Speaking of Giveaways….

Jenny Ong of Chronicles of A Nursing Mom is giving away Motherlove Nipple Butter on her blog!

Jenny is such a passionate breastfeeding advocate. Whenever I need info about breastfeeding (maintaining milk supply, pumping, gear, whatever), her blog is always on top of my list! She’s also the savvy mama behind Mama.Baby.Love, where I get a lot of my mommy and baby stuff!

So preggy moms and new breastfeeding mommies, head on over to her page! Good luck!

Do I Look Nuts To You?

My friend Pia asked me this question: don’t you go crazy being a stay-at-home mom? The reason being, she wants to be one, someday. I told her to go for it, more so because her two kids are “grown” (can walk, can talk).

It’s not the first time I’ve been asked this question. Some people don’t even ask me anymore, they just ASSUME I’m cuckoo for being a stay-at-home mom. I suspect this is corollary to what my life used to be like, because the assumption comes a lot from people who know me in real life. Some people can’t even believe I’m a stay-at-home mom and not a work-at-home mom.

Most of the people who think I’m nuts assume such is because they can’t believe I can stay home and do “nothing” all day. All the moms out there can also tell that the people who make such assumptions are single and don’t have kids. Single ladies, when you have a baby, there is no such thing as doing “nothing” anymore. Sometimes you feel like you even have to schedule breathing into your day. Let it be known that I am a busy, busy woman, for someone who does “nothing”. My day starts at 6:30am, when Basti wakes, and ends at 1-2am. At night is the only time I really ever have to myself and to work.

Sure, I have to admit I sometimes get into a rut. I forget what day of the week it is because I do almost the same thing everyday. I go to the grocery and am tempted to buy just canned goods because Menu is a B-A-D word. When Basti wakes me up at 6:30am I sometimes plead for him to go back to sleep. There are times that I really do feel I have 5 minutes left before I go completely insane, and I have to give myself a shake, do a jig around the room, and everything goes back to A-Ok.

When I come to the end of my rope, I climb back again with thoughts of how fun it’s going to be very soon. Basti is starting solids next week, and with his growing appetite will come the necessity to come up with new menu items, something I’m excited to do. When Basti crawls there will be more places more us to explore, more so when he starts walking. When he starts to talk there will be questions, and stories, and books and loads of things to learn and talk about. I’m excited to play dress-up, pretend play and get all messy playing with mud, clay and shaving cream. I’m so excited to buy him his little easel and watch him copy his father as he works. I’m excited to introduce him to everything I used to do: scuba diving, horses, theater, climbing, and watch and see where his interests will lead him. I’m excited to buy him a bike. I’m excited to start school at home.

But for today, I will hug and kiss Basti, and squeeze him tight, because he’s growing up way too fast!!!

P.S. One and a half week to go before the end of the blog giveaway. Have you all your entries yet???

Random Post On A Rainy Night

It’s raining really hard outside and thoughts of Ondoy are haunting me. I was pregnant and we weren’t home when it happened. I believe God saved the three of us that day.

Basti has been sick the past few days. He was coughing and I could hear him wheezing. After trying oral Ventolin for a couple of days, our pedia said I should nebulize. Basti hates it. Our pedia said so many babies are affected by respiratory problems this season. For everyone with children, please be vigilant.

I had a shoot for a feature on “MOMents” today (thanks to Jen Tan of Next9 for referring me!). I don’t know if I made any sense!! I forgot to take pictures. I really, really need a new camera.

I can’t sleep with the rain pounding on the roof so I’m reviewing the entries for this blog’s ongoing contest . 240+ already!! Gosh, thanks guys. Promise, I have so many other things lined up for the tail-end of the year – another contest, a mommy get-together and more giveaways!

The Stroller Search Is Over

**(Pssssst.. Looking for the contest page? It’s here!)**

I may be a babywearing fan, but I have to admit I still do love the convenience of a stroller. As a stay-at-home mom who wears her baby ALL DAY in the house, having him ride a stroller when we’re out at the mall or in a restaurant is a treat for me and my lower back. We had a hand-me-down Chicco stroller from my brother that’s seen better days (It’s too big. My brother calls it The Pajero Stroller) and we use it and its all-terrain wheels for strolling along the not-so-good roads of our village. We have an umbrella stroller, a gift again from my brother, but it topples over when I hang our baby bag on it. And so, The Painter instructed me to get a new one.

Now everyone may swear by certain stroller brands, but I, for one, don’t see any wisdom or practicality in spending more than 10,000 pesos on a stroller. If you think about it, 10,000 isn’t even a joke, considering how many other things you can buy for that amount. (Yes, you may therefore conclude that I do not own an LV or a Prada or a Gucci bag. Once, when I had a dispensable amount enough for a designer bag, I went on a trekking trip to Tibet instead. But that’s me)

But if you were to ask me, I would really love to have this:

The Combi Ricci with reversible handles

But at a price tag of PhP 24,000 it was out of the question.

So, we settled for the Graco Mirage:

Fully reclinable, cupholder for Basti (but none for my Starbucks), light, easy to manage, big basket, all in an affordable price of PhP6,500. I will spend the rest of the stroller budget on books instead.

In the meantime, there’s an ongoing promo over at Mommy Mundo for a stroller giveaway! They’re giving away one of these:

Safety 1st Teknika

Just “like” the Mommy Mundo Facebook page and tag yourself in any of the promo photos that are still available for tagging. I never win anything, but if I do.. yey! This would make a great travel stroller, especially when we go home to Cebu. I actually almost bought the brown one on sale at the Chicco store in Megamall – marked down at Php7,000.00 from PhP9,000.00! If you’re looking to buy this stroller RIGHT NOW, don’t buy it at SM Dept. Store, get it at the Chicco store instead.

Lastly, a huge THANK YOU for the the initial response to everyone who’s joined Celebrating Motherhood: The Painter’s Wife Blog Giveaway. We still have a lot of time left, so don’t forget to cover all the ways you can get entries and refer your friends! You can still gather entries till November 3!

Contest, Contest!!!!! The Painter’s Wife Blog Giveaway Is Here!!

UPDATE: Giveaway extended to NOVEMBER 5, 2010!!

As a way to say thank you for reading my blog, I’ve teamed up with all the fabulous mommies (and mommies-at-heart) behind all the stuff I’ve been raving about in the last few months. They’ve graciously and generously contributed prizes so that I could have this:

Up for grabs:

Goodie Bag #1:

Goodie Bag #2:

Goodie Bag #3:

  • Breastfeeding Accessories Set from Mama.Baby.Love (Jingle Jungle Sterilizer Bags, Jingle Jungle Breastmilk Storage Bags, Fabulous Mom Nursing Pads)
  • One (1) Nursing Cover and Pouch Set from Nursingmom
  • Five (5) Regular Servings of Caveman & Yeti Shaved Ice

Here’s how to gain entries:


Blog about the contest on your own blogs, and link back to the blog. (Equivalent to two raffle entries) Leave a comment here to let me know about your entry!


Tweet “@elizaypon I want to win a prize from painterswife.com #painterswifeblog.” (Equivalent to one raffle entry. One Twitter account per entry only. Multiple tweeting will not be counted)


“Like” the following pages and “like” the The Painter’s Wife Contest poster in the photo albums or in their Wall Photos.

Each “like” of the contest poster in each site counts as one entry.


Add Nursingmom as your business contact in Multiply with the message, “I added you from The Painter’s Wife” in your add-as-a-contact request. (Equivalent to one entry)


Tell your friends about the contest and ask them to leave a comment on the contest blog entry page, making sure to mention YOU by name as the one who pointed the way. Your friends can then proceed to gain entries using their blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Multiply or by referring their own friends! (One entry per referral)

Contest runs from October 6 to November 3, 2010. I will draw the raffle on November 5 and announce the winners by the next day.

All winners have to be from the Philippines. If you’re from the province, I’ll ship you your goodies! (Maybe someday I can have an international contest, huh?)

Let this be my simple way of saying thanks, and that I’ve enjoyed sharing my motherhood experiences with you. Hope you guys enjoy these wonderful things that have contributed to the journey!

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