Babywearing Meet 3 at Gymboree!

Babywearing invaded Gymboree last weekend!!

We tried for a controlled environment this time (A belated apology to Starbucks Fort – the organizers are sincere in saying it was so unexpected). As usual, I had so much fun, but I was so tired afterwards! #pagodatragedy

Can I just tell the tale in pictures?

The organizers were myself, Benz of N@w and W@W, Jenny of Mama.Baby.Love, Jen of Next9, Denise of Indigo Baby, Hannah and Pam of Bosom Buddies, Abbie of Maya Wrap and Buding of SaYa Carrier/Blissful Babes.

It was nice to meet people I know only from my blog and through Twitter.

Jen made a presentation on the different kinds of baby carriers from all over the world, and said a little about babywearing safety.

We broke out into groups and people headed over to the corners where you can learn how to wear the different carriers.

A bit of serendipity led Jenny to discover Bailey Wrap on Facebook. We invited them to participate at the last minute. Finally, a local wrap maker!

And of course, group picture!!!

‘Twas so much fun!! It’s so nice to see that there are a lot parents out there willing to embrace babywearing. If you guys missed the meet, don’t worry! We’ll plan another one soon, maybe in an area near you!

Super super thanks to Gymboree Shangri-la for hosting Babywearing Meet 3, giving a 50% discount on 2-hour gymplay to our participants and giving out free class passes for everybody! Thanks Gymbo!

Remembering Ondoy

It’s been two years since that day I spoke these words to our maid over the phone: “Lock the door. Close the windows. Forget the things. Save yourself.” I was at my mother’s house, The Painter was in Cebu. The water came all the way up to the roof and nothing was saved. This was what I posted in my old blog, 2 days after Ondoy.


After The Rain Sep 30, ’09 2:04 AM

And yes, I decide to have a Nelson Twins song as the title for this entry.

I’m safe. The baby is safe. My husband was out of town. My maid was taken in by neighbors with a second floor.

We lost everything we deemed important but next to our safety, they don’t seem that important anymore.

Loads of messages from friends and family. Touching and truly, deeply appreciated. Those few kind words give me such strength.

I go weak at the knees when I look at what the flood has done to our home. I feel most for the carefully collected pictures whose colors are now running in dirty, stinking water. I spent hours looking at each picture one last time, remembering the happy times each picture was taken before I threw it in the garbage bag.

With gloved hands I took out each and every book from my library and carefully put them in a box so that we could try and dry them out. All my bibles with the handwritten notes on the margins. Harry Potter. Bartimaeus. Anne of Green Gables. Godfather. Neverwhere. Coraline. The Wolves In The Walls. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Griffin and Sabine.

I went on to my husband’s treasured art books. Each artbook represented my husband’s blood and sweat when, as a struggling young artist, he would suffer hunger and fatigue just to save every cent he made to buy oh-so-expensive books that helped shape him to be the painter he is today. Most of them disintegrated in my hands.

And then there were the children’s books. My baby in my tummy never got to hold them. Dr. Seuss in English and Mandarin. Little Prince in 4 languages. Eric Carle. Ouch.

My iMac. It was in a pathetic little heap covered in mud.

At the end of the day, they’re just things. My husband, my baby, myself. We’re flesh and blood. Our families are here. Our friends are here. We are alive. That is more than enough thanks to the heavens above.

It’s a fresh start! It’s a new day. It’s as if God cleaned our house of unnecessary things and left us with the basics to start a new life. Life is very very good.

Nom Nom Nom: The Philips Avent Toddler Feeding Set

Basti didn’t take to solids right away. It took a couple of months of experimenting, introducing, re-introducing and trickery (peek-a-boo + fast reflexes = mealtime) to get him to enjoy eating. He loves soups and I’ve had a grand time (snicker) figuring out recipes he would like. So far, he loves these:

  • Chicken Sopas
  • Fresh Mushroom and Ground Beef Consomme
  • Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • Egg Drop Soup with Shiitake and Carrot (in other words, whatever veggies I have onhand)
  • Pumpkin Soup
  • Cream of Brocolli Soup
  • Any mixed rice dish

All moms know that along with solid feeding comes the inevitable mess and trashing of feeding equipment. I was on the lookout for a new bowl for Basti because he broke his old one. He swiped his arm across it, sending it to its demise with a flip, a tumble and crack. No tears – it was a free bowl I got for buying soy sauce. I don’t know if it was BPA-free or anything like that.  #cheapmother

In perfect the-universe-provides timing, Philips Avent sent over a toddler feeding set for Basti!

Things I like:

  • The lime green color. It matches my watch and our Kaboost. #sowhat
  • The not-so-cutesy design
  • The pieces are useable till Basti is a big kid already.
  • The bottoms have a rubber coating which make the bowls stay put! Even the utensils have them!

Basti and I are both happy.

But here’s the best part. Philips Avent sent not one, but TWO sets.

And one of you guys is gonna get it!

To join the giveaway:

  • Post this on my Facebook page: I want to win the Philips Avent Toddler Feeding Set for ____________. His/her favorite dish is __________. You can name your own child, a friend’s child, your nephew/niece, or anyone you think would love to have the set. Post a picture of them, if you want. (Not required, I just like seeing pics, hehe)
  • Register your entry below (some browsers may require you guys to scroll down to see the whole form):

Here’s the fine print:

  • You or an authorized representative must be able to pick-up the feeding set from either Gymboree Shangri-La, Greenhills or the Valle area.
  • Fake accounts will be not be tolerated and I will remember and ignore future entries from you FOREVER.
  • Entries will be accepted till Tuesday, September 27, 2011 (Extended from September 18!). The winner will be drawn by electronic raffle and announced on Wednesday, September 28, 2011.

You don’t need to tag your friends on the wall post. Just do so if you feel they will sincerely appreciate it. I don’t want anyone to be annoyed!

Good luck everyone! Spread the love!

Mucho thanks to Philips Avent for this giveaway!

Scary Saturdays

I see a lot of bloggers who these themed-post days for entries. There’s stuff like Foodie Friday and Family Friday, Sunday Specials, whatever. Well, I’m going to be gaya-gaya and do my own. I’m doing Scary Saturdays. Every time I feel like it Saturday, I’ll try and post something that scared me.

Today’s Scary Saturday item is in line with my search for more educational apps for Basti’s iPad time. I was looking for English flashcards because Basti responds more to Chinese than English or Filipino because he is obsessed with this app I have.

So I download this English flashcard app and this is the crap they show my son:

Fear Factor: SHOKOT LEVELS. (Shokot = takot = fear/afraid in Bekinese) P.S. I haven’t seen Zombadings. Have you?

Going Retro: Yaya Remy and Other Childhood Horror Stories

This is a repost from my old Multiply blog. Originally posted on Feb. 9, 2008. Wait, that’s my birthday.

I just wanted to share, that’s all.


Yaya Remy came to us when Yapi was four years old. She was primarily assigned to take care of Yapi, and like all children of a certain age, Yapi took to her like the proverbial moth to a flame. You may even say that Yaya Remy was one of the most influential people in Yapi’s early childhood development. Hence. If you know my sister, that statement could be very significant to understanding her.

Yaya Remy was heavily into showbiz and she poured all her frustrations on the two girls. An avid Eat Bulaga fan, she once entered Yapi into Little Miss Philippines lip-synching “Somewhere Out There” (yes, beneath the pale moon light). Yes. Yapi the Goth was once a candidate for Little Miss Philippines. I’m sure there are less horrifying things in the world.

As for me, she milked my Menudo fanaticism dry. She convinced my parents that she had to be my chaperone to all the Menudo concerts I attended (first row in CCP and Araneta ha) even if my actual parents came along with me. She played my Menudo cassettes more often than I did and helped me figure out and memorize all the dance steps to their songs. She even wrote out and mailed 500 entries to the “Win a Date with Menudo” contest and cried real tears when we didn’t win.

We tolerated it. She was fun. She wore a black bra and panty under her white yaya uniform, became “M.U.” with my skating coach, wore a bikini when we would go on our family outing swimming trips, did the “Hukilau” hula dance for our company’s Christmas party and posed for pictures in her underwear on our balcony, but hey – she took pretty good care of us. She was nurturing and protective and if she was a little nympho, then that’s her one flaw.

She was also dramatic. Disciplining children for her went beyond the garden variety “ibebenta kita sa intsik/bumbay/-insert archaic stereotype here-” and “kukunin ka ng mamang pulis” threats. She took it to a whole different level.

Yaya Remy would tell Yapi, “Kung hindi mo ko susundin, tatawagin ko ang demonyong kambal ko at isusumbong kita.” She would then leave the room.

After a while, she would enter the room again, hair all unkempt, and with the evil eye would look at Yapi and say in an aswangin voice, “Ikaw ba si Piaaaaaa??? Akooooo… ako ang demonyong kambal ni Yaya Remyyyyyyyyy.”

Kaya mo yon.

And that story won Yapi a prize in RJ Ledesma’s contest for his upcoming book, “Lies My Yaya Should Have Told Me.” I don’t think there’s any way she wouldn’t win.

So Yaya Remy, thanks for the memories. And I’m sorry your dreams of hooking me up with the guy who lived across the street when I was 10 years old didn’t push through. Believe me, not even your grand plan of making us the godparents of your first child could’ve made that relationship happen.

My Yaya Remy by Yapi


Have Baby, Must Wear

The last babywearing meet had such a huge-turnout that we weren’t prepared and there were many many things left to do. For everyone who missed the event, or who were there last time but would still like to learn or mingle with other babywearing moms, here’s your chance! Babywearing Meet Part 3 is here!!

It’s going to be on Sept. 24 at Gymboree Shangri-la. Gymboree has graciously lent their space for us to conduct our babywearing meet and seminar of sorts. Space is limited, so you guys will need to sign up this time to avoid the mayhem that happened last time! Here’s the signup sheet. Please scroll all the way through and make sure you read all the guidelines to avoid any miscommunication. Feel free to leave a message on my contact form as well if you have any questions!

UPDATE (Sept. 7, 2011): All slots for the babywearing meet on Sept. 24 are now all full. The form is still taking sign-ups but everyone from this point on will be put on the waitlist. We’ll be confirming everyone’s attendance and will call/email/text those on the waitlist. We’ll arrange for another meet if we have a need for it.  Thanks for your support everyone!

I hope to see you guys there!

Manila Art 2011

The ManilArt fair was brought back to NBC tent this year. I couldn’t attend the gala with my husband so he was left to shmooz on his own. Sayang, I bought new shoes for the event! (Yes, that is the excuse I’ve decided to use to justify the purchase)

Basti and I were able to catch the last day. I’m not an art critic, so I’m just going to show you guys bits and pieces of what I saw in the booths. (Click to enlarge the images)

Of course, there’s my husband’s work in the Artes Orientes booth.

He shared the space with artists Tiny Nuyda, Ferdie Cacnio, Ricky Ambagan, and Hermes Alegre, to name a few.

Even if Orley is a realist, I like the quirky stuff too.

My dream house will not be complete without a sculpture or three.

Seeing artwork by Masters always takes my breath away.

ManilArt wouldn’t be complete if you don’t run into a few friends and colleagues.

Basti was thrilled to be there.

It was so nice to see red dots stuck on the artwork labels everywhere. I hope people will never stop buying art, and paying fairly for it.

Till next year!

Photo with Lyn-Yusi Olazo by Lyn Yusi-Olazo
Photos of Basti by Ayni Nuyda