strangest thing you’ve done while wearing your earthling?
  2. The Painter’s Wife and the Earthlings Mama will choose the top 5 answers. From these answers, we choose one winner of the Next9 Ringsling.
  3. Actual sling print may vary from the photo shown above.
  4. Giveaway is open to anyone in the Philippines.
  5. Submission of answers is open from Jan. 16, 2012 to Jan. 29, 2012, 11:59:59 pm.
Can’t wait to read your confessions!
You may contact/shop Mothering Earthlings at:
Twitter: @EarthlingsMama


Bananas Over Pajamas: PJs Sleepwear

Pajamas to me are:

  • my uniform when I am feeling sick, down, or both. There’s something about pajamas that set the cocooning mood better than just plain shorts and a T-shirt
  • the best thing for breastfeeding mothers. The buttons make the boobies easy-access and they keep you warm even if you forget to put your blanket back on when you nurse half-asleep.
  • the cutest thing on children. They bring to mind early morning breakfast, bedtime stories and sweet dreams.

Even better than plain pajamas are awesome-looking pajamas. I was so excited when Rosette of PJs Sleepwear invited a few of us to see the re-opening of their Shangri-la Plaza branch last year. Basti enjoyed looking at the pajamas (even if he doesn’t look like it) and it was nice to meet other bloggers.


Top: Basti and I checking out the pajamas; The PJs Sleepwear Shangri-la Mall branch storefront.
Bottom: Jackie Go and her little princess (she’s so pretty no? #sarapsakalin); The bloggers: Michelle, Kris, me, Mrs. Martinez and Jackie!

This is a much-overdue post, so they’ve got other designs than the ones you’ll see here. They had Christmas-themed pajamas and I already made a mental note to include that in this year’s shopping list so Basti can look so cute opening his Christmas 2012 gifts. They’re so photogenic, haha. PJs Sleepwear used to be the shop that made clothing for some very well-known children’s wear brands. The quality is excellent, and the fabric is perfect for our weather.


PJs Sleepwear gave each of us two sets of pajamas. Basti got one with a dinosaur design and I got one with elephants all over it. So adorable!

They’re perfect for bedtime play!


I’ll definitely be back to buy more for myself and Basti. I wonder if they have men sizes. I forgot to ask. The question is, will The Painter wear pajamas with monkeys all over them? Hmmm.


PJs Sleepwear

  • Level 4 Shangri-la Mall (#571-9228)
  • Level 1 Trinoma Mall
  • SM Clark, Pampanga
  • Marquee Mall, Angeles, Pampanga
  • Abreeza Mall, Davao City
  • Limletkai Mall, CDO
  • All branches of Rustan’s Dept. Store

Well Hello There, 2012

I felt like I blinked and 2011 was gone.

2011 was mostly about breastfeeding and babywearing. Basti was still so young and that took up most of my attention and time. Now that he’s growing up, I’m expecting big changes; not just in our interaction, but also this blog. As Basti grows so will I, as a mother, and I cannot wait to see where this year will take us.

I had a blog tradition I want to bring back: every year I would make a list of resolutions and then at the end of the year, I would look back and see how I did. So for 2012, here are my goals:

  1. I will start running again and hit the fastest time I recorded for a 5k, back in 2007. And surpass it, if I can.
  2. I will DIY and fix up this hole we call our home and make it a pleasant place to live in.
  3. The three of us will go on an adventure together like The Painter and I always talked about. Whether it be Hongkong, Singapore, Batanes or China (or all??) it WILL HAPPEN this year!
  4. I will perform again, even just once, at a place or an event that is not related to Gymboree. Whether it be theater, singing or improv, I WILL DO IT!
  5. I will go scuba diving, even JUST ONCE. Please!!!

Now these are my resolutions for myself. What I wish for my family is simple: health, good vibes, and lots and lots of laughter.

I’m sure sneaky Basti has plans of his own. I can’t wait to see what he’ll reveal to me in the months to come.

What about you gals? Share your goals for the year please! Inspire me, please!!!