Babywearing the Big Boy: The SaYa and Other Thoughts

I got a comment from Tedda, asking about SaYa use for her 2 year old who’s turning 3 very soon. Instead of replying to her comment, I thought that I might as well post a followup “report” on my babywearing status now that Basti is quite a big boy already. Have I shown you guys his ID picture?


Hee hee hee.

So being the big boy that he is now, he’s become quite heavy and recently just learned to walk on his own. Do I still wear him? Yes I actually do! He stays in his stroller for longer periods now, but he still does ask to be worn while we’re walking at the mall or at the supermarket. When it’s just him and me, babywearing still saves the day when I have to pay bills, do grocery shopping, etc. Plus, when he’s moody and cranky, wearing him is still the best way to get him all calm for a much-needed nap.

If you guys have read my posts on the SaYa before (here, here and here), you already know I have three SaYas: 2 in Semi-Stretch Knit (the SSK) and one in Versatekk (V-Tek). Even though the carriers are meant to be worn from infancy to the toddler period, I find that the SSK did not meet that for me. The SSK started become quite tight for me and Basti (NO, I did not gain weight – I know what you’re thinking!! :p) to the point that Basti doesn’t want to be worn in it anymore. Now that he’s bigger, we can only use the Versatekk. I’ve actually sold one of my SaYas already. I was a size L, so I’m wondering if an XL SaYa would be better for us these days.

Our Blissful Babes pouch and Next9 Baby slings are working well for us these days.

(Sorry, it was a no-makeup day. Jennifer will stand in for me in this pic. Otherwise, it’s horrifying)

The pouch and ring sling are great because they’re so easy to get in and out of, but nothing beats the SaYa when it comes to comfort for my poor back. Especially now, that Basti is at 10KG and growing!

UPDATE: Tedda’s baby is only 2 months going on 3 pala. #mommymushbrain

Thudguard 2011

Remember my post about Thudguard? Got this in the email:

“We are excited and very pleased to announce that Thudugard new 2011 hats have arrived in the Philippines. The new Thudguards have the same adorable cute design as the previous model but all the improvements are within .

Key Improvements of the new models:

* Thudguards are now even lighter! The new models are lighter by 8 grams. Better for your baby’s developing neck muscles.
* New ventilation grooves inside the hat allow for air passage and better ventilation to prevent overheating during the hot summer.

TO order online with FREE nationwide delivery,please go to”

I especially like the new ventilation grooves. That was my main concern with my sweaty-head Basti.

Don’t forget to use the code “thepainterswife” when ordering! You get a safety freebie when you do! :)

Simple Joys

I had a perfect day today.

I arrived at Nail Spa to claim the treat I won from Dainty Mom. (Thanks Martine!)

And caught Paola and Martine inhaling macarons. (These were HEAVEN. I have to order)

Celebrity sighting. I’ll treat the one who correctly guesses who this guy is to a milk tea drink. Earlier, his daughter was there in her ballet outfit to attend her dance class in Shang. I pretended to take pics of the macarons to get this shot. (Pistachio, chocolate and red velvet flavors. I really have to order)

Busy mommies deserve nice toes. (Nice legs, Paola!)

Paola and I went to Chatime in Pioneer Center.

The area upstairs is perfect for lounging, studying, and chatting. They have free WiFi too. I had the Chatime Roasted Milk Tea with Pearl. Yummeh.

Sjofn is seriously adorable.

And then it was off to Galerie Anna for an exhibit.

I relish the times when I can be a mother, a friend, a woman and a wife, all in the same day. There are days when it’s all mommymommymommymommymommy.




Wishlist Spotlight: Dwell Studio

Weeks back, I bought this from Quirks Marketing Philippines:

The DwellStudio Baby Transport Hooded Towel on Basti

It’s a wonderful towel and Basti loves it at bathtime and anytime, actually.

I want the Weekender Bag in the same print.

The 2011 DwellStudio Baby Collection is out. Don’t you just love this romper:

They sure picked a winner baby model. This cutie makes me want to buy all the rompers in the catalogue.

Divine Madison Diaper Bags.

And I want this toy for Basti.

You can download the catalogue from the Quirks Marketing Philippines website and order directly from their online store. The items are also available at Rustan’s Baby.

Like they say, siraan ng wallet ito.

Nowhere Near Fashion Forward

I used to think I dressed well. When I was single, I didn’t give a flying fig about spending my hard-earned money on clothes, makeup, shoes and accessories. Things started to change when I shifted careers and moved into early childhood education. Being in an unavoidably unfashionable work t-shirt with a clown on it eventually breaks down your fashion sense. Since then, my fashionista moments became less and less. I revived it a little bit when I lost a lot of weight from working in China, but lost it again when I got married, got pregnant and became a stay-at-home mom.

The word for it is, EFFORT. It’s so easy to slip into a dress and flipflops and just go through your day. More so now, that I’ve moved into a house that’s just a couple of blocks away from the supermarket; it’s so easy to just do my groceries in my pambahay. To my credit I’ve only done so a couple of times, and only because I was short of an ingredient or two for a meal I was preparing. Most of the time I go in decent clothes and makeup – concealer, blush and gloss. Pat on the back.

But let’s go back to the definition of what “decent clothes” are. It’s jeans, a T-shirt and flip-flops. I tweeted something like this a few weeks ago: “For some reason, I suddenly look stupid in a t-shirt when I became a mom.” And it’s true. What used to my staple outfit made me feel dowdy and unattractive.

I went shopping a couple weeks back. I went to Megamall, and Rockwell, and found just ONE dress in Zara that met my criteria: budget, comfort, functionality (read: breastfeeding accessibility).

But if I were to revamp my whole closet by shopping in malls it was going to result in two things: a half-empty closet and totally empty bank account. I decided to be more practical and trooped over to the bargain mecca of Greenhills. I bought about 10 tops and a few shorts and pants for the same price as a couple of outfits from the malls. I let go of my Havaianas past and embraced my Fit Flops present (they are such great mommy footgear). I packed up my funky messenger bags (including my Mao Zhe Dong army bag) and bought myself a “mommy bag” from Charles and Keith.

At one year though, I’m beginning to get an inkling of what it’s like to get my life back, piece by piece. The Painter and I talked earlier this evening about finally going back to boxing classes (so we can keep up with the little boy when he starts running), and in a few months I may even go back to scuba diving again. Won’t that be fun.

And with the life back, then maybe the fashion will come back too. I can’t wait to wear heels again.

All’s Well That Ends Well: Benefits Style Salon + Ensogo

I was raving mad at Ensogo the past few days. Sadly, I’m still disappointed with their service. I won’t go into the details anymore – my Twitter account shouldered the negativity of that experience. But let’s just say I’m going to lay off purchasing any deals from them until I see more positive feedback rather than negative comments on their Facebook fan page. Too many stories. There’s definitely a fire underneath all that smoke.

Anyway, so I was enticed to buy a P249 Keratin treatment deal from Ensogo to be claimed at Benefits Style Salon. It didn’t start well. Because of my snarky comments, the salon owner mistakenly thought I was criticizing the salon itself, and we had an exchange even before I claimed my voucher. We ended our Facebook Wall conversation on a happy note though, and it was with an open mind that my sister Yapi and went to Benefits yesterday to get our treatments done.

Now, I’ve had my hair treated with Keratin before. My grandmother treated me and my sister to a session when we got our family haircut the other month at Toni & Guy. (We go out with our grandma for a lunch and afternoon out at least once a month. She treats us to haircuts. Our need to pamper is in the blood) The treatments ran into 4-figure bills, even for my short hair, and even though I was highly satisfied with the result, I knew I couldn’t afford to have it done every month. So when this deal came out on Ensogo, I snatched it up right away.

Benefits Style Salon is located on the second floor of Eastwood City Walk. It’s a no-nonsense place, with simple interiors; no frills, no fuss.

It was 3pm on a Monday afternoon and the place was PACKED. Clearly there was something more to this place than it let on. The salon’s secrets were unraveled, one by one.

  • Extra care given to you when you are shampooed. G[reat massage. I had my eyes closed and was instantly relaxed.
  • Head, shoulder and back massage given to you during the treatment is top-notch.
  • The staff are SO NICE. I don’t know about you, but I get intimidated by sleek salons that instantly assume you have tens of thousands of pesos to spend and just lay out treatment after treatment. (A note: Toni & Guy actually gives you a quote before they do anything – that’s one thing I like about them!)

I was talking to one of the senior stylists and I told him I would try a haircut with him sometime.

The woman beside me did my head and back massage. She was very good.

For a small, seemingly unassuming salon, they sure pack a punch. They have a lot of celebrity endorsers and their creative director is in charge of styling some very big names. I had a chat with one of the owners, Sam Escalante, and her passion for the salon and customer service was very reassuring. And best of all, I asked about the regular price of the Keratin treatment deal, and it was 80% cheaper than my previous treatment!

I have to ask about a few things though:

  1. Toni & Guy had one of those heat-emanating treatment things on my head during the treatment. Benefits didn’t. Would the effect be the same, or is the heat-thing just fluff?
  2. Toni & Guy also ran my hair through a straightening iron. The girl who did it said it seals the treatment into my hair. Benefits didn’t iron my hair. Truth or fact?

I’ll be back soon to get a haircut.

Tales of the Spa Fiend: Nuat Thai Libis

Hello, my name is Eliza and I am a spa addict.

I love spas. As much as I love home massage services for their convenience, there’s nothing like walking into a spa and getting lost in a world of relaxation and utter pampering.

So when Michelle of My Mom Friday invited a few mommy bloggers over to try out Nuat Thai Libis, I quickly confirmed and prepared myself mentally and emotionally for the 2-hour activity. Does that seem OA to you? Well, it just so happens this was also the first instance that I left Basti with my parents. It wasn’t for any justifiable reason: a meeting, an interview, an important errand – but an afternoon that was purely just for me and me alone. I admit I was a little guilty.

So I arrived and was welcomed warmly by Janine and Jay, the franchise owners of Nuat Thai Libis.

The other mommy bloggers were already there, but no time for chit-chat because we were quickly led by our therapists to get ready for our Nuat Thai experience.

They provided a pair of very clean flipflops and we were led to a footwash to freshen up and cool down our tired feet. (I myself get a little conscious when I come in for a foot massage from outside. Sorry Manang Therapist for my gross feet! So this was a huge plus for me) I give you Neva of Manila Mommy’s feet in this picture:

Here are a few more points about Nuat Thai:

  • The foot massage was amaaaaa-zing. I dozed off into a limbo-esque nap – a sure sign that the right buttons were being pushed. It’s very dark, very quiet, and the therapist’s hands were magic. One of The Best foot massages I’ve ever had in my life. (And believe me I’ve had a lot).
Photo courtesy of My Mom Friday
  • You are taken into your own cubicle for your massage, with crisp sheets, an abundance of towels and a proper place to hang your clothes and stow your bag. Very skilled therapists who ask about pressure levels and your choice of oils. I also noted that the therapist was very quick to sanitize her hands when she moved to different parts of your body (feet to back, back to head, head to face).
Photo courtesy of My Mom Friday
Photo courtesy of My Mom Friday
Photo courtesy of My Mom Friday
  • They have valet parking! Don’t you just hate it when you are aching to de-stress and unwind and just before you do, there’s the added anxiety of trying to find parking? Ha! 10 points to this place for providing a parking service for their clients. Parking in front of the building is quite limited so this was an extra touch I truly appreciated.
  • Their pricing is SUPER. Just look at these price points:
    • Nuat Thai Foot Massage (1 hour) – PhP 250.00
    • Thai Body Massage (1 hour) – PhP 250.00; with oil – PhP300.00
    • Swedish Massage (1 hour) – PhP 350.00
    • Aromatherapy Massage with Herbal Balls (1 & 1/2 hours) – PhP550.00
    • Hot Oil Massage (1 & 1/2 hours) – PhP550.00
    • Thai Head, Back and Shoulder Massage (1 hour) – PhP250.00; with oil – PhP300.00
    • Express (30 mins of either Foot, Back or Head Massage) – PhP150.00
  • The place is very dimly lit and the staff don’t hesitate to remind clients who are just a tad too loud to keep it down. They play very relaxing music and the fountain in the background helps put you to ease.

We all emerged refreshed, rejuvenated and raring to go! They served us Serenitea (yum!) and Mom and Tina’s cupcakes (yum, yum, yum!) and we spent a bit of time chatting before we headed home.

Rone of Mothering Earthlings always makes me feel like a dog. So mamalicious!

And here is our group shot:

Martine of Dainty Mom, no-make-up-and-won’t-let-go-of-Serenitea-me, our host Michelle of My Mom Friday, Rone of Mothering Earthlings, Noemi of Touched By An Angel, Neva of Manila Mommy, Jane of The Yogini In Manila, and Tina of Our Phenomenal Life.

This was totally worth the guilt of leaving Basti for 4 hours. (Who didn’t even miss me or look for milk while I was away, hmph. Sniff.)

Thanks Nuat Thai Libis and thanks Michelle for making it happen! I’ll definitely be back with The Painter in tow. (Massage-addict too!)


Nuat Thai Libis

2/F #90 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. QC (across Shopwise, above Allied and RCBC banks)

Tel # 477.5004

Open Daily from 12nn-2am


P.S. Next on Tales of the Spa Fiend: a Nail Spa mani/pedi adventure because I won (!!!!) Dainty Mom’s Nail Spa giveaway and a taste of Tian Di (Deal Grocer, you will be the death of me).

Why I Never Miss Expo Mom

1. There are so many knick-knacks to buy for yourself and for your babies.

2. Unique clothes, bibs, accessories for your kiddos that you won’t find in the malls.

3. A chance to meet with the moms behind the businesses and get a whiff of their passion to provide services and products to moms. They understand you. Deeply.

4. For that sense of sisterhood that I used to get over margaritas and cuchinillo. Now it’s over breastpumps and lactation cookies.

5. Shopping!!! Here are a few of my favorite shops and brands with booths this time around: Nursing Mom, Quirks Marketing, Manila Baby Shop, Mama Baby Love, Indigo Baby, Mommy Matters, Thudguard.

There are loads of activities in store, not just for moms, but for your kids too, so bring them along! Find out more on this page.

I’ll be going after lunch. Hope to see you guys there!