A Life Devoid…

.. of holidays.

Adel‘s tweet about the coming long holidays on September 7 and 21 didn’t incite even a small *whoop* from me. Since I’ve quit all jobs and became a stay-at-home-wife-and-soon-to-be-mom, joy over long weekends have become a thing of the past.

A normal day for us: Get up when we want, eat. Hubby paints, I tinker with my Mac. We eat again. We chat, we tinker with the Mac, we get sleepy. We nap. We wake up, eat, maybe take a walk, then hubby paints again. Sometimes I go do the groceries, and I used to go to the gym. Then we eat again. When Orley tires of painting, we watch a DVD. When we get sleepy, we sleep. Repeat.

The highlights of our days are a trip to Megamall to attend exhibits and harvest art scene gossip. Sometimes Orley gets bored and we go to Manila Bay to a museum and take a walk. When we tire of the food at home we go to our favorite “paluto” places and trip on seafood. And sometimes, we pack up, lock up the house and fly to Orley’s hometown in Cebu for an indefinite period of time. We get sidetracked most of the time. I found myself on Panglao Beach not really remembering the steps on how I got there.

It may seem boring, but life with an artist never is. This is my view from my computer nook:

And my monthly shopping list reads like this:

  • Coffee
  • Creamer
  • Laundry soap
  • Cadmium red
  • Yellow ochre
  • Titanium white
  • Sansodor
  • Linseed oil

Life as a painter’s wife is hushed and frenzied, a lull and a storm, a bunch of contradictions wrapped up in paint, turpentine, beauty, pain and creation. It’s exhilarating.

I always asked God to lead him to the best life for me and my future family. True to His word, he gave it to us. For that I am thankful, grateful and blessed.

Getting Into The Blogging Groove Again

The hiatus from regular blogging has left my blogging mindset somewhere in year 2007. I used to be able to take out my camera on the fly, and blog about everything that peaks my interest.

Today I saw my little baby, lodged quite decisively and stubbornly in my “belly” (excuse the loose term. I don’t want to reduce anyone with a Y chromosome to jelly). And I forgot to take a pic of the screen. Hello?

You wanna know what I took a pic of???

My husband’s Bread Talk hot chocolate

Quite pathetic, I know.

Boring life events aside, it was nice to be in Rockwell again after a long time. I used to spend every single waking moment of my life in Rockwell, working at Gymboree for 7 days a week for a few months (where I got the energy, I dunnow). I was surprised to see a “Gymbo is coming back” banner on the top floor of the mall. I didn’t take a pic of that either. (Boo to me)

We passed by this art exhibit at the North Wing:

On exhibit are:

1.  2.  3. 


  • 1: Buds Convocar – I found this painting different from other ones I’ve seen of his in other exhibits.
  • 2: Buddy Ching – Different from the realism-slash-abstract stuff I saw at the GSIS competition and the Saturday Group exhibit at Art Center in Megamall. I quite like it.
  • (Picture censored by Photobucket): Ojing Obemio – A refreshing break from his harvest series that he was doing for the longest time. The 2nd breakaway piece I’ve seen, the first being his GSIS entry.
  • 3: Sunshine Plata – First time I’ve seen her work. Very whimsical with varied subjects, set apart with her choice of medium – Coffee on paper. Uh-huh. Coffee.
  • 4: Nic Masangkay – Not really familiar with Nic’s work, but I recognize his name from all the art talk I’m inadvertently exposed to.

My favorite from the whole set is:

This is Ross Capili’s mixed-media piece. I find the mix of subjects interesting and was moved by the composition.

Sunshine Plata had a significant number of pieces in the exhibit. I wonder if she’s an in-house artist with Yellow Door Gallery.

Disclaimer: I am no art expert. I am a noob at this whole art scene thang. All opinions are my own, not influenced by my husband. My opinion is based on my own personal taste.

Whew. Not too bad. Maybe the groove will come back sooner than I expect.