Contest Alert: DwellStudio’s Draw It, Color It, Win It

DwellStudio is giving away this awesome stamp set:

photo courtesy of Quirks Marketing Philippines
photo courtesy of Quirks Marketing Philippines

All you have to do is send in a piece of artwork made by your kids age 2 to 6 years old to between now to June 26, 2011. The promo started last June 22, so hurry! They will post the pics on the Facebook page on June 28, 2011 and the voting begins. Campaign for your kid’s drawing through your Facebook friends and family members. The one with the most “likes” wins. There are also consolation prizes for the next two entries with the most “likes”.

For more on the contest, please check out the Quirks Marketing Philippines contest album here.

Basti’s not eligible yet. I wish I had the drawing The Painter said he made when he was 6. I love stamps!





OA No More?

OA: acronym for “Over-Acting”, signifying an exaggerated response to a situation.

Earlier this month, Jenny of Mama.Baby.Love posted a question on Facebook and Twitter. It was about this book, and whether or not we liked it.

I confess I got this book the moment I learned I was pregnant. It seemed like everyone I knew who were pregnant read this (or bought it, at least) and it seemed like the best choice for clueless, first-time mommies like me. I read it, swore I would follow the Best Odds diet, until I came across a section that read something like this:

“When in a developing country, avoid eating locally and drinking the local water at all costs.”

And that’s when I decided to throw the book out the window stop reading and just go basic. I stuck to drinking my pre-natal vitamins, drinking enough water, eating fruits and veggies and keeping active (read: no lying around eating doughnuts). I ate sashimi, even the kinilaw that my husband prepared for me when we were at the seaside in Cebu, and drank coffee once a week. Basti’s ok.

But “OA” came back when Basti was born. I remember putting him in the crib, settling down to snooze till the next feeding and getting up to check if he was breathing every 2 minutes. I was also constantly watching the air for mosquitoes, flies and insects still unknown to man that may inflict some sort of disease on my little boy. Going out was a chore. I had cotton balls, wipes, cotton buds, thermometer, Paracetamol, alcohol, a spray bottle of water, nursing cover, 2 clothe diapers, TEN disposable diapers, 2 receiving blankets and 4 changes of clothes. It’s a good thing I’m a breastfeeding mommy or that would’ve included a whole other bag of bottles, formula and who knows what else.

Paranoia is a common thing for new mothers, and I was an easy target. I soon found out that babies are actually harder to break than I thought and the baby bag got pared down to a change of clothes, a couple of diapers and wipes. Sometimes I just bring my Taffy Clutch from Manila Baby Shop and everything else (sippy cup, snacks) are in my own purse.

photo courtesy of Manila Baby Shop
photo courtesy of Manila Baby Shop

(I love Manila Baby Shop products. Super affordable, well made, awesome designs)

But. I know this is not the end. Basti is walking already and I feel the paranoia creeping up in my heart. Soon I will worry about cuts and scrapes, bruises and bleeding lips, schoolyard bullies, drugs, loose women and rock and roll.

Oh motherhood!