Breaking Ground

I always say it. New life, new blog.

Long have I been a blogger here, and here. I have my fair share of readers, mostly friends and acquaintances, people who actually know me and like to amuse themselves with the adventures of my everyday existence. There have been a few.

When the adventures “stopped” (read: got married and settled in Manila), the blogging sort of waned. (Oh right, there was also Twitter) I had to adjust myself to the new meaning of “adventure” in my life. and rewrite my About Me page.

The first entry is always the most tedious. You never know what to say.

In the meantime, in case you are one of the few stragglers who bumped into my blog by accident and is mysteriously and inexplicably drawn to my personality, get to know my past here:

A Ding In The Universe

And I’ll happily, hopefully see you again here, in my present.