I Joined A Blog Contest. I Want An Aquasana!!!!

While I love holding contests, I hardly ever win whenever I join myself. But. Coming from my latest loot from Mommy Mundo (a baby hammock from Cradle which I will never use again since Basti fell from it. Yes, my heart stopped) and the bluetooth headphones I won from Technoodling.net, I figured, hey, maybe my luck was changing.

And so I joined Manila Fashion Observer‘s contest for an Aquasana shower filter.

Ever since Aquasana became available here in the Philippines, I’ve wanted one. Not only do I want the shower filter, but I also want the one that filters your tap water and make it fit for drinking.

Imagine taking a shower in filtered water?? Skin allergies be gone! Smaller pores, hello!! Lovely hair, well, how do you ??? I really also want the drinking water filter because I make such a big deal about buying BPA-free products for Basti when the plastic bottles that contain mineral or distilled water aren’t BPA-free anyway.

So I hope I win. There’s still time to join, so you guys can hop on over and join too!!

The Shift

I haven’t been blogging lately. Truth is I have several drafts in my Posts list, some over a week old.No, it’s not the hustle and bustle of Christmas (I’m a Scrooge. More on that later). Recently, I’ve shifted from being a stay-at-home mom, to work-at-home mom. SAHM and WAHM, if you must. Parenting blog acronyms were never my thing. If you notice I’ve never called Basti my LO or DS, because it’s all WTF to me.

Actually, I’ve been working at home since I was 7 months pregnant, doing SEO writing for different people I found over at freelancer.com (To homemakers looking for a few extra bucks and a little mental exercise, you should really give this a whirl). I still write for just one client now, churning out 4 articles a day of 300 words each. It’s a job that pays for my parlor days, shoes and baby gear that I want and not need.

But now I’m going to start on The Job. I’ve been fortunate enough to land a position in a company that’s allowing me to work on the requirements from home and on-the-go. The internet is such a wonderful thing. I can’t (and don’t want to) say too much about it, but it’s just funny that my online addiction has actually turned into something productive.

Basti is 7 months and growing up so fast. He’s got two bottom teeth out and the upper front teeth are breaking through. He’s sitting up and playing by himself. As early as now, my mom and I have started looking at his earlier pictures and sniffing about how big he is already. I’ll be doing that all of Basti’s life I think.

Just a few days into The Job and I already feel like some of my time from Basti has been taken away. He may be with me, but there are periods where my mind is on The Job. I’m taking care of business with him in the SaYa, busy, busy, busy.. I glance at him and he’s looking at me with an expression that seems to say, “Why aren’t you minding me, mama?” Oh the guilt.

That’s what you get when every waking moment of your day was tuned in to your child’s needs before you started doing something else. I mean, this is still way better than disappearing to a 9-5 office job, right? I’m still here, and we’re still directly breastfeeding, baby-wearing and co-sleeping. We still take afternoon naps together (though while he sleeps, I’m tap-tapping away on the laptop while lying down). It was just too great an opportunity to pass up. And I’ve come to a point where I just want something for myself, and be able to contribute something to the family, financially-speaking. I’m not ashamed to say being a one-income family in Metro Manila can get really hard at times. Especially for an industry so volatile as art.

I’m just thankful I’m still at home, taking care of my son, and earning a living at the same time. I’ll get into the groove soon (thanks, Madonna. And yes, I just revealed my age)