This Is The Way We Wipe Our Teeth (Giveaway!)

I want Basti to have good teeth. I don’t know about you guys, but it took us a while to get from tears, protesting and cajoling, to this:

Before this, I could barely get him to open his mouth, much less brush his teeth properly. And then there were those times we were out and couldn’t brush his teeth between meals.


A couple of these were sent to me one day:

Tooth tissues!! Who woulda thunk?? I must confess I once thought of using regular wipes to clean Basti’s teeth, but the very thought of a screaming toddler in public was more than enough to turn me off that idea. I honestly doubted it would be the same with the tooth tissues. But the first time we tried it, whoa! Not a tear, a wince or a frown in sight. My baby boy gamely opened his mouth and patiently waited until I cleaned out every nook and cranny. It was great! Because I was using my fingers, I could feel for the little morsels that toddlers have a habit of harboring in their mouths (even while they sleep!!)

I tried out the My Dentist’s Choice Tooth Tissues myself and here are my thoughts:

  • ¬†They smell clean. None of the soapy or chemical-y odors of wipes. I have a feeling this is why it was so easy to use them on Basti.
  • They taste clean, like a mild toothpaste. Tooth tissues have xylitol in them, known to battle tooth decay.
  • They feel clean, as close as you can to that just-brushed-my-teeth feeling, without brushing your teeth. It sure beats popping a mint.

I now carry a pack in Basti’s diaper bag all the time. They’ve saved the day, and Basti’s teeth from tooth decay many many times! Sometimes, when we’re out late and I see my baby boy nodding off to sleep, I give him a quick wipe with the Tooth Tissues and I’m no longer paranoid in case I can’t get him to wake to brush his teeth when we get home. I carry a pack in my purse too, because I hate brushing my teeth in public bathrooms!



The My Dentist’s Choice Tooth Tissues were sent to me by Tine Rodriguez-Pau, who heads The Yellow Mustard Seed and is my fellow LATCH breastfeeding counselor. She’s also one of my oldest friends – we were classmates in nursery school! She’s a great believer of all the products her company carries and is eager to spread the word about them. Click on the logo to go to her Facebook page and check out her photos – she has a few more cool things for your little ones!



The Yellow Mustard Seed is giving away THREE goodie bags of Tooth Tissues to three readers! For a chance to try them out yourself, follow these simple mechanics:

  1. Post this on The Yellow Mustard Seed Facebook page: “I think Tooth Tissues would be useful for _______________”. It could be about you, your baby, anything!
  2. Fill out the form below. If you can’t see the form, click here.
  3. For an extra raffle entry, tweet this: “I joined the Tooth Tissues giveaway by The Yellow Mustard Seed on PaintersWife.Com! @PaintersWifePH”. Make sure you tag me so I can verify your entry.

Entries will be accepted from Nov. 30 to Dec. 14. Three winners will be drawn and prizes will be sent by The Yellow Mustard Seed by courier to anyone NATIONWIDE!

For those in the Southwho want to see The Yellow Mustard Seed’s array of products, Tine will be at the Zonta Christmas Carnivale Bazaar from Dec. 16-18 at the Cuenca Community Center in Ayala Alabang Village.Say hi to Tine!

Good luck!

The Best Reason To End A Blogging Break Is…

.. to post how ridiculously proud I am of my husband.

The Painter won the NCR leg of the Amorsolo Foundation Mentor and Apprentice Painting Competition. Yey!

He got a medal, a certificate and a big cardboard check. Is there any legal reason why they have to give a big check to the winner?

There are two divisions for the competition: Mentor for the more experienced artists, and Apprentice for students and those just starting out. What’s so cool is that my husband won the Mentor category for NCR, while his two apprentices, Emar and Randy, won 1st and 2nd place for the Apprentice category. A true victory!


Here’s my husband’s painting.


There’s still the National level award coming up, where The Painter’s work goes up against the winners of the Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao legs. I hope he wins! *crossing fingers*

This sure was a great way to get me out of my blogging rut. I haven’t been feeling very sociable lately and I spent a couple of weeks just chillin’, bonding with Basti, tinkering with my Mac, reading, etc. etc. I feel kind of recharged now and I have stuff lined up for you guys: a report on Mommy Mundo’s ExpoMom, a spa review, a nursing wear review and a giveaway!! Watch this space – we’re going for a big push to the end of the year!

The Little Mermaid Hits Manila This November!

My first experience with The Little Mermaid onscreen was from a betamax copy that my mom rented from the local bootleg movie rental shop. I absolutely loved it. Here’s a clip.


Then Disney came out with their full-animated feature and I swear it changed the animation landscape altogether. More than the story, the music was captivating (sue me but I like the version where she dies). Did you guys know that I named Basti after Sebastian the crab? Yep, that I did. And up to this day, I still sing “Part of Your World” in the shower.

So, this coming musical is exciting for me:

One of my closest friends in the world, Pia, is in charge of the matinee shows for November 26 and November 27. Seems like a good time to bring your Ariel-wannabee to a play, right? I’m watching on the 27th. If you go to the same show, I hope to meet you!

Disney’s Little Mermaid in Manila

November 26, 2pm
November 27, 3pm
Meralco Theater, Ortigas Ave.
Call Pia (0917-8686528) or Angie (0917-5127704) for ticket reservations.